US military action against Syria

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The United States has been waging a covert but largely exposed proxy war against the Syrian Arab Republic from 2011. From at least 2013 plans have been made for open military aggression against Syria. At the same time the U.S. has been waging a "phoney war" against ISIS with airstrikes in Syria and in Iraq.



See Ghouta CW attack



Plans for open aggression

Charles Lister promoting US military action against Syria.
The Wall Street Journal promoting US military action "covertly and without public acknowledgment".
Michael Weiss believes NATO would survive over 48 hours of war with Russia

More proxy war

  • US may be about to unleash 9,000 ISIS fighters on Russia - Daily Star (Tabloid), October 13, 2016
    The (unnamed) 'military source in Moscow' said: "In preparation for the operation in Mosul, US intelligence agencies and Saudi Arabia agreed that before the assault all militants will be offered a safe route to leave the city with their families. “And at the time of the assault, coalition aircraft would only strike empty buildings, agreed in advance with the militants. "More than 9,000 ISIS fighters will be transferred to the eastern regions of Syria to follow a major offensive operation, which involves the capture of Deir ez-Zur and Palmyra.”
  • 'Proxy' War in Syria Comes to End. What's Next? - SouthFront, October 24, 2016

World War 3?

Main article: World War 3
I think you’re looking at three people, four people in the administration who have all argued for use of force, and I lost the argument.
Noted: The leak audio appears to place the blame on lack of use of force on the Republican-controlled congress eg McCain-Graham

Explaining why the US is reluctant to directly join the fight like Russia has:

“The problem is that, you know, you get, quote, enforcers in there and then everybody ups the ante, right? Russia puts in more, Iran puts in more; Hezbollah is there more and Nusra is more; and Saudi Arabia and Turkey put all their surrogate money in, and you all are destroyed.”

He perhaps meant to say "and we all get destroyed." With everyone else on that list but the US already in, "you all get destroyed" remains the running situation, especially for the not-mentioned Syria.