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25 Feb. Car explosion is reported in Makeevka, said to target DPR commander, who is said to survive.

24 Feb. DPR MoD announces new intelligence information on planned Ukrainian provocation targeting 'residential infrastructure'.

23 Feb. 3 DPR soldiers are killed by Ukrainian shelling in the past day (23 Feb. is the traditional Soviet Army day).

Opolchenie war correspondent Mag report for the week of 8-14 Feb. notes increased warfare by Ukrainian forces, stating that in the past week, 7 DPR soldiers were killed, 4 soldiers and 3 civilians wounded; 15 DPR soldiers killed from 1 Jan. to 14 Feb. DPR ombudsman report: 2 DPR soldiers killed and 3 civilians wounded from 15 to 21 Feb; 17 soldiers killed and 14 people (8 soldiers, 5 civilian men, and a civilian woman) wounded from 1 Jan to 21 Feb.

A civilian car was hit by an explosion at Yelenovka checkpoint, the driver and his mother were killed, another man wounded. In updated report it is said that driver lost control prior to that (and apparently hit a landmine).

21 Feb. Lavrov: Kiev is preparing another provocation in the Kerch straights. Separately , it is reported 1, 2, 3 with photos and official video, that 2 Ukrainian "Gurza" armored boats and one "Centaur" assault boat with Marines on board departed on 20 Feb, said to be 'for training'.

Former Ukrainian Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev: "The first killings on the Maidan were committed by the security service of Klitschko"

17 Feb. Ukrainian 'joint forces' (ATO-2) claim that they discovered and repelled DPR RSG group attack and captured one DPR fighter. Russian sources reported two such similar-sounding claims, 1, 2, expressing doubt that this happened at all, and are those reports describe separate incidents. No photos/videos or further proofs are known to appear in Ukrainian or Russian sources. It is possible that this is propaganda timed with approaching presidential elections in Ukraine. Separately, there has been recent reports of prisoners captured by DPR, some with photos and videos.

16 Feb. JCCC: an elderly woman (1949 DOB) is wounded in Ukrainian shelling of Dokuchaevsk.

15 Feb. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 7 DPR soldiers were killed, 4 soldiers wounded.

12 Feb. UN meeting on Ukraine, initiated by Russia. It is noted that (obviously) Minsk agreements are not implemented, with Russia blaming Ukraine, and the West + Ukraine blatantly blaming Russia. No apparent breakthroughs.

8 Feb. DPR MOD: 4 DPR soldiers were killed when Ukraine fired illuminating munitions used as incendiary devices, setting fire to a residential house. DPR soldiers were putting out the fire. Ukrainian forces then shelled the area using drone for fire correction, killing 3 soldiers; one more soldier was killed trying to recover the bodies. Also, marked vehicle carrying 'Water of Donbass' crew was shelled with mortars, SPG, large caliber machine guns and firearms; the crew managed to escape.

7 Feb. Water pumping station near Yasinovataya came under fire, with personnel having to take cover in a shelter, when Ukraine fired SPG from Novoselovka-2 in the direction of Vasilevka. Ukrainian representatives at JCCC were unable to ensure ceasefire to evacuate personnel.

6 Feb. DPR- Basurin: UAF intensified shelling, with elections approaching. DPR JCCC representatives: Ukraine resumed shelling of Donetsk, mortar shells fired in the direction of Avdeevka, Spartak (map).

Victor Yanukovich, ex-president of Ukraine, who was sentenced to 13 years in absentia by Ukrainian court under state treason charges, gives a long press conference in Russia. His legal team launched a legal challenge to the events of 2014 ('who is to blame for the loss of Crimea', for the 'military coup', and for the killing of innocent protesters and police on Maidan). Continues to talk about wrongful interference of authorities in church affairs, and approaching elections.

5 Feb. Politico runs a story on Vladimir Zelenskiy who is leading some recent polls for the upcoming presidential elections.

[Zelenskiy is] the star of the satirical TV show, “Servant of the People,” in which he plays a rural teacher who ends up getting elected president of Ukraine after an anti-corruption rant goes viral. [...] [Oligarch Ihor] Kolomoyskyi [...] owns 1+1, the popular TV channel that broadcasts Zelenskiy’s show and is rumored to be backing him

4 Feb. Ukrainian ATO participant, call sign 'Oleksa', calls for end of the conflict, resistance to provocations, peace with Russia; published on channel of Alexander Medinsky, who emigrated from Ukraine to Finland. Another ATO participant interviewed earlier, who is also for peace and says that one people in Russia and Ukraine.

3 Feb. DPR MOD claims that Ukrainian army is under instructions to support Poroshenko campaign (hard evidence not presented; response not seen). Ukrainian MoD confirms that 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded.

2 Feb. DPR MOD: in the past day, a DPR soldier is killed by Ukrainian shelling, 9 houses in Staromikhilovka are damaged. It is claimed that a western-trained Ukrainian RSG and two sniper pairs arrived to the front lines, possibly for use in provocations near Mariupol.

1 Feb. DPR ombudsman: in the past month, 4 DPR soldiers were killed, 7 people (4 soldiers and 3 civilian men) were wounded. 4733 people were killed according to ombudsman data from the start of the conflict.