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31 Jan. Basurin urgent report (on video) describes 2 Ukrainian attacks near Avdeevka (8 pm on 30 Jan, and 4 am), both repelled. He goes on to describe Ukrainian shelling and damage, including to electric power supply, affecting heating stations; in addition, one heating station was damaged by shelling, affecting 7 multi-storey houses.

Ukrainian forces, 2 platoons strong, launched an attack on Kominternovo, near Mariupol. The attack was repelled (report +map). Report estimates UAF losses at 14 killed and dozens wounded.

Basurin: Kiev forces violate ceasefire 2411 times over 24 hours, including Grad MLRS and artillery; deploy MLRS Uragan near Donetsk.

A woman, 1949 DOB, was killed by Ukrainian shelling in Kievskii district of Donetsk.

Vox Populi Evo publishes a video with Zakharchenko on the frontlines proclaiming that (in Russian audio and English subtitles) "they won't get through".

US State Department: "The United States is deeply concerned with the recent spike in violence in eastern Ukraine around Avdiivka-Yasynuvata".

30 Jan. DPR. A lot of shelling and damage is reported, including Donetsk suburbs, Makeevka. Two civilians, a woman and another person who died in hospital of his wounds, were killed, 2 civilians wounded when hospital number 5 in Makeevka was shelled.

DPR: 1912 ceasefire violations by Ukraine in the past day. 3 DPR soldiers were killed, 4 wounded.

Basurin estimate is over 25 UAF killed, 40 wounded (no explanation how he knows) in the past day, as a result of failed Avdeevka zone attack and 'friendly fire' by Right Sector. Basurin report on 31 Jan. ( video])(Eng.) suggests recent high body count in Ukrainian morgues and military medical institutions.

29 Jan. DPR (quoting Khodakovskiy) : 'Powerful fight near Avdeevka industrial zone. The enemy is trying to cut off one of our positions in the open terrain from the main forces. Have not had such brazen attempts to attack for a long time, we should expect activation in other areas. Something is going on at the "top", and they want to attract attention elsewhere, and at the same time take care of their "restless". Our reserves are alerted, reinforcements are deployed. There is information on the wounded, but the site is completely open - evacuation is difficult. "

Basurin: Ukrainian attack near Avdeevka failed. Heavy weapons use, causalities reported.
Ukraine reported 5 killed, 13 (or 14) wounded. Report tries to put the blame on DPR, claims larger losses on DPR side--not confirmed by DPR.
Rusvesna gives profiles of 3 killed UAF soldiers, following Ukrainian source.
Zhuckovskiy: MLRS, Grads and Uragans were used; suggests higher DPR casualties (10 or more killed, 30 wounded), and higher Ukrainian losses (20 killed in the morning even before heavy artillery/MLRS use)

28 Jan. In the past day, Ukraine shelled DPR 1270 times, a sharp increase. One DPR soldier was killed.

27 Jan. It is reported that Valerii Bolotov, first leader of LPR, and the person who started the resistance in Donbass with his video appeal on 6 Apr. 2014, has died. Circumstances are unclear at this point. RT: by preliminary information, it was heart attack.

Ukraine shelled northern regions of Donetsk from Grads, heavy weapons shelling also reported in Gorlovka and in the south. According to DPR ombudsman, 11 people were wounded in the past week. No deaths were reported this week; since the beginning of the year, 12 people were killed.

In LPR, 2 civilians were killed (one in Kirovsk on 24 Jan, another in 'Niva' car hit by Ukrainian ant-tank missile near Dolgoe on 25 Jan. ) Two more civilians were wounded on 27 Jan. near Bryanka.

In the past week, Ukraine shelled DPR 5956 time, including 1976 times from heavy weapons. 20 ceasefire violations in the past week reported by LPR.

26 Jan. Assistant Secretary of State for European affairs Victoria Nuland, known for her leading role in Ukrainian affairs, is fired and her biography deleted.

25 Jan. Reports are coming that a civilian car (video 1)(video 2) with a family of 3 inside is hit by Ukrainian anti-tank missile, near a village of Dolgoe, Slavianoserbsk region, LPR. According to war correspondent Anna Dolgareva, a man, 1950 DOB, was killed, 2 others -his wife and daughter-were in shock but not injured. DoNi News report (Eng.) here.

24 Jan. Civilian is killed in Kirovsk, LPR (report and photo). A hospital and residential houses nearby were damaged.

23 Jan. Graham Phillips attends British-Ukrainian Society anniversary meeting in Westminster (video), repeatedly shouts the question 'why the UK supports shelling and killing civilians in Donbass' at the start of the meeting, asked to leave by security. Linked are reactions in Russian media (Rusvesna), and by the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK (+user comments).

22 Jan. DPR was shelled 1428 times in the past day, almost a 3 fold increase. A civilian house was hit by a 122 mm shell, but it did not explode and was removed safely.

21 Jan. Yasinovataya city center was shelled, one unexploded 122 mm artillery shell landed in a children's playground (report and video, residents interviewed).

20 Jan. DPR reported some reduction in shelling due to expected OSCE visit to Donetsk . However despite that, Ukrainian shelling hit a bus near Yelenovka, a civilian woman was injured.

In the past week, DPR was shelled 4,348 times in the past week, including 1,031 times by heavy weapons (artillery, tank fire, mortars).

DPR ombudsman: 6 DPR soldiers were killed by Ukrainian shelling in the past week; 4 people (2 soldiers and 2 civilians) were wounded.

SMM considers additional video cameras; seems like a good idea; but has to be approved by all OSCE member states.

19 Jan. Victor Pinchuk proposes to make painful compromises to achieve peace with Russia; but the official Ukrainian response and media tells why not to; more here.

17 Jan. One DPR soldier was killed by Ukrainian mortar shelling.

16 Jan. DPR: Ukrainian shelling intensified, 1076 ceasefire violations reported in the past day, including heavy weapons.

According to Ukrainian data, in the past week 3 soldiers were killed in action, 3 by landmine explosion, and 17 soldiers were wounded in action.

15 Jan. Three years old child was wounded in Ukrainian mortar shelling of the settlement Dolomitnoe (map), near Svetlodarsk and Gorlovka. (While Ukraine reports heavy clashes in the Svetlodarsk arc area).

Basurin: one DPR soldier was killed when Ukrainian RSG attempted to capture prisoners. The soldier body was taken by Ukrainian side. DPR was shelled 796 times in the past day.

14 Jan. Repair teams restored power to Donetsk water treatment plant; JCCC coordinated ceasefire during repairs.

13 Jan. According to DPR ombudsman, from 24 Dec. 2016 to 13 Jan 2017, 21 DPR soldiers and 7 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 32 people were wounded (28 of them are DPR soldiers; apparently a typo in the civilian number) .

DPR was shelled 4,988 times by Ukraine in the past week. One soldier and an 11 years old girl were wounded. Ukrainian heavy weapons were observed near Gorlovka and Mariupol-DAN news (Russ.)(Engl.)

DPR hands over bodies of 3 Ukrainian soldiers, said to be killed by landmine explosion, back to Ukraine. Soldiers were missing since 8 Jan, and found 500 m. from DPR defense positions.

11 Jan. DPR: increased number of ceasefire violations by Ukraine, 911 in the past day, one DPR soldier wounded. LPR: 8 ceasefire violations by Ukraine.

Plotnitskiy: LPR and Ukraine have essentially settled the issue of water supply. (Yet no water supply via Petrovskiy pipe line despite the agreements).

10 Jan. LPR: Ukrainian RSG on a BMP vehicle attempted reconnaissance-in-force near Debaltsevo. But their BMP broke down and so LPR militia did not have to respond and violate ceasefire.

UAF made another break-through attempt near Spartak settlement on the outskirts of Donetsk (map). There are several wounded and killed -DAN news.

POW lists prepared by Nadezhda Savchenko are "strange" - timer-Odessa. Out of 50 allegedly requested by L/DPR odessians, only 31 are under arrest, and not all of them agree to be exchanged. In her list of 'Russians', Timer identified 11 citizens of Ukraine. Nefёdorov and Nikolenko in her list are apparently Russian citizens Mefёdov and Mikolenko accused on charges of plotting assassination of a Euromaidan activist. Some other names submitted officially are not in her list.

9 Jan. DPR was shelled 521 times in the past day. An 11-year-old girl sustained shrapnel wounds as Bezymennoye village (map) came under Ukrainian fire (DAN news).

8 Jan. DPR 'ensured evacuation of a body' of a 14 years old girl killed on Jan.5 in a buffer zone between Krasnogorovka and Staromikhailovka (map). "UAF refused to evacuate the body, and DPR command had to appeal to Ukrainian volunteers'. 'By preliminary information, the girl died from the loss of blood' resulting from her wounds. According to DPR, on that day fire was coming from the Ukrainian side only. (DAN news).

DPR accused UAF, SBU of moving handcuffed civilians to the front line in the area of Marinka city, to blame DPR for their death. The report quotes intelligence intercepts. It does not offer proofs but could be released to try to prevent this from happening.

7 Jan. LPR: Kiev forces shell the village of Smeloye (map) after humanitarian aid delivered there.

6 Jan. DPR: In the past week, Ukraine violated ceasefire 3,365 times, including 804 times from heavy weapons, artillery, tank and mortar fire. Six households were damaged in Zaitsevo, Trudovskiye and Sakhanka. (Engl.) (Rus. + map).

LPR: in the past day, Kiev forces shelled LPR People’s Militia positions 5 times ; 7 times the day before.

4 Jan. DPR: 1233 ceasefire violations by Ukraine in the past day, back again to pre-holiday levels.

3 Jan. DPR envoy Denis Pushilin blamed non-constructive position taken by Ukraine for the stalled Minsk talks. The Contact Group’s first consultations in 2017 are scheduled for 16 Jan.

1 Jan 2017. DPR: 357 ceasefire violations by Ukraine in the past day. In the south, shelling by Ukraine increased after US senators McCain, Graham and delegation visit. (Also, TV Zvezda: "Senator rubs his hands in the Donbass: Video")