Ukraine's nuclear weapons program

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Zelensky says Ukraine needs nuclear weapons


Ukrainian nuclear experiments

  • Zelensky decided to create a nuclear bomb - RIA, February 20, 2022
    Yesterday, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at the possibility of restoring (or acquiring) Ukraine's nuclear status. Like, it is necessary to convene a meeting of the states-participants of the Budapest Memorandum, which was supposed to guarantee Ukraine's security in exchange for the renunciation of nuclear weapons - Kyiv is doing this for the fourth and last time. And if negotiations do not take place, then the decision to give up nuclear weapons by Ukraine may be revised.
    Uranium in Ukraine was and is being mined at the Vostochny GOK enterprise in the Kirovograd and Dnepropetrovsk regions. The reserves of the Novokonstantinovskoye field in Ukraine are estimated as the most powerful in Europe, as well as among the top ten in the world. They make up about 76 thousand tons, of which at least 70 thousand can technically be extracted. However, having powerful reserves of uranium ore, Ukraine is not among the countries that can independently enrich uranium and produce even nuclear fuel, which requires a much lower level of enrichment than weapons-grade uranium. At the hydrometallurgical plant in Zholtye Vody, uranium oxide concentrate is obtained from uranium ore - "yellow cake", looking like a yellow powdery substance, which is the material for producing uranium-235. That's all.
  • Secrets of the Ukrainian defense industry - Vovan and Lexus, panelists discuss Sergey Pashinsky interview, RuTube, October 20, 2022
    Alexandr Artamonov, panelist, military observer and editor of "Zvezda" weekly ...they have same brainpower as ourselves. I accept that given time and opportunities, they can well produce nuclear weapon at Yuzhmash; and they have been re-programmed, for a kind of Terminator role, to fight with us, that is with themselves. There is a big nuclear center in Kharkov, built by Americans, entirely with American money, despite the local opposition, and they were busy their, as much as at Zaporozhkaya nuc. power plant (ZNPP) and Chernobyl. I know for sure that there have been an attempt, most likely successful, and more, to produce weapons grade Uranium (/Plutonium ?) at ZNPP. And I know that very bad investigations have been conducted at Kharkov, but I won't talk about which specifically, for not to scare anyone ... (around 56:00)

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