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31 Jan. UNSC meeting on Ukraine is called by the West.

The vote on holding an open meeting passed 10-2, with Russia and China opposed (video-"quiet diplomacy"), and India, Gabon and Kenya abstaining. The vote needed nine votes to be approved.
RU rep Nebenzia left the meeting (video), explaining it by the need to meet UN Gen Sec prior to Russia assuming rotating presidency from Feb 1, with a meeting on Minsk agreements implementation scheduled in February already.

Yurii Goluban, SBU "Alpha" veteran who is said (1, 2, 3) to join "Vostok" battalion, DPR, in 2014 but in 2017 took part in (possibly staged) events in Ukrainian-held Slavynsk and rewarded by Poroshenko, is arrested in Kiev during protests in front of the office of the president, accused of preparing mass distrurbances/"bloody Maidan".

29 Jan. In Alexandrovka, a civilian man, school locksmith Leonid B. 54, has a hip wound after a shot of Ukrainian sniper, in direct line of sight. The man is said to have Russian citizenship.

28 Jan. Fourth plane from USA delivered "81 tons of ammunition of various calibers" to Ukraine. More planes said to arrive next week. "Up to 45 planes".

27 Jan. LPR soldier is killed defending a checkpoint at Svetlodar arc (Artiom Artiomenko, DOB 1983, Gorlovka; recently obtained Russian citienship).

24 Jan. Basurin: Ukrainian Armed Forces step up preparations for offensive in Donbass.

23 Jan. Denis Pushilin, in an interview on anniversary of Ukrainian shelling of Bosse area in Donetsk (Jan 22, 2015, video) which killed multiple civilians: the West ignored Ukrainian shelling for years; creates media hysteria and sends to Ukraine lots of advanced weapons; while Ukrainian groups deployed 120 thousand strong force, and have groups ready for sabotage operations; but despite Western hysteria, we do not plan an attack.

21 Jan. Denis Pushilin in interview to RT Arabic: Ukraine is saturated with Western weapons, instructors; provocations and industrial sabotage is prepared by Ukrainian RSG (counter-claims, see here).

Photos of pallets of weapons sent by US to Ukraine (some signposted rocket/launcher; Javellin joint venture). 14 photos. Includes M141 bunker defeat munitions.

19 Jan. Ziuganov's faction introduced in Duma a draft resolution to appeal to Putin to recognize L/DPR. It is motivated by Ukraine's non-fulfillment of Minsk agreements. Resolution proposal was supported by other factions. However, Oleg Tsarev believes that this won't happen, at least in the near future, for keeping political leverage of Minsk agreements.

14 Jan, LPR reports multiple ceasefire violations by Ukraine. One LPR soldier is killed. LPR forces returned fire, and report that "by preliminary information" one Ukrainian soldier is killed and 2 wounded

9 Jan. L/DPR came under renewed Ukrainian shelling, after a reported lull (from 18 Dec. in LPR, 4 Jan. in DPR)

6 Jan. Russian AF started to transport troops to Kazakhstan, following CSTO decision (1, 2, 3)

"Intense shoot-out" between troops and armed protesters in Alma-Aty has been reported

5 Jan. Kazakhstan president Tokayev makes economic concessions to satisfy some of protesters demands, dismisses the government, and dismisses former long-time ruler Nazarbaev, who "anointed" Tokayev for presidency, from the security chief post he retained.

Kazakhstan mines about 41% of world's uranium (as of 2019)

4-5 Jan. Maidan-like events in Kazakhstan. Internet appears cut. It is said that protesters distribute weapons. Kazakh MOI: 8 policemen killed, 317 injured. CSTO will send peacekeepers] (1, 2). Video from Alma-Aty (some shooting, police sirens). "Unknown regime's snipers" seen by instigators based abroad. Fugitive banker Ablyazov called himself "protest leader" in Kazakhstan