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I'm pasting my report here for review, before it's uploaded to the Khan Shaykhun discussion, under the victim bodies section. -- Bubslug (talk) 01:13, 24 May 2017 (UTC)

Both videos are included in my other YouTube playlist Khan Sheikhoun victim parade
The title of the second video says the hospital is in Maarat Al Nu'man. There are a few other videos showing people taken to this hospital. "Adidas boy" is first seen at this hospital, but is later dumped on the pile of bodies at the White Helmets cave compound.
These children are discussed on the #Victims subpage. I call them the "Flower sisters". This is what I wrote there: Two sister in matching tracksuits, possible their little brother and one or two older sisters are first seen at the Khan Sheikhoun water hosing scene and then take a strange zombie ride to the Maarrat al-Nu'man hospital. It is possible that these are the four children of Amira al-Saleh.
Notice, that the small boy receives a catheter on arm long after he appears dead. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 05:10, 24 May 2017 (UTC)
Bubslug and Petri - I think it would be really helpful to prepare a single article presenting the video evidence of these and other zombie rides, just as CL has done with the wind direction / victim location story. This article in turn can be used as a source for an executive summary of all the evidence on this attack. Pmr9 (talk) 10:41, 24 May 2017 (UTC)

Evidence of Fakery: Khan Shaykhun victims video sequence, April 4, 2017

I believe this video sequence shows that a group of victims were transported to a hospital near Khan Shaykhun dead (I'll look up which one it was, probably the one that the infamous Dr. Shajul Islam was at). But before that they were photographed dead in the back of a pickup. They were then loaded into an ambulance to be unloaded and carried into a hospital as if they were still alive. There are 2 videos; I'm posting all images in order they were in the respective videos. Video 1 was uploaded about 45 minutes before video 2.

The 1st Video

The first video shows at least 5 victims in the back of a white Hyundai pickup truck with a headache rack, 3 young girls, a baby and a young adult male. They are clearly dead, as their eyes are locked open. The adult male's eyes' are closed so it's not clear he is dead also.

At the end of this video, the scene switches to the back of an amulance, with a bearded arab-style-garbed male holding one of the victims (the girl with the yellow/orange/pink pigtail ties, which are in the shade in the first segment of the video but the still visible). Also in this scene is the brown/grey fuzzy blanket which wrapped the adult male in the back of the pickup truck. There may be a body under this blanket in the ambulance it is hard to tell.

It was uploaded 09:36 UTC April 4, 2017, or 12:36 local Syria time. From the shadows of the chair on the truck box or floor, it looks like a fairly steep sun angle, maybe as steep as 60 degrees which would put the recording time at about 12:15. However, the shadows in the this video are very difficult to measure so the time from the shadows cannot be reliably discerned, only that it is close to midday.

The 2nd Video

The second video starts with the rear doors of a 1 ton “H350” ambulance, with a White Helmets sticker in the back window, being opened to unload victims at the hospital in ? (geolocate this hospital). The first to exit the ambulance is an ambulatory middle aged male in a purple/gray jacket. The second is what looks like the young adult male with eyes closed from the first video, wrapped in the same fuzzy grey and brown blanket as he was wrapped in the back of the pickup in, now on a gurney.

The next victim to be brought out is the baby (boy?) from the back of the pickup, identified by tape and a yellow plastic IV attachment on the back of his right hand. The boy is being carried by the grey arab-garbed man holding the girl with the orange pigtails in the first video.

More or less at the same time the girl in the green top is unloaded from the floor on the left side of the ambulance. This victim is wrapped in a blanket identical to the one covering the children in the back of the pickup. This victim is in bare feet, wearing black pants or leggings.

The 4th victim out of the ambulance is the girl in the orange/yellow/pink pigtail ties, seen both in the back of the pickup truck and then in the back of the ambulance in the first video, which looks to be identical on the inside to the “H350” ambulance seen in video 2. She is carried by a uniformed White Helmet.

The 5th and last victim out of the ambulance is likely the third young girl, the one with a purple ribbon in her hair (but that is not visible in the unloading). The video follows this victim into the hospital with the videographer racing after the rescuer and we have a glimpse of her being passed off to a male medical garbed person.

This video was uploaded 10:13 UTC April 4, 2017, or about 13:13 local time. There are some shadows which can be measured accurately, such as the shadow of the roof protrusion above and to the right of the entrance. However, to be very accurate on the time the orienation of the front of the hospital must be known, along with the protruding roof edge. I need to find out which hospital this is. In any case the sun is very high, close to midday.


It's pretty clear the sequence of filming starts in the back of the pickup with arranged dead victims recorded on video, but no rush there, the victims are dead. Still in the first video, one or two of the victims are put into the ambulance, again no rush as the girl at least is dead. The next video shows the same victims, same ambulance, but in this case a big rush to get victims into the hospital, although none shows any signs of life. The 2nd video is clearly staged for propaganda purposes. There would be no point to put dead people carried in the back of a pickup into an ambulance, except to stage a chaotic rush into the hospital.

The only argument against this fakery would be the real timing of the video is reversed, i.e. the victims arrived in the ambulance but then were put in the pickup after they realized they were dead (after taking them into the hospital).

However, that would also mean the little orange pig-tailed girl taken from the ambulance in the White Helmets (2nd) video, was put back in the pickup and then the ambulance after being taken out and run into the hospital (assuming the 1st video scenes are in order time-wise). Both videos are uploaded very close to the time they were recorded (assuming they were recorded on April 4), so there would have been almost no time for much video editing.