Attack on Donetsk Airport

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Donetsk airport has been temporarily suspended. An up to date information regarding the status of flights is available on the official website Online Timetable.]
From the 26th of May an anti-terrorist operation is being carried on the territory of Donetsk airport, due to which airport operation had to be temporarily suspended. Information regarding the renewal of flights from Donetsk airport will be provided additionally.
According to Alexander Khodakovsky the militias did not anticipate that Ukrainian troops will bomb the Donetsk airport. Use of combat aircraft means that Kiev considers the region lost and it is not going to be protected, he said.

Artur Gasparyan

In an interview with US-State sponsored Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty published on July 13, an alleged 24-year old Armenian named Artur Gasparyan recalls his trip to Donetsk as a volunteer fighter recruited in Moscow. Among other details he describes his participation in the events at Donetsk airport. He accuses his commander Alexander Khodakovsky of miscalculating the situation believing that the Ukrainian Military wouldn't attack the airport (as he has admitted himself, see links above) and general incompetence. He says he was in the second of the two trucks fleeing the airport, and while all but three fighters in the first one died in an ambush, his group was luckier and while that truck was hit as well, he survived uninjured. The next days it turned out that it had been an incident of friendly fire due to apparently deliberate misinformation about approaching Right Sektor fighters. This incident made him return to Russia, with a stop in Horlivka.

Execution of wounded militiamen

The current spin on the Donetsk airport attack is:

  • Truce for evacuation wounded.
  • 2 Kamaz trucks sent, flying Red Cross flags.
  • Trucks stopped in ambush.
  • Pravy Sector killed passengers with head shots, no survivors. Removed Red Cross flags.

Russian investigation on war crimes

"The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has created a special management to investigate international crimes against civilians committed in the territory of Ukraine", - said in a statement.