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September, 2015

13.9 Poroshenko says that Ukraine started 'full demobilization of servicemen who defended sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine'; believes that a real ceasefire finally started. Talks about implementing Minsk framework; however replaces the agreed in Minsk sequence of steps-claims that border control needs to happen before the elections.

Steinmeier says that the seventh meeting in Normandy-Format finally brought some progress and agreements in the fields of removing weapons, implementing the political parts of Minsk, and humanitarian aid preparing for the cold season. Expresses optimism that the next planned meeting on October 2 in Paris will bring further progress.

6.9 MOD DPR: 9 violations in the past day, UAF used small firearms and mortars. Oktiabrskii district of Donetsk had most intense shelling, by mortars, from Peski.

4.9 A firefight in Marinka reported, tank fire and mortars used by UAF.

Purgin is dismissed from Speaker post of DPR parliament. Denis Pushilin is appointed acting speaker.

1.9 It is calmer, with fewer reports of shelling of DPR and LPR in the past day. However some Ukrainian heavy weapons are reported missing by OSCE

Zakharchenko: "I have examined what Poroshenko signed, he fully fulfilled his promise, removed all signs of independence of the territories" [1]

  1. DAN News, "Poroshenko kept his promise about the complete rejection of the idea of a special status for the Donbas - Zakharchenko", 1.9.2015