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29 Sep. Guardian: Syrian rebel fighters prepare to deploy to Azerbaijan in sign of Turkey's ambition. On 28 Sep., Armenia reported another major attack by Azerbaijan and claimed Azerbaijan losses of 22 tanks, 10 other armored vehicles and 370 soldiers "liquidated". Other reports include larger totals of vehicles destroyed, and 26 killed in additional Armenian losses.

27 Sep. A serious escalation of Nagornyi Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is said that Turkey-backed militants are recruited to participate on Azerbaijan side in Afrin, Syria, and possibly diverted from Libya (1, 2). Pro-Armenian sources and media sources in Greece claim that Turkish F-16 planes are taking part from Azerbaijan airbases, 1, 2 (unconfirmed), while some Greek sources say that Turkey-made Bayraktar drones armed with MAM-L missiles participate in bombing (1, 2).

22 Sep. Andre Vltchek is found dead in Istanbul. Cause unknown, he was there on holiday with his wife and had recently been ill. His most recent article - The time has come for the West to sit down, shut up and listen to the rest of the world

20 Sep. Russian MoD warned that HTS militants in Idlib assisted by White Helmets are preparing provocations with toxic substances.

It is said that on 9, 15, and 20 Sep. Russian air force performed strikes on militants' camps in Idlib, "correcting mistakes and ineffectiveness" by Turkey (published 29 Sep.)