UAE in the Yemen conflict

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See also UAE Saudi proxy conflict: southern seperatists and Hadi government in exile and Yemen#Sudanese_forces

Emirati forces inspected by Crown prince MbZ


2019 Troop drawdown?

The lull in fighting with houthis in the west allows southern seperatist UAE proxies to regroup against muslim brotherhood and Hadi aligned authorities in the south.
But just to be clear, the UAE and the rest of coalition are not leaving Yemen. While we will operate differently, our military presence will remain. In accordance with international law, we will continue to advise and assist local Yemeni forces. We will respond to attacks against the coalition and against neighboring states. With international partners, we will stay vigilant in securing access to critical waterways.
Naval Bases Horn of Africa 2017

UAE Military Bases in East Africa

Perim Island (or Mayyun), Bab al Mandeb Strait

Tactical Report Mayyun.png

UAE military presence on island of Socotra

Moved to Socotra

Tariq Afash / Giants Brigade

The Giant Brigades (Arabic: العمالقة, Al-Amaliqah)

Abuse and torture claims against the UAE

As the war started in Yemen 2015 with the Saudi-led coalition’s military intervention, it became increasingly clear Sudanese soldiers (the Janjaweed) were targeting women and girls as a war tactic: “rape was a weapon of war.”


We may expect a Israel-UAE convergence to counter Turkey’s Islamist policies and “neo-Ottomanism.”