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Hi, I'm CE from the evil dimension and I can't edit the talk page about the abuse filter. I now try to create this page with a containing link.

It gave me a warning and I removed the link. Let's see if I can create my user page now.

That didn't work. I changed the filter and try again.

The problem seems to be that page_namespace is unknown before the creation of the page.

I'll try pagename "User:"+user_name or something like that.

Now I removed the "User:" as that is namespace, not title.

Still not working. Other way around.

Ok, that was trickier than I thought at first. Now?


It warns me when trying to add a link, but it doesn't block if I do it again. Something in the filter said it might be "harmful" and block is deactivated for it. Will continue later, but that looks good already. The buggers can't create anything but their own user page (and that without any links) for 24 hours. We'll get it to autoblock them finally as well. **evilgrin** --CE 666 (talk) 14:36, 22 March 2020 (UTC)