Nagornyi Karabakh

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Videos, photos, reports, 2020


  • 3 Oct. It is said that Armenian special forces destroyed one Azerbaijani LORA, a long-range Israeli-made system
  • 2 Oct. October 2, 2020, and more by ԶԻՆՈՒԺ MEDIA
  • 1 Oct. Nagornyi Karabakh military video showing at least 32 corpses said to be killed in ambush, via Cassad.
  • 10 Oct. Soon after meeting in Moscow which resulted in a ceasefire agreement, Azerbaijan claimed capture of a strategically important town of Hadrut. There are conflicting reports on the actual situation, with Armenian and Russian correspondents located few km away reports suggest that Azerbaijani claim was incorrect at the time when it was made, but a group of about 200 fighters later entered town, and engaged to a city fight by Karabakh (pro-Armenian) forces who may be having the upper hand. A brief message by Strelkov on social media says that Azerbaijani fighters entered in the afternoon, with no further details or updates.


Strikes on population centers

  • 4 Oct. Armenian strikes on military objects in Azerbaijani second largest city Gyandzha, apparently with some damage in residential areas 1, 2.
  • 4 Oct. Azerbaijani strike on Stepanakert, de-facto Nagornyi Karabakh capital, hit electric power sub-station. It is said that the whole city lost electric power.