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31 Dec. DPR. In yet another display of sick perversion, Ukrainian forces reporteadly fired 12 incendiary and 37 conventional 120 mm mortar shells on Leninskoe and Kominternovo, from positions too close to residential area for fire to be returned (report, video).

21 Dec. Minepit 6/7 settlement in Gorlovka is shelled by Ukrainian forces for the third day, 20 mortar shells said to be fired today.

20 Dec. By now daily reports are coming of Ukrainian forces performing engineering improvements of their forward positions, and reports of shelling by Ukrainian forces, in multiple locations.

18 Dec. Two DPR soldiers are killed by Ukrainian mortar shelling of Dzerzhinskoe and Lenisnkoe.

Ten 203-mm Ukrainian "Pion" self-propelled heavy artillery guns discovered in Krasnoarmeisk