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April 2015

29.4 "Kievan peoples republic" activists are said to be arrested by SBU (announced on SBU site); distributed pro-separatist materials over internet. 'Surrealism': -rusvesna

28.4 Big forest fire near Chernobyl. Some illegal settlers from exclusion zone were evacuated. Officially 400 hectares. Greenpeace (Russian branch) estimate is 10,000 hectares. Wind goes North, may turn West; may affect Belorussia map

27.4 Russia appoints Azamat Kul'muhametov as a new contact group special representative for Ukraine. In 2011-2014 he was leading Russian diplomatic mission in Syria.

25.4 Basurin-DPR: Humanitarian aid convoy of the "Novorossia" foundation was shot up at a checkpoint by Ukraine. It is unclear how it ended up there, investigation is launched.

Zakharchenko interview to Spiegel: not all heavy weapons were withdrawn, some returned back to answer continued shelling by Ukraine.

21.4 Peskov answers John Tefft on US joining negotiation process, - stresses the need to pressure Kiev to follow Minsk agreements.

OSCE reports renewed fighting in Donetsk Airport and Shirokino TASS.

It is reported in press that up to 70 soldiers from a private US military company Academi are moved to Volnovakha -TASS-English, Russian.

19.4 Zakharchenko interview. Says none of the items of Minsk agreement are fulfilled by Ukraine. He would prefer political methods to save lives, but dialogue with Kiev is not there. Discusses economic recovery.

17.4 US Army Brigade arrives in Ukraine for Fearless Guardian -Ambassador

"Putin's nightmare", Radio Liberty

On 20 April, American instructors were expected to start training Ukrainian Army (British went their earlier ).

George Fridman, -Stratfor: (the goal of the American policy for the last 100 years is to prevent the union on Russia and Germany ... Europe is a (small) continent (EU is roast) ...Russia will disintegrate by 2020... when Russians are hungrier they fight better... )

16.4 Journalis Oles'Buzina killed in Kiev; there were eyewitnesses. Gave an interview 2 days prior to this. Supported good relations with Russia. Oleg Kalashnikov, pro-Russia party of regions deputy, killed on 15. 4; his brother died in a car crash a day earlier. Olga Moroz, a journal editor, from Khmelnitskii region of Ukraine, killed

"Once you realize that Ukrainian - it's just a Russian, --- there is some holy grace descending on you----I will not be afraid be afraid of the word, . You calm down and bear your cross. That's all ... "- Oles Buzina.
Reactions: in Kiev;
in Moscow;
Sharii comment (blames Ukraine, describes congratulatory comments seen on pro government site);
elsewhere: TASS (English) Russian Embassy in London, Bryan MacDonald from Ireland .

14.4 Normandy format FM meeting ended after 4 hours; importance of full compliance with Minsk agreement was stressed including the political part. It is reported that peacekeepers requested by Ukraine were discussed as well, but not agreed (peacekeepers were not agreed in Minsk). Opolchenie is opposed to peacekeepers, in part because of the border control issues (also no common position on who those peacekeepers may be) .

Rusvesna Many violations of ceasfire by UAF. Donetsk suburbs, Peski, Spartak, Oktiabrskii settlement are the flashpoints. Ukrainian shelled Peski and the airport, opolchenie returned fire. Mortars and 'light armaments' were used. Occasional reports of artillery, self-propelled artillery, tanks used, so far not in a sustained manner, more like reconnaissance by fire. (Earlier reports suggest there was a clash between regular UAF and territorial battalions at Peski, with UAF intending to have Peski surrounded; it seems that in the end this did not happen). Mariupol suburbs were shelled, cannonade and fire between Vinogradnoe and further towards Shirokino, Primorskoe, Pionerskoe. Some opolchenie casualties reported.

7.4 Opolchenie: Ukraine keeps 1378 pro-DPR prisoners, cannot release them as their no amnesty law. Exchange being negotiated.

6.4 Mozgovoi talks with residents about resuming farming, producing food locally and not counting on humanitarian aid-- starting ASAP and not counting for much external help. Also about repairing buildings, themselves.

6.4 It is reported, quoting Putin meeting with Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs, that Poroshenko suggested to Putin to annex Donbas ('take into Russia'); with a response that Poroshenko must have gone mad suggesting this; if Ukraine does not need Donbas, should make it independent; pay the bills in the meantime., 6.4.15

4.4. Donetsk Airport reported to be under Ukrainian fire (again)--russvesna. Ukraine shells DPR positions 27 times in one day -russvesna, 4.4.15

Ex-Aidar commander and Rada deputy Melnichuk: families of volunteers , and of those drafted away from their place of residence, will not be compensated.

Workers at an airplane factory in Khrakov started a protest, unpaid for 8 months.

Tsarev: Kolomoiskii battalions fighters do not receive their salary for the second month, may end up making their inquiries on a tank top. Also states that after meeting Geoffrey Pyatt, Kolomoiskii was required to cease control of the battalions to the state. In the meantime, Zakharchenko is playing nicer and offered Kolomoiskii to create DRK, "Dnepropetrovsk Republic of Kolomoiskii", as a de-factor master anyway.

(reported to be in USA -russvesna)

2.4. 15 Azov battalion flies the US flag in Shirokino

2.4.15 Further to the war of oligarchs and Kolomoiskii resignation, many other leaders in Dnepropetrovsk were replaced- Filatov laments

1.4. 15 A warning, and than a big explosion in Kharkov reported