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Ancient Palmyra

  • 'Isis destroys tetrapylon monument in Palmyra' - The Guardian, 20 January, 2017 (with stock photos and aerial photo showing well tetrapylon).
  • Rusvesna: Facade of the ancient amphitheater and triumphal arc destroyed in Palmyra, published 20 January 2017 (with aerial photos).


Liberated, March 27, 2016

Palmyra Falls to IS again, December 2016

11 Dec. After a surprise attack during extremely foggy weather and three days of intense fighting, ISIS took back control over Palmyra and some nearby oil fields. Loyalist journalist Danny Makki tries to sort it out in a series of tweets. Loss of Palmyra was confirmed by the governor of Homs province, Talal Barazi (Damascus now)(BBC).

12 Dec. According to media reports, IS attacks a military airbase Tiyas (T-4), located west of Palmyra, and used in the past as a 'jump-pad' for Russian helicopters, and by SAA airforce. The base is now in the firing range after SAA withdrawal, and it is said that anti-aircraft detachment positions nearby are captured by IS. Fighting for the airbase is ongoing.

Retaking of Palmyra, February/March 2017

  • First reports (1 Mar. 2017) were quoting Hezbollah; then SOHR.
  • Some undated photos of Russian special forces appeared too, possibly taken earlier when ancient city was under firm control.
  • Cassad has a bit of everything (maps/photos/videos).

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