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Valerii Bolotov-wiki (Russ.) (Eng.)


27 Jan. 2017 It is reported that Valerii Bolotov, first leader of LPR, and the person who started the resistance in Donbass with his video appeal on 5 Apr. 2014, has died. Circumstances are unclear at this point. RT: by preliminary information, it was heart attack. Further, it was reported that he felt ill on the previous day, and was found dead by his wife in their residence in Moscow suburb. Users discussing the news point out to his drinking habit, as well as his criticism of Plotniskii in December, 2016.


HQ of self-defense of the south-east appeals to residents of our regions. Tonight, our activists were arrested. Sweeps and searches are continuing. Police is betraying us. I, (takes off the mask), Bolotov Valerii Dmitrievich, am the leader of a public organization, union of veterans of airborne forces of Lugansk region. I personally took part in collection and delivery of aids to wounded fighters of 'Berkut' and internal troops soldiers. I am hoping that in the interior ministry there are still people of honor left, who will really go with the people. I appeal to the people of the south-east to start an open resistance. Everything planned for the April 6 should be realized. We should not retreat. This is our land.


The article content suggests possibility of poisoning. Official causes of death are being investigated.