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30 Mar. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 6 people were killed (1 civilian woman, 2 civilian men, and 3 soldiers), 20 were wounded (2 civilian woman, 4 civilian men, and 14 soldiers).

29 Mar. DPR (Basurin): 1 DPR soldier was killed and 1 wounded. A civilian woman was killed in Kievskii district of Donetsk.

28 Mar. Donetsk-Severnyi, Donetsk outskirts, (map, approx.) is under heavy Ukrainian shelling for a while, with houses damaged or destroyed. Civilian man whose apartment was destroyed by a tank shell interviewed (Engl. subs) . Earlier video, Mar. 18, another house hit.

Some reports claim hotspots with elevated radiation levels in the area of Balakleya munition storage explosions (below, Mar. 23 entry). It is speculated that it may come form radiography devices such as БГИ-60 (gamma radiation source), which could be used for military hardware testing/maintenance. (Chief Ukraine's military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios stated that he cannot comment on what exactly was stored there as this information is secret, but 'what they write in blogoshpere, those from a neighboring country, or those who definitely do not like Ukraine--about radiation level--is total nonsense).

'Sberbank in Ukraine was bought by the son of the owner of “RussNeft” ' , Said Gutseriyev. This takes Sberbank Ukrainian branches out of Ukrainian sanctions, perhaps. (FT) , (ukropnews), (Sputnik).

27 Mar. DPR: in the pas day, 9 houses were damaged, 1 DPR soldier wounded. Preliminary Ukrainian reports: 3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

26 Mar. According to DPR MOD source, in the past day Ukraine fired 900 artillery and mortar shells, and over 1,500 shots from grenade launchers, BMP and BTR weapons. Official reports (Russ.)(Engl) no longer provide those figures. 7 houses were damaged; no casualties were reported.

Ukrainian Mi-2 crashed near Malinovka, in the vicinity of Kramatorsk, all 5 on board were killed. Crash video show small debris in a field. Official version is collision with power line; while L/DPR sources allege that Balakleya munition depot investigators were on board and there was an on-board explosion as part of a cover-up (report, videos).

24 Mar. Unofficial reports and photo of an attack on a military detachment in Donetsk, grenade launcher fired at a multi-storey building hitting 4th floor. Said to be DPR MOD building. (According to Strelkov social media post, also repeated in Ukrainian sources, 'by preliminary information' it was fired from a launcher set on timer; there were wounded).

DPR MOD (Basurin): in the past week, 467 violations by Ukraine incidents, 4950 banned by Minsk heavy weapons fired, 41 houses damaged (Russ.)(Engl).

DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 8 DPR soldiers killed (2 Ukrainian soldiers killed mentioned here too, 5 soldiers and 12 civilians wounded (MOD data: 3 DPR soldiers killed, 3 wounded, and 10 civilians (earlier, 8) wounded). From the start of the year, 83 soldiers and 6 civilians killed.

LPR: 56 violations by Ukraine, 2,084 shells and mortar rounds fired, 1 LPR soldier wounded. Ukrainian losses estimated as 15 dead, including non-combat losses and weapons incidents (Russ. video)(Engl text).

23. Mar. Russian Duma ex-deputy Voronenkov (wiki: charged with racketeering; escaped and emigrated to Ukraine) was killed in Kiev while on his way to meet another controversial/opposition Russian Duma ex -deputy Ponomarev (who disputes charges against Voronenkov). Attacker was wounded and is in hospital. Ukrainian sources: contract killing, investigation ongoing. Zorian Skyriak: can be provocation by Russian services. Russian sources report, no version promoted. Assassination video emerged; another video seconds after.

  • Killer died of his wounds in hospital, named as Ukrainian citizen Pavel Parshov, 28, from Dnepropetrovsk, wanted on fraud charges in Ukraine. He served in Ukrainian National guard for 1 year, according to Anton Gerashenko. Was fired for not fulfilling conditions of the contract, according to National Guard.
  • Elena Krechetnikova, an attorney, denied that she claimed that Parshov is alive, she represents Andrey Mandryka, not Parshov.
  • Flashback: Voronenkov wife, opera singer Maria Maksakova and ex-Duma deputy herself, sings quality duets with Sergei Naryshkin, Duma speaker at the time: "Bandits' Petersburg", year end 2015 Duma concert; and in 2014, HD.
  • In May '16, Maksakova lost Duma primaries. In Feb.'17, she was expelled from the ruling 'United Russia' party after it emerged that she has German double citizenship.
  • In Oct.' 16, Voronenkov and Maksakova suddenly relocated to Ukraine, amid sudden talk of Voronenkov testimony in Ukraine on Yanukovich case, criminal charges against him in Russia (filed awhile back, but as he was not reelected, his Duma deputy immunity was cleanly gone), his suddenly made public Ukrainian policy disagreements, as well as his interview hints of internal conflict within security services--he had a rank of colonel, and was involved in high profile narcotics investigations.
  • After the murder, it emerged that Maksakova is pregnant with her 4th child. She also has two children with Vladimir Tyurin, listed as a 'thief-in-law'.
  • Voronenko has been in SMS exchange with Anton Gerashenko two minutes before Voronenko was killed

Balakleya, Kharkov region: major fire and explosions at munitions depot (report, map, videos); later video with munitions, missiles flying out, big explosions; more video fragments from a close distance.

22 Mar. In response to Ukraine sanctioning branches of Russian banks, Russian Duma adopted a law banning money transfers from Russia via foreign payment systems, to any country sanctioning Russian systems. Russian payment systems, apart from banks, includes recently opened money services by social media vkontacte and odnoklassniki

20 Mar. Updated: Basurin report(Engl.): 3 DPR soldiers were killed and 2 wounded. 12 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 14 wounded in failed Kominternovo attack , 2 BMP and 1 tank were damaged. DPR evacuated bodies of 1 killed and 1 wounded Ukrainian soldier (who later died of his wounds). Bodies were recovered near DPR positions, indicating Ukrainian attack. Ukraine shelled front lines after attack failed, hitting some of their own soldiers. To distract attention, UAF shelled Vodyanoe village nearby (map) with 'Grads', filmed the attack in such a way that determining direction is difficult, and blamed opolchenie. Apparently refers to this video, showing serious shelling of a village.

Earlier: DPR sources: Ukrainian sabotage group loses ten fighters killed, five wounded in a breakthrough attempt near Kominternovo; 3 DPR soldiers were wounded. Not in official news but here: (Engl)(Russ.) (soc. media).
Official Ukrainian report claims that 3 UAF soldiers were killed, 9 wounded; give higher estimate for DPR losses; and blames DPR for the attacks...

Economy: Branches of Russian banks were sanctioned by Ukraine, prohibiting money transfers to Russia. Those banks started negotiating their sale. In February, Gazprom was imposed a fine of 172 bln hryvna (around $6.4 blns USD) for 'violating Ukrainian anti-monopoly law'; appealing the decision. Meanwhile, Ukrainian PM Groysman announced plans to buy coal in USA, Australia or South Africa (despite Ukrainian power plants designed for anthracite coal, available in Donbass but not from just anywhere; some earlier purchases were wasted). There is anthracite in Pennsylvania; but likely not cheap delivered.

19 Mar. DPR: 74 incidents of ceasefire violations by Ukraine ; number of shots not provided. 1 civilian wounded, 4 houses damaged.

IMF postponed discussion of the next 1 bln USD disbursement to Ukraine following Ukrainian blockade of rebel areas. Kiev vowed to conclude negotiations quickly.

18 Mar. DPR: 88 incidents of ceasefire violations by Ukraine; number of shots not provided. 3 civilians wounded, 8 houses damaged.

DPR: provocation similar to the one on 16 Feb. was repeated by Ukraine: houses in Avdeevka were shelled from tanks, 4 houses were damaged; an attempt to blame DPR was made.

17 Mar. Russian JCCC representatives came under Ukrainian fire in the area of Donetsk water filtering station where repair work was done (no word on injuries).

Plotniskii calls for a referendum on accession to Russia 'at an appropriate time', says if such referendum is held, results will be like in Crimea. (No indication of what time would be right was provided).

DPR weekly update(Engl.): 5,842 shots fired by Ukraine from banned under Minsk weapons (that will include heavy weapons but not small firearms; exact breakdown not given). 4 DPR soldiers and 1 civilian killed, 2 soldiers and 9 civilians wounded. 49 houses damaged. By official data, Ukrainian losses were 5 killed and 42 wounded, but DPR estimate is 24 killed and 79 wounded (based in part on information posted on social networks; details not really spelled out).

LPR weekly update(Engl). 121 ceasefire violations; total number of 'shells and mortar shells' is given as 'about 2600', however total on the graph is around 103 shots (possibly heavy weapons on the graph and all arms in the larger count, but not spelled out clearly). 1 LPR soldier wounded. According to LPR information, 10 known cases of UAF soldiers killed (including non-combat and 'Molot' mortar accident losses), and 30 wounded.

16 Mar. DPR 80 ceasefire violations (number of shots fired no longer given), 1 DPR soldier killed, 10 houses damaged.

Zakharchenko and Plotniskii attended celebrations of 3 year anniversary of Crimea reunification with Russia. In celebration speech, Zakharchenko vowed that Donbass will be 'Russian', and 'we by a land corridor will travel to Crimea' (to applause of those present and no clarification of how that is supposed to happen).

Ukrainian journalists arriving to Avdeevka came under shelling, and were invited to a hideout cellar by locals. Locals angrily told Ukrainian journalists that their reports misrepresent the events. 'Just live here for 3 years, and you will know who is shelling' (video).

Another video by Ukrainian TSN from Avdeevka; two locals interviewed blame Ukraine for shelling; while TSN plays a clip of high-rise house shelled (DPR called it a provocation staged by Ukraine).

15 Mar. Ukrainian national security and defense council announced that all roads and railroads leading to separation line will be blocked, and 'no provocations or sabotage will be allowed' -report + Turchinov on video. (Full blockade? Clearly goes directly against Minsk agreements. But according to MOI adviser Shkiryak, it is still possible to cross separation line on foot or in private vehicles after checks. So, monetizing border control?).

DPR: 82 violation incidents in the past day, 3058 shots fired, including 1057 from heavy weapons. 1 DPR soldier was killed. 1 civilian was killed and 1 wounded while repairing house roof, when shots were fired from the Ukrainian side.

14 Mar. Ukraine and Turkey sign several bilateral agreements, among them about free trade and about passport-free travel of citizens to the other country.

Basurin: in the past day, Ukraine fired 1710 shots, including 851 from heavy weapons, in 72 violation incidents. 13 houses were damaged.

12 Mar. Basurin: 65 incidents in the past day; DPR was shot at 1444 times, most of it (1273) from heavy weapons. 1 DPR soldier was killed and 1 wounded, 4 houses were damaged.

Also: 2 Ukrainian boats attempted reconnaissance in force from the sea, near Bezymennoe (map), entering DPR territorial waters and firing on DPR positions. DPR opened return fire, damaging one of the boats. According to DPR information, 2 UAF soldiers were killed and 3 wounded.

11 Mar. Basurin: in the past day, 88 violation incidents; 1456 shots fired, including 729 from heavy weapons (10 of those is MLRS). 1 DPR soldier was killed, 2 civilians wounded, 7 houses damaged.

Video emerged of a civilian high-rise, said to be in Avdeevka, repeatedly shelled from a close distance (short time interval from firing sound to impact) . Said to be done by Ukraine in front of the cameras of Ukrainian journalists. Address suggested is Vorobieva 15, Avdeevka (map). Appears to be coming from the south; there is also green/empty area to the east.

10 Mar. DPR was shelled 850 times (including 327 times from heavy weapons).

For the past week, the count is 13,192, including 4,556 from heavy weapons. 3 DPR soldiers were killed, 1 soldier and 2 civilians wounded.

It is said that Ukraine announced that 1 was killed, '9 wounded, and 10 injured' as a result of today's clashes- Rusvesna; 2 killed, 16 wounded or injured-- the official 'ATO' presentation.

LPR security services claimed to uncover organizers of assassinations of Givi and LPR police HQ chief Anashenko, blaming fighters, commander, and reconnaissance chief of Ukrainian 8th Special Purpose Regiment of the Special Operations Forces deployed in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine. It is said that training is provided by NATO instructors, and sabotage groups are formed to operate in L/DPR. (Independent confirmation of the claims is not available, and likely impossible). It is said that some Anashenko killing suspects were arrested. Further, interrogation video was posted where arrested suspect tells about attempted assassination of Bezler in Crimea, around Spring 2016, "by a soldier from our detachment with call name 'Odessa', who was "a right hand man" of the reconnaissance chief of the 8-th Regiment. Another suspect on a different video tells that he overheard the recon chief bragging about his role in Motorola murder. (So, Givi, Motorola, and an attempt on Bezler, all by the same Ukrainian assassins group? )

  • On longer videos same and additional suspects tell about their roles in Anashenko assassination, with detailed and fairly believable accounts given; also a car engulfed in flames is shown, said to be filmed by suspect after the assassination. No direct role of those in Givi/Motorola or Bezler attempt can be seen.
  • Anashenko assassination: 4 Feb'17 news; video.
  • Ukrainian HQ of special operations of UAF confirmed that on 11 February contact with a reconnaissance group operating in LPR was lost, and that LPR videos show them captured; however claimed that their task was reconnaissance only with no explosives or danger to population involved; and that admissions were forced.

8 Mar. In the past day, DPR was shelled 2,927 times, 2 civilians were wounded, in Krutaya Balka near Ysinovataya and in Kominternovo.

MH17 comments of a lawyer representing Russia in Hague court case brought by Ukraine were picked on in the West (though not much happened).

7 Mar. Gryzlov blames Kiev for failure of disengagement of forces in Stanitsa Luganskaya, LPR -TASS.

Klimkin in US Congress: 'the only way to talk to Russia is from a position of force' 'No agreements with Russia until it fulfills all items of Minsk agreements'--with most of the items for Ukraine to implement and no progress or even intention to do so (softer Engl. version tells about US support of Ukrainian positions).

Separation of forces in Stanitsa Luganskaya, LPR planned; Deinego doubts it will materialize...

6 Mar. Ukraine shelled DPR 2015 times, no military casualties; 8 houses were damaged, Donetsk water filtering station lost power and stopped. (Engl. version).

LPR shelled 19 times, one LPR soldier was killed (Marochko briefing video -Rus.)

5 Mar. Ukraine shelled DPR 2,483 times, 2 DPR soldiers were killed, 1 wounded. 28 houses were damaged, 20 of them in Gorlovka, 4 in Donetsk, 3 in Yasinovataya, 1 in Dokuchaevsk. (Engl. version).

4 Mar. Ukrainian 'ATO volunteers' blocked railroad traffic on one of the major lines connecting Russia and Ukraine in Konotop. Meanwhile, railroad traffic resumed in LPR.

A civilian seriously wounded in LPR.

3 Mar. Zakharchenko announced trade blockade of Ukraine. (Anthracite coal mined in Donbass is widely used in Ukraine; other possible suppliers include Russia and Kazakhstan).

In the past week, Ukraine shelled DPR 11,480 times, 3,994 from heavy weapons. 1 DPR soldier was killed, 2 wounded.

1 Mar. Contact group reached agreements on disengagement of forces near Stanitsa Luganskaya (LPR) and on situation at the Donetsk filtering station.

Ukraine shelled DPR 1774 times in the past day. 1 DPR soldier was killed and 1 wounded. (Engl.)