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15 Sep. As the war in Ukraine rages on, Iran is to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

SANA: "Syrian Ambassador in Beijing: relations between Syria and China are deeply-rooted"

12 Jul. As the war in Ukraine rages on, Putin is to visit Tehran, for meetings on Syria.

26 Jun. Russian source: US-trained group of militants were preparing terrorist attacks against peaceful targets. They first attacked a civilian bus on Jun. 20 (below). "SAA reconnaissance units found the terrorists and handed over their coordinates to the Russian Air Force", which delivered a precision strike. "the US must stop encouraging crises where others seek to build PEACE. The occupiers must leave Syria!" (article starts with a reference to WSJ, 17 Jun., below, and aims to tell "what is really happening").

20 Jun. SANA: Eleven SAA army personnel and two civilians were killed, and three other army personnel were injured in a terrorist attack that targeted a civilian bus on the Raqqa-Homs highway.

17 Jun. WSJ: Russian Escalations in Syria Risk Direct Conflict With U.S., Military Officials Warn (paywalled; free Russian summary). "Russia carried out airstrikes at the al-Tanf garrison Wednesday, where U.S. troops have a train-and-advise mission with local fighters".

18 Mar. Syrian president Assad pays surprise visit to the UAE.

22 Feb. SANA: "Syria ... supports Russia’s recognition of the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics"

19 Feb. SANA: "Backed by the army checkpoint in the area, citizens of Tal Dahab confronted a military convoy for the US occupation and expelled it"

Feb 15: Shoigu and Assad laugh in Damascus while West is preparing for a Russian invasion of Ukraine

20 Jan. In the evening, IS sleeping cells attacked the Al-Sinaa prison in Hasek, where 5,000 members of the group were kept, about a thousand of whom were foreign fighters. A number of prisoners escaped, creating security fears. Details, some follow-up: 1 (robo-translation), 2, 3 , 4.