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26 Aug. Some traffic matter (videos) between US and Russian patrols, Russian choppers overhead, some reports of US troops "concussion", and some generals' call after that.

18 Aug. A mine explosion near the At-Taym oil field south of Deir Ez-Zor killed a Russian Major General Vyacheslav Gladkikh and the commander of the national defense of the city of Al-Meyadin, Muhammad Taysar Az-Zahir, with four subordinates, three more were wounded.

17 Aug. SANA: a Syrian soldier is killed, two injured after US warplane targeted an army checkpoint in Tal al-Zahab southeast of Qamishli. Unnamed "military source" to Rusvesna: the checkpoint was targeted by AH-64 Apache helicopter after US patrol was not let through. An Iraqi site has a similar claim. Photos on Twitter. Map. Small arms fire exchange (video, showing small fire exchange on the ground and a helicopter above) took place earlier. (Also on ANNA news , 2nd part of video). Coalition confirmed fire exchange but stated that "coalition troops returned fire in self-defense", and that "the Coalition did not conduct an airstrike".

Photos and video report of a protest rally in Kamyshlia near state cultural center and at a place of soldiers' death.

4 Aug. A massive blast rips through Beirut leading to allegations about “external actors” (talk).