Coalition airstrike on Haras-al-Din headquarters

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TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 31, 2019 — “U.S. Forces conducted a strike against al-Qaida in Syria (AQ-S) leadership at a facility north of Idlib, Syria, Aug. 31, 2019. This operation targeted AQ-S leaders responsible for attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians. Additionally, the removal of this facility will further degrade their ability to conduct future attacks and destabilize the region. Northwest Syria remains a safe haven where AQ-S leaders actively coordinate terrorist activities throughout the region and in the West. With our allies and partners, we will continue to target violent extremists to prevent them from using Syria as a safe haven.”
– Lt. Col. Earl Brown, CENTCOM Chief of Media Operations. (Statement from U.S. Central Command on U.S. Forces strike against al-Qaida in Syria leadership in Idlib, Syria, Aug. 31, 2019)



  • Riam Dalati @Dalatrm on Twitter
    Footage from scene of #Coalition strike of target near #Kfarya #Idlib. Entire buildings flattened. Narrator said the site was 'guesthouse complex of Ansar Al-Tawhid' (formerly Jund Al-Aqsa)
    (Video shows White Helmets ambulances at destroyed site.) Copy on YouTube

"Rebels' " claims

  • "The US bombs an Islamic school in Idlib." - NDT TV, published September 1, 2019 (see also the talk page).
    Some books places on top of the rubble at around 0:19 ...Some destroyed motorcycles and a car buried under rubble, 1:06. Volvo excavator seen working on the site