Victory Day, 2014

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Kherson governor says Hitler liberated Ukraine.



Victory Day, 2009

Kharkov. Kharkov region governor Arsen Avakov and Kharkov city mayor Mikhail Dobkin (with a St. George band) describe importance of Victory day for the whole generation born in the Soviet Union (Аваков: Мы - советское поколение, уважение к 9 мая у нас в генах-Arsen Avakov: We are a Soviet generation, respect for May 9 is in our genes.)

Victory Day, 2020

75th anniversary of the Victory Day: Moscow (video), Minsk, Donetsk and Lugansk 1, 2, Odessa, Kiev.

Victory Day, 1945

9 May 1945, 21:55 Moscow time. Yurii Levitan (TASS) reads the text of the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the victory over fascist Germany -TASS +audio , 2 Oct. 2014.