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Joe Biden as Viceroy at the Rada


Joe Biden fires prosecutor

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Alexander Onishenko

Alexander Onishenko, former right-hand man of Poroshenko and self-proclaimed source of the Biden-Poroshenko tapes, is just released from German prison where he spent exactly six months, the longest time legally possible without charge. He was arrested under what he says was "a trap" only days before he was planning to fly to the US and give a press conference together with Rudy Giuliani. He suspects the order came "from above", suggesting that Merkel did a favour to Poroshenko and/or the US Democrat circles. Exclusive Interview in German language. --CE (talk) 17:47, 2 June 2020 (UTC)
A two hours video interview with Onishenko by an independent German journalist living in St. Petersburg since decades, who specializes in explaining the Russian perspectives on global and domestic issues to a German audience. He has written a very thick book about the Maidan events and is able to ask the right questions. Onishenko makes some tall and explosive claims, like that Klitschko was "convinced" with over 100 million dollars to leave the presidential race against Poroshenko and settle as major of Kiew. But as far as I have looked into his claims, they fit very well with the evidence already known. His German in the interview is broken and difficult to follow even for native speakers, but the journalist is writing a series of articles about his claims, providing context. At the moment he is only a third into the interview, but this search on his site will provide future episodes in written German. According to Onishenko, there's a road map for future leaks which will focus on Poroshenko first but will hit the USA in September if Biden is nominated. --CE (talk) 20:47, 18 July 2020 (UTC)

Joe Biden and China

Hunter Biden's laptop

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