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20 Aug. Daniil Bezsonov, DPR: the UAF military leadership and the headquarters of the occupation forces are daily spreading deliberately false information about the huge number of shelling by our Republic, as well as a similar number of "mirror" responses by UAF. So, when we record 3-4 shootings from Ukraine, the occupiers say that we shell them 50-60 times, and they respond in 40 cases. All these "fables" are voiced for the sole purpose - to show the Ukrainian electorate and the world community that in fact the conflict is in a hot phase and has not stopped for a day. (Noted: number of shelling greatly vary by the day; Bezsonov describes overall exaggeration tendency. DPR JCCC report has 40 violations by UAF firing 605 munitions in the week of 13-19 Aug).

Attendees of a hardcore punk/rock group "oDemontaGo" concert in Mariupol were attacked (1), (2) by masked men believed to be from the radical groups. The group has been outspoken against the radicals.

18 Aug. Ukrainian forces fired 5 mortar shells on Gorlovka.

DPR representative at JCCC: in the past day Ukraine violated ceasefire 5 times, fired 97 munitions on DPR.

Ukrainian 'Buk' crashed into a building in Kiev during preparations for a parade (video).

17 Aug. According to DPR representative at JCCC, Ukraine fired BMp-2 guns on Staromikhailovka from Krasnogorovka when a Red Cross mission was delivering humanitarian aid, despite written guarantees by both sides. The mission was sheltered and then evacuated.

16 Aug. DPR soldier was killed by Ukrainian sniper fire near settlment of Leninskoe. According to DPR MoD a sniper pair was then eliminated.

DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 5 people (4 soldiers and a civilian woman) were wounded by Ukrainian fire.

14 Aug. Ukrainian forces shelled Gorlovka, a house sustained a direct hit, and at 20:35 a school was hit. General security deterioration on the contact line is reported. A firefight along Bakhmutka roadway, near Donetsly settlement is reported.

10 Aug. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 4 DPR soldiers and one Ukrainian soldier were killed (it is reported that an Ukrainian soldier was killed by UAF when he tried to defect to DPR). 11 people were wounded (9 soldiers, a civilian man, and a civilian woman).

9 Aug. UN OHCHR published a report, Human rights violations and abuses and international humanitarian law violations committed in the context of the Ilovaisk events in August 2014. (Discussion, Rusvesna, from pro-Russia side).

8 Aug. Ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, General of the Army of Ukraine Nikolai Malomuzh: 'If Putin goes for a new offensive against Ukraine, NATO's response will be tough'

7 Aug. It is reported that a driver and two DPR female military medics were killed when Ukrainian forces fired guided anti-tank missile on their marked ambulance car. They were responding to a medical emergency call placed by a woman living in Naberezhnoe, Novoazovsk region. Aftermath is shown on DPR video, including missile guiding wire and engine.

Ukraine fired 16 mortar shells from on Sakhanka village, DPR south, from Lebedinskoe.

6 Aug. Ukrainian forces fired small firearms on settlement of Naberezhnoe, a man (1975 DOB) was wounded; also shelled Staromikhailovka near Donetsk (map)from BMP and grenade launchers, one house burned down, three other houses were damaged.

3 Aug. DPR ombudsman: in the past week 3 DPR soldiers were killed, 4 soldiers were wounded. Since the start of the year, 101 people were killed (95 men, 6 women; the number includes 2 children under 18)

1 Aug. Nadezhda Savchenko, still in preliminary detention in Ukraine, wrote a letter to Trump asking to help with release of Ukrainians held in Russia, calling Poroshneko 'the most corrupt president in Ukrainian history'. She earlier wrote to Putin asking to pardon Ukrainians held in Russia. In April, Savchenko sister Vera appealed to Trump to help Nadezhda, linking her arrest with her political positions and plans to run for Ukrainian presidency.

28 Jul. Events marking 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus' in Moscow (Cathedral Square of the Kremlin; St. Vladimir monument-Putin speaking); and in Kiev. Russian sources describe significance of the event and celebrations, processions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus'. While Ukrainian media make a case for procession of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyivan Patriarchate (not canonically recognized breakaway from the Moscow Patriarchate).

27 Jul. DPR ombudsman: In the past week, 4 people were killed (2 soldiers; and 2 children killed by landmine explosion). Four people were wounded (3 soldiers and a civilian woman).

25 Jul. Lug-info: Participants of the humanitarian working group of the Contact Group had to take a break in connection with the anti-Russian rhetoric of the representative of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko, who soon left the meeting, having prior to that offended the DPR representative and ombudsman Darya Morozova. This follows early incident in May, 2018 directed at DPR acting FM Natalya Nikanorova ('fans' page'): Today at a political group meeting, for the first time in 87 sessions, the Ukrainian side sounded not only frankly provocative statements, but also direct threats of physical abuse and prosecution. Russian patriotic opposition is having an issue (Donetski, 1, 2).

24 Jul. A civilian woman, 1987 DOB, is wounded by Ukrainian shelling of Dokuchaevsk.

One of FEMEN founders Oksana Shachko committed suicide in Paris.Oksana left a note in English, addressed to the Parisian bohemia, with whom she had been in close contact recently: "You are all fake "

Amid reports of Ukrainian 'unified command' insisting on fighters of volunteer battalions joining UAF or withdrawn (Naev and Yarosh seen having a chat here) , a [report video emerged which appears to show SBU disarming volunteers at a gunpoint. The video was challenged by SBU spokes-girl Olena Gitlyanska. Video circumstances are unclear, posted on youtube by a user with little history. More in discussion.

Graham Phillips offers color-intensive pro-Kremlin propaganda from Artek, Crimea, to counter brownyellowish report by BBC (video).

22 Jul. In Lvov, another anniversary of SS division 'Galichina' is celebrated, with SS uniforms and staged funerals On this day in 1944 the division was surrounded and defeated in Brody. (Cassad; + earlier anniversary report from May).

20 Jul. Bloomberg: Putin told Russian diplomats that he made a proposal to Trump to hold a referendum by residents of Donbass rebel territories on their status, under international auspices, to help resolve the conflict. (Russian patriotic opposition comments are quite skeptical, pointing out that several referendums in Transnistria, all overwhelmingly in favor of joining Russia, had little practical effect).

US National Security Council spokesman Garret Marquis: “The Administration is not considering supporting a referendum in the eastern Ukraine” .

DPR ombudsman: in the past week 3 soldiers were killed, 5 people (4 soldiers and a civilian woman) were wounded.

Ukraine has transferred to DPR the body of a former opolchenie fighter lured to Ukraine and apparently killed by Ukrainian services after torture, while trying to blame DPR for his death (report + photo at the bottom).

19 Jul. Boris Filatov, mayor of Dnepr(opetrovsk) posted on Facebook that he has been monitoring teachers for signs of 'separatism', with over 30% supporting it. He states that 'now they will be fired or not hired', 'legally irreproachable, without the ability to recover by a court decision'. He points out that at present the Humanitarian Department holds contests for new appointments of school principals (quite critical coverage by

16 Jul. Trump meets Putin in Helsinki-live updates -NY Times, TASS.

Press conference transcript and video (Kremlin; White House, Putin interview to Fox News (Fox News; Kremlin).

An interview highlight, stated cooperation on Israeli security and humanitarian matters in Syria, while discussing other issues. Fox interview highlight here

15 Jul. DPR MoD: 2 ceasefire violations, one home damaged. It is said that 'Right Sector' militants opposing orders to withdraw uncontrolled nationalistic units from the war zone deployed and detonated an IED, destroying Ukrainian armed forces 'Ural' vehicle and killing 3, wounding 6 UAF soldiers (no independent confirmation).

13 Jul. DPR ombudsman: in the past week 2 DPR soldiers were killed and 2 wounded, despite agreed ceasefire. DPR MoD: 34 cesefire violations in the past week by Ukraine, 79 mortar shells fired, small arms also used; 13 houses were damaged.

8 Jul. Rusvesna: planes carrying US marines landed in Ukraine. USS Mount Whitney, the flagship of the United States Sixth Fleet, has entered the Black Sea for Sea Breeze-2018 joint US-Ukrainian exercises.

6 Jul. DPR ombudsman: In the past week 3 DPR soldiers were killed, 3 were wounded (2 soldiers and a civilian man). 89 killed were killed, 190 wounded since the start of the year. According to ombudsman data, 4656 were killed in DPR since the start of the conflict.

DPR MOD: 49 ceasefire violations in the past week (46 a week before). Small arms, mortars, BMP and BTR weapons were used; anti-tank guided munitions fired on a truck carrying water supply.

5 Jul. Yulia Timoshenko (video): (There) is an extremely dangerous plan which so far Peter Poroshenko intends to realize in Ukraine. In principle, he wants that presidential elections are not held. Now a deep negotiation process has begun with those who allegedly lead the "LPR-DPR", that is, in fact, with the people who today occupied part of Ukraine. Poroshenko wants to initiate the beginning of a big war. He wants additional territories of Ukraine to be seized. He wants everything to burn, everything on fire. He wants to use this to impose the martial law and not to hold elections in principle. Russian patriotic opposition Donetsk blogger Donetski (donrf) comment argues that it would be a mistake for Kremlin to place a bet on Timoshenko, and in fact there is little hope that any of the options currently looked at will resolve the situation in Donbass, for the ordinary people living there. (He does not offer an alternative solution in his post).

4 Jul. DPR added famous Ukrainian prisoners exchange negotiator Vladimir Ruban to its prisoners exchange list. (Ruban was arrested on 8 Mar. 2018 after a provocation involving weapons smuggling arranged by Ukrainian services).

2 Jul. Ukraine named 23 Russians held by Ukraine whom Ukraine is ready to exchange for Ukrainians held in Russia and Donbass (Interfac),(

1 Jul. Ukraine violated 'bread ceasefire' 9 hours after its start, shelling Dokuchaevsk.

Despite ceasefire, Ukraine fired anti-tank missiles and destroyed a Kamaz vehicle delivering water to DPR armed forces. The driver was critically wounded.

30 Jun. Civilian man was wounded by Ukrainian shelling of Gagarin mine pit, near Gorlovka.

Prior to start of ceasefire, Ukraine shelled settlement of Donetskii, LPR

At around 23:00, a powerful explosion at natural gas distribution station in Novoazovsk region was reported, leaving southern part of DPR without gas supply. Reasons are unknown, with sabotage not excluded.

28 Jun. DPR MoD: Ukraine made two failed attempt to attack in Gorlovka direction. Attacks were repelled, using small arms fire. Up to 3 UAF soldiers were killed and at least 3 wounded. Ukraine responded with artillery and tank fire, to cover advance of their RSG group. However RSG group was spotted and fired on; two group members were wounded. After that, RSG withdrew.

In the morning Ukraine fired mortars and ten 122 mm artillery shells on Gorlovka. In the past day, Ukraine fired 75 shells, 3 buildings in Dokuchaevsk and Donetsk were damaged.

27 Jun. Contact group negotiated new 'bread ceasefire', starting 1 July

23 Jun. Ukraine fired on Dokuchaevsk, a civilian woman, 1942 DOB was wounded.

DPR MOD: Ukraine fired mortars and light weapons on Zaitsevo and Gagarin minepit near Gorlovka. Also Ukrainian 'occupiers bands' said to attack Ukrainian-held villages Yuzhnoe, Gladosovo, and Metallist (to blame DPR for attacking civilians) .

Ukraine fired AGS and twenty five 122-mm artillery shells from Vodyanoe and from Gnutovo on settlements of Leninskoe and Sakhanka, near Novoazovsk, DPR (map). Four Ukrainian tanks arrived to Andreevka, DPR appealed to OSCE to see them withdrawn.

Two Ukrainian groups, about 15 fighters in total, attempted to break through DPR positions near Mariupol. One of the groups triggered an explosion trying to defuse land mines, another proceeded but was repelled by DPR forces small arms fire. It is said that by preliminary data up to 3 UAF soldiers were killed and 4 wounded, and one DPR soldier was wounded (DPR video report).

Ukraine shelled Gorlovka, one residential house is damaged.

In Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, nationalistic activists and police argued with 54 old man over St. George ribbon displayed inside his car. The man said that he was raised in the USSR, that this is a matter of his faith, and that if they are not happy with the Soviet past, they should take down surrounding buildings constructed in the Soviet era. He was supported by a passing by woman. Police stated that those symbols are banned by the Ukrainian law. Activists and the man argued about the war in Donbass, with the man saying that he belongs to Ukraine but 'nobody asked you to come/ fight in Donbass' . They also argued about the flag, red-and-blue (UkrSSR) vs yellow-and-blue (Ukraine). Police eventually removed the ribbon, with the argument continuing. (, Rusvesna, video).

22 Jun. On the anniversary of the start of operation Barbarossa (the Nazi invasion of the USSR, 1941), and the start of what is known as the Great Patriotic War, a large public gathering in Lugansk cheered as judges announced life sentences to the top Ukrainian leadership for war and other serious crimes, quoting articles of the Ukrainian criminal code. The event felt heavily scripted and 'Soviet', yet strong and genuine feeling were apparent underneath too.

OHCHR report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, Feb-May 2018 is published. Item 18: majority of civilian casualties from shelling and small arms is attributed to Ukrainian fire.

21 Jun. In the evening, Ukraine resumed firing on DPR (Donetsk airport, Yasinovataya checkpoint) from large caliber machine guns and automatic grenade launchers; later mortars and (tripod)-mounted anti-tank grenade launchers were used to fire on Zaitsevo. It is reported that DPR suppressed Ukrainian firing position near Kominternovo, near Mariupol, which was used to shell the village for days.

Poroshenko called Putin on the phone (press statements: Kremlin, Poroshenko office).

Russia-born SBU general Alexander Kuts was named new governor of Ukrainian-held Donetsk region. Kuts served in 'anti-corruption' branch of SBU till 2014. Since 2015 he was head of Donetsk SBU, and was accused by Zakharchenko in being one of organizers of Motorola assassination.

Text and audio of one of the recorded conversations of Poroshenko with a runaway Ukrainian MP and oligarch Onishenko is published, allegedly showing corruption.

Aleksei Bidusenko, who is said to change sides to join LPR taking secret documents with him, has been captured by Ukrainian reconnaissance group. The announcement quotes Rusvesna article (24 June 2017). In that article it is stated that the Ukrainian side is seeking Bidusenko who has left his post with some documents, and that LPR opened a search for him too, trying to help him to escape. (His fate is unclear from the 2017 article).

20 Jun. Ukraine shelled Gorlovka, a civilian man was wounded.

19 Jun. (morning), Kiev. Protesters gather in front of the Rada, shout 'Gan'ba', some clashes with the police (video). Many are war or ATO veterans protesting worsening social conditions.

15 Jun. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 5 DPR soldiers were killed, 17 people (6 soldiers, 8 civilian men, 3 civilian women) were wounded.

13 Jun. Anatoly Gritsenko, Ukrainian ex-DM, claims that he is one of the participants of 'a working group' which includes members from Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany and the US, with experience at the level of (ex) foreign ministers, defense ministers, ambassadors. He claims that the group meets from time to time in Europe to develop proposals for the leadership on issues such as peacekeepers, elections, amnesty. (Gritsenko versions of those proposals are not too different from Volker's).

12 Jun. Ukraine shelled Donetsk, Gorlovka areas with mortars, BMP guns, and small firearms. One DPR soldier was killed. A civilian was wounded in Dokuchaevsk by Ukrainian large caliber machine gun fire. It is also said that Ukraine deployed anti-aircraft systems near Kramatorsk, provocations feared.

LPR. it is reported that Ukrainian special operations forces arrived dressed in Russian uniforms; provocations feared.

Trump and Merkel have friendly chat during a break in the summit

9 Jun. The G7 leaders, meeting in Canada, fail to reach an agreement on a communique condemning Russia for its "illegal annexation of Crimea".

8 Jun. Ukraine fired mortars on (1) Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka. A civilian was wounded (2) Sakhanka, in DPR south; a civilian was wounded here too; a residential building, gas pipeline and power lines were damaged

7 Jun. Putin: if Ukraine attacks in Donbass, that will have 'very heavy consequences for Ukrainian statehood as a whole' (answering a question from Zakhar Prilepin, as reported by Rusvesna, full QA transcript to appear. Many questions, including Skripal, etc ).

Ukraine fired mortars on Golubovskoe village, LPR, a civilian bus was hit, 6 passengers were wounded

6 Jun. Donetsk water filtering station lost power as a result of Ukrainian mortar shelling. This happened on the same day as OSCE SMM intensive monitoring near the station ended.

Ukrainian MoI Avakov: The Minsk process played a role and at the moment it is dead (robo-translation)

31 May. Suspect arrested in Babchenko affair tells that (he believed) he was helping Ukrainian security services. He is a Ukrainian businessman involved with weapons deliveries for ATO with in the past . Organizer suspect name has been made public. His attorney: Boris Herman (Герман, German) is an Executive Director of the Ukrainian-German joint venture "Schmeisser", the only non-state enterprise for the manufacture of weapons in our country. It has long industrial relations with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Boris himself is known for his volunteer activity for the needs of ATO. It is his optics that is used on the rifles of our snipers, namely, he upgrades and creates the most powerful sniper complexes based on existing army weapons.

In another report, the hired 'killer' himself came to SBU. Ukrainian activist, ATO veteran, and formerly Christian Orthodox hierodeacon Alexey Tsimbaliuk claimed on social media that he is that 'killer'.

Arkady Babchenko shot dead with 4 bullet holes to his back (fake)

30 May. Arkady Babchenko arose from dead to have a press conference (Rusvesna)

29 May. DPR MOD: one DPR soldier is killed by Ukrainian shelling

Pro-Ukrainian, pro-Maidan, Russian (opposition) journalist Arkady Babchenko was shot and killed by unknowns in Kiev (TASS, Echo 1, 2; TV Rain; FB; Meduza; Rusvesna/photo, Nebenzya/UN). Ilya Ponomarev (could be hired Ukrainian ex nats-batts); PM Vladimir Groisman ('Russia is behind'), Russian FM (demands investigation).

UNSC briefing on Ukraine. Nebenzya on video here, Eng.

28 May. DPR ombudsman. In the period from May 18 to 25, 9 people were killed (including 6 were military personnel, 2 civilian women and one civilian man), 17 people were wounded (including 6 servicemen, 4 civilian women and 7 civilian men). Since the beginning of 2018, 68 people were killed (including 57 military men, 7 civilians and 4 civilian women), 145 people were wounded (including 89 military personnel, 36 civilians men, 19 civilian woman and one child under the age of 18). Since the beginning of the armed conflict in the Donetsk People's Republic 4635 people were killed, among them 610 women and 4025 men, including 76 children under the age of 18.

27 May. After attempted Ukrainian attacks on Gorlovka, it is said that situation somewhat stabilized.

Gazprom and Turkey signed the 'Turkish stream' protocol. This comes few days after it was announced that Russia gave Turkey a 1 bln USD discount in a dispute over past deliveries.

26 May. Reports of Ukraine shelling and/or (unconfirmed) establishing positions in Petrovskoe, south of Donetsk (map), a supposed separation zone, threatening DPR-held city of Dokuchaevsk. In a later report, it is denied that Ukraine made advances in Petrovskoe, which is still under DPR control. Ukraine established positions in Viktorovka from last summer, and have recently returned to their old position on height 202.9, 2 km south of the village.

RT publishes a 50min documentary film about the construction of the recently opened bridge over Kerch Strait which connects Crimea with mainland Russia.

23 May. DAN news: captured Ukrainian soldier testified on Ukrainian plans to 'attack' in Donbass before the start of the football World Cup in Russia (14 June-15 July), and that recently given to Ukraine Javelins and other heavy equipment will be 'placed on the front lines' prior to the attack (no independent confirmation). Poroshenko recently presented Ukrainian official version of Javelins purpose, highlighting his role in getting them (but even taking the official version, propaganda or motivational use,- if not more, - is not excluded) .

A policeman is killed by Ukrainian artillery shelling of Gorlovka.

European "Human Rights" court decided that Ukrainian ban on land sales is a human rights violation, in a case brought up to the court by 2 (two) Ukrainians. In response, alternative MP Lyashko threatened to 'burn' Rada if the moratorium is lifted. (It was long feared that lifting the ban, pressed on by Ukraine sponsors, will result in loss of control on top of the range but low priced Ukrainian agricultural lands to transnational conglomerates).

BBC: Trump lawyer 'paid by Ukraine' to arrange White House talks

21 May. An important bridge is destroyed in LPR, it is feared that this may indicate preparations for a major Ukrainian attack.

As part of continued escalation near Gorlovka, Ukrainian 'Donbass' battalion attacked DPR checkpoint, capturing 3 and killing 1 DPR soldier. Ukrainian losses also reported.

Ukrainian sources showed aerial video of strikes on DPR positions, praising those strikes.

19 May. Gorlovka and vicinity remains a flashpoint. A civilian woman, 1932 DOB, and a DPR soldier were killed. Ukraine shelled residential areas with banned munitions, said to contain nails. New Ukrainian positions near captured by Ukraine Yuzhnoe came under DPR fire; it is said that 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 1 wounded.

18 May. DPR. Oleg Mamaev, commander of '[Piatnashka' (Пятнашка) battalion died of his wounds received in Avdeevka industrial zone flashpoint.

According to Russian sources, 3 Canadian instructors were killed and two American wounded by landmine explosion, some Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. DPR blames Ukraine in attempting a provocation by presenting this as a DPR attack.

Ukraine captured settlement of Yuzhnoe near Gorlovka.

Reporters without borders on the arrest of Kirill Vyshinsky, a Ukrainian journalist who heads RIA Novosti Ukraine

17 May. Civilian woman, 1983 DOB, resident of Golmovsky near Gorlovka killed by Ukrainian shelling, her daughter was orphaned.

Russia opens a criminal case against the Washington Examiner author Tom Rogan for "public calls for terrorist activity on Russian territory" in the article mentioned below.

15 May. In a ceremony Putin opens the vehicle section of the 19 km long bridge over Kerch Strait that will connect mainland Russia and Crimea. The Washington Examiner asks Ukraine to blow up the bridge.

13 May. Residential areas of Gorlovka shelled by Ukraine, a civilian man wounded, several houses hit.

8 May. Belorussian citizen who served in Donbass opolchenie was sentenced to two years prison term in Belarus'

7 May. Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka, was shelled by Ukraine, an old woman was wounded.

6 May. Ukraine shelled Gorlovka, a civilian man, 1938 DOB, was wounded, several houses were damaged

5 May. Marat Mazitovich Musin, founder of ANNA news, often reporting from Syria, died from natural causes in at a gathering of military-sport organizations and cadets in Kazan', from blood clot/heart problem. He was economics professor, and an author of 19 or more books, some co-authored with el-Murid.

4 May. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 6 people (4 soldiers and 2 civilian men) were killed, 14 people (7 soldiers, 4 civilian women, 3 civilian men) were wounded. Since 1 Jan'18, 51 were killed (44 soldiers, 6 civilian men, 1 civilian woman), 108 were wounded (72 soldiers, 23 civilian men, 13 civilian women).

3 May. Brazilian ex-opolchenie Rafael Lusvargi (earlier (7 Oct'16) captured by Ukraine in transit, charged, sentenced, and released by Ukrainian court decision prior to a failed group of prisoners exchange, living since in a monastery in Kiev) is outed by 'Radio Liberty', said to be after local employer of Brazilian embassy was present at a meeting of his attorney with Brazilian consulate reps, trying to secure his Brazilian passport. Lusvargi was then captured and harassed by members of a right-wing paramilitary group S-14. Later it was said that he is in SBU custody. New trial will be in Pavlograd. Brother of his attorney fears for Rafael's life and safety. Lusvargi will be kept in custody, by the decision pf Pavlograd court

1 May. DPR MoD: A civilian couple was wounded on May holidays by Ukrainian shelling of Verhnetoretskoe. The Ukrainian militants suffered a well-deserved punishment: their gunspots were suppressed by the military personnel of the DPR from the armament not prohibited by the Minsk agreements

Highlights from the past

30 Apr. U.S. Confirms Delivery Of Javelin Antitank Missiles To Ukraine

Poroshenko announced end of ATO and start of 'joint operation of armed forces', which is aimed at 'defending territorial integrity' and will only end 'when the last piece of Ukrainian land is liberated, including Crimea', which is somehow supposed to happen by 'political-diplomatic means'.


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  • Recent history in a nutshell in those photos to the right:
Poroshenko, Kiska - EU entry at Uzhgorod
Alley of Angels, in memory of killed children of Donbass. Ukraine "über alles"?-Donetsk Partisan
Ukrainian AF killed and wounded in 'ATO', Maidan, Kiev
  • Aftermaths of Ukrainian shelling of the village Zheltoe (Yellow), LPR, 29 Nov. 2016 lug-info.


Note on sources. At present, pro -Ukrainian and pro-Russian sources more often than not offer opposing claims on events, and a choice needs to be made. Currently factual part of reporting by pro-Russian sources appear more accurate, complete, and closer to truth, out of the two available alternatives. It is also less known, as the other side has greater support by the Western mass media. For that reason, a lot of reporting here is based on Russian sources. It is not done for the sake of supporting any pre-determined narrative. If and when Ukrainian sources appear more accurate, they will be used without a reservation.

Some Ukrainian source reporting is very good, for example Tatyana Montyan numerous videos, some of them translated, are spot-on and at times appear closer to reality than any pro-this or that narratives. However the bulk of Ukrainian media is unreliable, and often just unbelievable, not passing cross checks (e.g. as was illustrated numerous times by well-read on both sides Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Sharii); or else, is filled with hate and may cheer more people harmed or killed (any of such sort, from any side, is totally unsupported here).


Official Ukrainian sources

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Minsk Agreements

Safety zone (no heavy weapons) agreed at Normandy format meeting in Minsk, 12.02.2015. Black: current front line; red-19 September line. At the bottom it says: source: the web site of the President of Russia


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