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May 2015

26.5 UAF shelling resulting in civilian deaths are reported: Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka a woman is killed, another wounded. Gol'movskii, near Gorlovka:Two civilians, a father and 11 years old daughter, killed and a mother lost an arm. (database entry)

26.5- Two rather strongly worded videos from Gorlovka, by opolchenie member 'Texas' (said to be an American), and by the grandmother (strong language-viewer discretion advised)

Graham interview with the mother, Anna Tuv

25.5 Interview with opolchenie member from Israel-served in IDF, studied in Donetsk, call sign 'Mossad' , Israel 24 news (in Russian). Felt that he had to join opolchenie seeing what is going on. They discuss that in Israel news do not provide an accurate picture.

Ukrainian official responsible for national and ethnic policies , Gennady Druzenko, proposed to replace Ukrainian nationalism by 'European Americanism' centered in Ukraine.

31.5 Basurin describes foreign military presence in Ukraine. In settlement Verhnetoretskoe, up to a company (from 60 to 100 people) from "Georgian volunteer battalion was detected. At the checkpoint, Veterok ("breeze"), between Gorlovka and Dzerzhinsky, a company of US troops and Poland was detected. Polish PMC (private military company) detachments were recorded in Dzerzhinsk, Dimitrov, Slavic, Myronivsky, Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk in the territory of dispensary-hostel "SKMZ" on the street. Kim, the total number of staff is up to 1,000 people. In Krasnogorovka, on the territory of a collective farm garden, there are two companies of the volunteer battalion "Ichkeria " (Chechnya). In a settlement Lastochkino, there is a PMC battalion (up to 800 people), most of them are black. Also, two platoons of black soldiers were identified in Slavnoee. On the territory of the psychiatric hospital in Yasnobrodovke volunteers from Arab countries were identified. ( Basurin raised possibility this is ISIS). "In the port of Odessa we recorded the arrival of 14 strike force UAVs from Israel with the staff of special units. It was found that retired Israeli army will serve in the battalion of MIA of Ukraine" Angrif ", according to Basurin. "These findings suggest that the Ukrainian leadership due to the low morale of troops APU focuses on foreign PMCs that may be involved in subversive work in Donbass", - concluded Basurin.

30.05 Marinka. Ukrainian troops began a reconnaissance in force; the attack bogged down by Marinka. According to the Center for operational cooperation 2 UAF combat vehicles destroyed, 2 UAF killed, 5 - "medical losses", 14 wounded.

Mikhail Saakashvilli, former president of Georgia, is appointed governor of Odessa (talk) region by Poroshenko. Poroshenko quoted personal trust and long acquaintance as reasons. Oleg Tsarev: "this is a powerful decision by Kiev... Saakashvili made in Georgia "reforms" modeled on liberal dictatorships in Latin America, the meaning of which is very simple: the rich are made richer, money is invested in spot show-off projects, skyscrapers, police stations with transparent walls, and the rest of the country is sinking into poverty, unemployment and prohibitive prices. Saakashvili planted in Georgia atmosphere of terror and repression, some Georgian politicians died in mysterious circumstances, and former prisoners complained of torture in the prisons of his regime...Now Petro tries to kill two birds at the same time displacing from Odessa henchmen of Kolomoisky, and replace them with a famous stranger, whose sole support (except Washington) will be Kiev, rather than local officials, with whom you never know what position they will take, if something happens. But for people,-- why the people need any of that?" I'd say, Saakshvilli has good presentation skills and can choose words and appearances to make good initial impression (walking with roses to democracy, etc); but long-term and on substance, it appears closer to what Tsarev is saying, based on past history. In Georgia, after he lost presidency, several criminal cases were opened against him, including spending public money for personal benefit (to the tune of 6 mln $), and ill-treatment of opposition. He than left Georgia to escape lawsuits. In Odessa, Saakshvilli starts with a reform message, bringing new young people, fighting corruption, fixing roads; all sounds good, but what matters are deeds, not words.

In Russia, opposition media highlight his quick (and iron-fist) reform style, and rule of law emphasis (interesting to see how that will work against the Right Sector). Brief characterization of his style: "American." (Like Sarkozy the "American", maybe)
General Reshetnikov on Cassad: Saakashvilli may be involved in setting Ukraine-Moldova play on Transdniester. That may draw Russia directly into the conflict.

29.05 Poroshenko visited Ukrainian areas of Donbas, reiterated that he would hold a dialogue "only with those persons who will be elected by the Donetsk region citizens at the upcoming local polls." Poroshenko told the 8th Kiev security forum on Thursday that he would hold a dialogue only with "the other Donbas." Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk also said Kiev was ready to talk to the DPR and LPR leaders "only when they are behind bars." The Donetsk republic’s envoy at the Minsk talks, Denis Pushilin, expressed concerns over this Ukrainian leader’s statement saying it comes ahead of the June 2 meeting of the Contact Group. "Poroshenko by his statements denounces his signature that he put in Minsk upon the guarantees of Germany and France and announced plans to comply with the Minsk agreements. Now he says that he is not going to do this," Pushilin said.

Video report from Shirokino. Ukraine and opolchenie control parts of the settlement. Lots of sound- small arms fire all the time, sniper fire, occasionally heavy arms. Ukrainian snipers became quite good with ricochet fire so even behind walls is dangerous.

28.05 Kharkov mayor Gennady Kernes: "Avakov was involved in my assassination attempt" Kernes was shot at on 28 April 2014; he was hospitalized. He first made the claim against Avakov in summer 2014. Currently he is on trial, accused of murder threats and hostage taking attempts (rusvesna).

26.05 Ukrainian punishers subjected residential areas of Gorlovka to heavy fire from mortars and heavy artillery. According to the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of Donetsk, punishers' victims were three civilians killed in the city, including 11-year-old girl and her father. The wife of the deceased lost a hand as a result of the shelling , their other two children - a boy and a baby girl - were also injured. (rusvesna -report and photos from Gorlovka)

Zakharchenko: President Poroshenko, who signed Minsk-2, blatantly deceived not only us, but also the inhabitants of his country and the world. DPR until now clearly fulfilled all its obligations. "We reserve the right to act at our discretion", - concluded Zakharchenko.

23.05 Basurin: UAF in ATO area is upgraded to an assault strength level. "In the area of punitive action adversary concentrated up to 45 thousand troops, 380 tanks, 1,800 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 980 field artillery pieces and MLRS, and up to 75 combat aircraft and helicopters".

23.05 Mozgovoi killed ... SUV ambushed near Mikhailovka, LPR. 2 guards, chief of the guards-call sign Pesnia (Song) , and his press-secretary killed with him. Confirmed by his assistants. Mine exploded under his mini-bus; then machine-gun fire from 4 positions.

Lifenews Zhuchkovskii newsfront rusvesna
  • Press-conference of Luhansk police. Started murder investigation; suggest that it was done Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group. This happened at a place nearby previous assassination attempt (previous attempt was when he was returning from Luhansk to Alchevsk) . Plotniskii made a statement, -attack on all of us-ordered to find killers.
Ukrainian RSG was liquidated in Luhansk, one person captured
  • His 'Ghost" brigade vowed to continue his fight
  • Ukraine tried to blame Russia (Gerashenko facebook post), and tried to make an impression it was the work of 'Ukrainian partisans' ('shadow'-Alexander --they made after-the-news items claims in the past, claiming credit after press reports of attempts on Zakharchenko and Givi -- interview at , 9.2.15)

23.05 DPR released Cyborg commander Oleg Kuzminyh DPR news (Poroshenko: released, not exchanged)

22.05 Ukraine continues shelling: artillery shelling of Gorlovka, Shirokino, Donetsk and the airport; tank and mortar shelling of Veselaia Gora(near Luhansk) ,

Ukrainian column of Uragans is filmed near Luhansk

Ukraine walked out of an agreement with Russia, joined Moldova in blocking Russian peacekeepers in Transdniester; placed S 300 battery in Odessa region (threatening supply by air) - (rusvesna)

21.05 The Ukrainian parliament has backed a decree allowing the country to rescind human rights

20.05 Basurin: 40 foreign mercenaries (private military company) arrived to Mariupol.

Strelkov on a talk show called 'intelligence interrogation'. Discussing how planned Ukrainian 250 thousand strong army will be economically supported, mentions that 3 weeks ago according to his information "350 kg of US dollars" (paper) were delivered to Ukraine. It is said that 1 mln USD is 10 kg, so 35 mln USD then.

19.05 "Kerry Helped Free U.S. 'Spies' Trapped in Ukraine"-

19.05 LPR-Zolotoe and Katerinovka, near Popasanaia: UAF troops crossed separation line and came under fire. It is reported that 6 UAF were killed and 6 wounded as a result. Firefight and/or explosions reported in Donetsk airport.

18.05 Two Russian citizens, serving as volunteers with peoples militia of LPR, were wounded and captured by SBU. ID of one of them, recently issued by LPR -peoples militia- was shown (Cassad). LPR militia commander demanded their release. Russian MOD stated confirmed that they were not active service members at the time of their arrest, although had military training; and that they, and Russian special forces veteran association, are "very much hoping" that they will be promptly released. It is hoped they they will be exchanged. Red Cross was allowed (and Nuland approved).

An interrogation by Ukrainian side of one of them , Alexandrov appeared on youtube, of a different flavor (stated that his group task was observation/reconnaissance; moving around on a truck-no armored vehicles; believes that he is under a contract).
Plotniskii: they were tortured. "Erofeev was wounded in his right shoulder; and after he was shown on TV, another shoulder was shot". Compare photos, 1/3 down here: on censor. net photo, right shoulder wound; hospital photo, left arm bandage appears
  • Alexander Alexandrov wife: says the man in the news is her husband; he quit the Russian Army in December. She thought he got another job and is getting some training. Says that based on the video he is currently in bad shape, no blinking, no jaw movement, very low voice. (vesti-report and video), (rusvesna-text)
  • "OSCE SMM visited the two individuals currently held at the military hospital in Kyiv, who received medical treatment. The SMM spoke to the two individuals without the presence of Ukrainian authorities. The SMM assessed their general condition and gathered their accounts about their capture. One of them said he had received military education in the Russian Federation. Both individuals claimed that they were members of a unit of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. They claimed that they were on a reconnaissance mission. They were armed but had no orders to attack. Both of them said that they came under fire, got injured and were captured on 16 May 2015 at the contact line near Shchastya. One of them said he had received orders from his military unit to go to Ukraine; he was to “rotate” after three months. Both of them said they had been to Ukraine “on missions” before. One of them stressed repeatedly that there were no Russian troops involved in fighting in Ukraine. Both said they were provided with a Ukrainian lawyer who visited them today". TASS report on this: were in the past RAF servicemen.
  • Further interviews with soldiers, Novaia Gazeta. Looks like they were on a monitoring mission, -no actual fighting, but not part of official monitoring. Erofeev stresses that Russian army is not fighting in Ukraine.

18.05 Goncharenko, nowadays MP from the faction "Block Poroshenko," introduced draft Rada law on exemption from criminal responsibility of citizens - participants in the events of May 2, 2014 in Odessa. Text of the law was not published. (Here are some Alex Goncharenko photos from

17.05 Police separated pro-Kulikovo and Euromaidan supporters near Kulikovo field in Odessa. It is said that Pro-Kulikovo tried to restore a destroyed memorial to those who died at Kulikovo a year ago. A letter protesting memorial destruction, which happened on 11-12 May 2015 night, is seen on one of Dumskaya photos. Neither side said to gain entry as police and national guard were running exercises there. After verbal exchanges, crowds eventually dispersed (video),(rusvesna report), (Dumskaya report).

16.05 Second conference of 'People's Rada of Bessarabia' took place in Odessa (rusvesna) ( Among the foreign guests of the event: a political scientist, chairman of the movement "For Peace" Gojko Raichevich (Montenegro), a special representative of the party "Change" on National Minorities Bozena Gavorska, A. (Poland), journalist Ian Rishetsky (Czech Republic). During the conference, the leader of "People's Rada of Bessarabia" Vera Shevchenko presented a draft law on national (from 'nationality', =ethnicity) and cultural autonomy of Bessarabia. "The draft law declares Bessarabia as a single unique multi-ethnic and multicultural region. According to Shevchenko, this document is in compliance with the constitution of Ukraine, and will be sent to the Rada of Ukraine and the President office. Vera Shevchenko disappeared after the conference, and it is feared that SBU is to blame; she is followed for about 2 weeks, accused of separatism.

Here is a video with Vera making an appeal to release/not harm Dmitrii Zatuliveter-see below.

The first leader of People's Rada, Dmitrii Zatuliveter (video with him here), disappeared earlier and still is out of contact with his followers; he was leading the first meeting, 6 April 2015. Another organizer, Dmitrii Shsisman, disappeared the day before the conference. Bessarabia is bounded from the East by Dniester river--that would be about 40 km west from Odessa; it includes some territory in Ukraine and Moldova (and bordering Romania).

14 May. Ukrainian military do not allow vehicles to cross LPR or DPR border, only travel on foot or bicycle remains possible. Bus service between Donetsk and Mariupol not running. Deinego this is not even an economic blockade, it became physical blockade.

13 May. Gorlovka shelled, presumably 120 mm mortar or 152 mm howitzer, school and a house was hit (report, photos)

DPR, LPR sent to Kiev draft constitutional amendments on special status of Donbas

12 May. "Secretary of State John Kerry will travel on May 11 to Sochi, Russia, where he will meet with President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov, and other Russian officials on May 12 to discuss a full range of bilateral and regional issues, including Iran, Syria, and Ukraine. This trip is part of our ongoing effort to maintain direct lines of communication with senior Russian officials and to ensure U.S. views are clearly conveyed"- Press Statement

Lavrov-Kerry press conference clip by NTV (Russian). Lavrov: stresses joint position that Minsk agreements must be fulfilled in full (some passing comments that sanctions will be than lifted). Kerry: Poroshenko words on retaking airport are counterproductive, may undermine Minsk.

9 May. Celebrations in Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk , ... .

2 May. TASS photos-Odessa 2.5.14

2-3 May. UAF shelled Donetsk, and attacked Shirokino at the same time with 1.5 thousands infantry, using D30 howitzers, 152 mm mortars. Three streets sustained serious damage in the attack. Despite large numerical superiority, the attack failed. (rusvesna)