Karm al-Zaytoun Massacre

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The Karm al-Zaytoun Massacre refers to the March 11, 2012 killing of a large but unclear number of civilians, including women and children and entire families, in the Karm al-Zaytoun district of Homs, and perhaps a bit in other areas. This page also focuses also on a similar-sized massacre in neighboring districts on the following day, sometimes called the Adewiya massacre, which might blend into the first to make one continuous massacre spree. By the highest opposition counts with names listed (possibly accurate or a huge exaggeration), at least 224 people total were killed in these two days. [1]

This one of the more important of the Homs Massacres considered at ACLOS.

A few key features: the mutilation of rebel-collected bodies, especially of children, is striking here; some of the worst images were recycled as victims of the Houla Massacre to spice that up, ten weeks later. Unusually, Alawite majority districts of Homs are listed as losing citizens in these horrific massacres. As usual, Alawite "Shabiha" enjoying Army protection were blamed and yet, as usual, rebels managed to find and collect all the bodies with no apparent trouble.

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