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31 Mar . Ukrainian Rada adopted in the 2 reading a law allowing sale of land, insited upon by IMF. Factions of Zelensky, Poroshenko, Vakarchuk voted for the law, which is vigorously oppose by opposition as giving control to foreigners of Ukrainian most valuable asset; Ukrainian agricultural land is of prime quality but is considerably cheaper then in the West.

21 Mar. 15.10 A woman, 1976 DOB, is wounded by Ukrainian small arms fire in Trudovskaya minepit settlement 19:00 school n. 1 is damaged by Ukrainian RPG and AGS-17 fire; 19:25 a girl, 2020 DOB, is wounded by Ukrainian fire (while BMP-2, grenade launchers, and large caliber guns fire is reported). 28 OMBR is blamed for all 3 incidents.

14 Mar. Ukraine shelled Gorlovka; civilian couple, both 61, and their grandchild, 13, are wounded, houses are damaged 1, 2.

At 11:05 Ukrainian forces opened 82 mm mortars fire from the area of Slavnoe settlement towards Signalnoe settlement; as a result a civilian man received shrapnel wounds to the abdomen and was hospitalized in critical condition.

A man has died of his wounds in Dokuchaevsk central hospital

9 Mar. A civilian man is wounded by Ukrainian fire in Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka. He is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the abdomen in critical condition.

8 Mar. Opolchenie: From about 20 hours and until now, Ukrainians are firing (BMP, mortars, grenade launchers): Spartak, airport, Volvo Center, Yasinovataya checkpoint.

7 Mar. An article appeared alleging that a young couple of chess players found dead in Moscow in suspicious circumstances could be killed, with a link to Ukraine. Stanislav Bogdanovich was born in Odessa and played on the Russian team against Ukraine. His name is said to appear on the notorious "Mirotvorets" site 2 days prior to his death. He and his Russian girlfriend, also a chess player, were found dead with bags of "laughing gas" (nitrous oxide) over heads, and injection marks on bodies but no injectors or needles.

6 Mar. According to CNN, US plans to provide $125 mln in new military assistance to Ukraine, including armed Mark VI patrol boats (apparently to make sure that the warfare between close peoples is unabating).