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Motorola killed, 16 October, 2016


Arsen Sergeevich Pavlov (Motorola), opolchenie commander (Sparta), DPR, 2 February 1983-16 October 2016.

Chechnya war and opolchenie veteran (with odd jobs in between). Twice married, 3 children (2 in the second marriage, with the youngest born 2 weeks before his murder).

Арсен Сергеевич Павлов (Моторола)

TASS profile

Death confirmed by DPR

  • Important battles
  • Semenovka (under Strelkov, around 2-3 June 2014)
  • Donetsk Airport (with Givi, against Kiborgs)
  • Uglegorsk (early 2015, Debaltsevo cauldron)
  • Security detail
  • Body guard Goga (died with him); several more guards when walking in a park with family
  • A guard at the entrance and at his floor, supposedly around the clock
  • Marriage: 11 July 2014, in Donetsk -video.
His platoon around that time was at Snezhnoe
18 July 2014, report about arrival for medical treatment/honeymoon in Crimea [1]
Also:24 July 2014, medical treatment/honeymoon in Crimea video, text.

Andrey Stenin photos

Stenin MH17 photos, 17 July, 2014. 1 , 2, 3

Contact with Andrey Stenin was lost on 5 Aug., 2014.

More Stenin photos


16 Oct. 2016 Reports of a terrorist act, an explosion in central Donetsk. Opolchenie and Rusvesna report that Motorola was killed in explosion in an elevator of a multi-flat house where he lived with his family. Officially confirmed by DPR. One opolchenie bodyguard was killed too. His wife and children were not hurt. (Updates.)(Report and video from the scene).

Emotional (though in a broader perspective likely inconsequential) statement of Zakharchenko highlights who is to blame for the present dire situation and clashes continuing.
Ukrainian reports, social media, Yarosh, etc, are mostly cheering up.
Unknowns claimed responsibility in the name of Ukrainian neo-nazi, under the flag of the "misanthropic division"-but the latter said it is a fake and they are not involved.

DPR names organizers

10 Nov. 2016. Zakharchenko names organizers, all working for Ukrainian SBU. Some names withdrawn in the interest of investigation. Promises to name the actual killers eventually too. Ukraine dismissed the accusation as "stupid" without further comment, apart from pointing out that the name was misspelled and the job title was incorrect too.



  • Motorola tells about attempt to take him prisoner, and that there is a 2 mln ($?) bounty on his head offered by SBU 'on internet', December 1, 2014. Shows previous apartment, guards, etc.
  • 'Botsman' about Motorola group, youtube, 3 Jan. 2015
(a 2.5 mln $ reward on his head...)
updated, 17 October 2016.
(Among other things discussed, fear that SBU may now stage a terrorist act in Ukraine and blame Russia or Novorosiya...)
(Anti-neofascism and ant-imperialism message)


Interview with Motorola firs , October 17, 2016

Left to war without telling her... Was special...


  • Ridus, "I know I will be dead", Ukrainian journalist interview based, of disputed accuracy, October 17, 2016. Repeats outline of a fake story that Motorola had 15 prisoners executed; and here ( too.
'Killing 15 prisoners' fake repeated by BBC, October 17, 2016, without showing an attempt to check
  • He was also accused in the past of execution of 'kiborg' Igor Branovytsky, in a tale told by another released from prison 'kiborg', certain Yurii Sova -BBC Russian. Sova also tells he was beaten. But no reason to think this story is true and not Ukrainian propaganda, with generally good treatment of prisoners by DPR (as opposed to Ukraine), and many fakes, including fake audio of Motorola 'admission' of killing prisoners. Captured Kiborgs were released from prison, in quite good shape, just to be used for propaganda by Ukraine.
Sova story was refuted by Rusvesna, 25 March 2015.
  •, no good words and plenty of hate speech here, October 17, 2016
  • Yarosh on social media, quoted by Rusvesna, October 17, 2016

Pro-Western opposition in Russia

Makarevich: probably committed crime if there is a law that fighting abroad is illegal. Bykov: typically produces quite good satiric poetry; but here disappointingly repeats a fake alleging that Motorola executed prisoners



Refuting accusations

Misanthropic Division claims responsibility

Flag of the Misanthropic Division - German text "Töten für Wotan" means "Killing for Wotan (aka Odin)". The skull in this exact design is a prominent symbol of the Nazi SS.

Misanthropic division denied responsibility- Misanthropic Division VK, October 17, 2016. Also appeared in

It is said that that (fake) video was made by "Phoenix". That is a social media group of some young Ukrainian (Russian speaking) neo-nazi with no skills to pull of such assassination (or in fact anything)


(On possible reaction: from tactics point, both sides will be disadvantaged attacking the other now and prefer the other side attack; so maybe a provocation to cause opolchenie attack).
  • Denis Seleznev, Donetsk blogger and Motorola neighbor. Assassination was not difficult to execute. Entrance was not heavily/professionally guarded, it was done by fighters from his battalion, who could fight back a direct assault, but were not trained in anti-terrorism. Elevator doors are easy to open (shows it at 15:20 time stamp), and this gives easy access to elevator cabin ceiling, very quickly. There is a curfew, and unlikely that during that time somebody will pass by, which gives plenty of time to install IED. Remote detonation, is not difficult to buy or to make. Previous assassination attempt failed when perpetrator exploded before reaching Motorola building. That was some 200 m away. In conclusion, not difficult for Ukraine to arrange several such attempts, eventually succeeding. Video ends with a tribute to Motorola. Another commander will replace him, he is sure " 'Russian' army does not fall apart when one officer is killed."
  • Former opolchenie, now blogger Chervonets points out that there is Ukrainian sanctions list adopted on September 16, 2016 by Ukrainian Rada (council) of National Security and Defense (SNBO in Russ.) , extending previous sanctions list of 2015. On 17 of October (next day after Motorola killing) it was signed into law by Poroshenko, and Motorola was not in the list already. Moreover SNBO announcement on October 17 sates that no changes were made since 16 of September 2016 (Жодних змін щодо переліку фізичних і юридичних осіб, який було прийнято на засіданні РНБО 16 вересня 2016, не вносилося. --No changes to the list of individuals and entities, which was adopted at a meeting of the National Security Council September 16, 2016, were introduced). That appears to imply (Chervonets: does imply) that Motorola was excluded from the list on September 16, 2016 already.
This is doubtful, they will not decide to cross him out on September 16 when he was alive; most likely it was done after his death and before publication. This does not confirm, but also does not exclude, the blame.--Resup (talk) 10:51, 22 October 2016 (UTC)


Motorola killing appears to be aimed at creating chaos and more war. His building was well guarded ( not so well, as it turned out ), raising possibility of accusations of an insider job. However there is no reason for this, he was not politically active or involved in commercial dealings, he did not associate himself with anybody possibly unpopular among DPR leadership, and did not have fall-outs with anybody. On the side of Ukraine, military significance of his murder is not really high (he will be replaced as a commander) but it creates more hatred and war, in hearts and minds, and in symbolic/media imagery (social media war on his public image ongoing). As with pro-Ukrainian Belorussian journalist Shermet murder in Ukraine, it appears to be designed to cause maximal chaos and upheaval--Resup (talk) 11:45, 17 October 2016 (UTC)

Re Saker article above (and the questions are-what?) -Russia has a strong influence but does not micro-manage everything. It does not run day to day security of popular in social media field commanders in particular (if it needs somebody out of the way, it can do it, but no reason at all in this case) . Daily security will be managed by locals, and probably with former (or current) SBU present. Russia does what it thinks should be done, not what somebody else thinks is urgently needed. Its top-notch security support comes attached with particular state/top leadership objectives, or, sometimes, with business/financial streams; neither of that applies to Motorola, as popular as he might be. Can it be changed and proper shiny Russian World installed in those two particular Donbas half-regions, for all the coach warriors approval and admiration? Maybe. Good for him to call for it at least. Does not mean it will actually happen. Even if it 'should' have. That's why there is grass root peoples Novorossia movement--in the form of 'patriotic opposition'. So far, that popular movement and the state are in disconnect. Can it change and became more harmonious? May be.(PS. Bezler is alive and well by the way as far as anybody knows). --Resup (talk) 01:53, 18 October 2016 (UTC)


Motorola assistant with call name 'Vokha' was named acting Sparta commander, October 23, 2016


Music "Not for you the Spring will come", written by a Russian naval officer in 1838. Performed here by the 'Cossack Circle' group-Vladimir Skuntsev, violin M.Korzin; video is from 'And Quiet flows the Don", Sergei Ursulyak film (2015) based on the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov (1936)