Yemeni drone strikes on the UAE

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See also Yemeni missile strikes on Saudi Arabia, UAE in the Yemen conflict


Barakah nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi, UAE

On December 2, the Yemeni Missile Forces loyal to the Houthis announced that it has targeted the Barakah nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi state of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a cruise missile.
However, the UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) denied the Yemeni Missile Forces claims in an official statement published by the Emiratis News Agency (WAM). The NCEMA stressed in its statement that “the UAE’s air defense system is capable of dealing with any threats”.
Meanwhile, local Yemeni activists reported that a mysterious missile crashed in the area of Sin al-Aswad in the northern province of al-Jawf. The sources published photos from the crash showing what appears to be a warhead similar to the ones usually used in old Soviet and US cruise missiles.
The missile parts also had Shia slogans written on them. This confirms that this is the remains of the cruise missile that was launched by the Yemeni Missile Forces.



Operation Hurricane

After the UAE backed Giants Brigade began the new year with offensives in Shabwah and Marib provinces. Ansarallah targeted Abu Dhabi with a missile and drone strike.

Hurricane 2

Navy Capt. Bill Urban, a spokesperson for U.S. Central Command, in a statement acknowledged the assistance of American Patriot missile batteries prevented the Houthi missiles from striking targets in Abu Dhabi... At Al-Dhafra, which hosts both American and British forces, U.S. troops took shelter in bunkers during the attack, the U.S. Air Force’s Mideast command said. Al-Dhafra is home to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing and has seen armed drones and F-35 stealth fighters stationed there.

Hurricane 3

Righteous Promise Brigade

Coalition responses

Coalition Airstrikes

The undersea FALCON cable carries Internet into Yemen through the Hodeida port along the Red Sea for TeleYemen.