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Personal Info:

Very technical with a background in Science, Engineering, Computer System Engineering, and now Criminal Law in a technical role but with a good appreciation of legal niceities and procedure. I also spent a number of years in the infantry of my country.

I've been following Syria since before the start of the civil war. I've even visited, but not anywhere near recently enough to be relevant.

I'm moderately partisan and am especially against Wahhabi / Takfiri interference in Syria. I also have developed over the years an appreciation for Iran and its people through meeting them on a personal and scientific basis. I also <shock horror> don't have a problem with Hezbollah. I once did when I listened to MSM but I'm now cured of that.

Due to my Scientific/Engineering background and now Criminal Law I'm very cynical. I assume everyone is lying, even the people paying me - especially the people paying me.

I can be contacted on charles.wood2013[krøllalfa] --Charles Wood (talk) 02:56, 29 October 2013 (UTC)