UAE Saudi proxy conflict: southern seperatists and Hadi government in exile

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See also Saudi Arabia, UAE in the Yemen conflict, and Aden airport rocket attack December 30 2020
Hadi the "internationally recognised" President with MbS and MbZ - November 2019 Riyad agreement
Supporters of a faction of Yemen's Southern separatists wave flags of the former South Yemen during a demonstration in Aden on August 15

Overview of factions

Southern Transitional Council

Al-Islah (El Eslah)

See also Turkish and Qatari inflence

2018-2019 developments

Though the prominent secessionist faction, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) is largely a UAE-backed movement that also forwards Abu Dhabi's own regional interests

UAE 2019 troop drawdown?

The lull in fighting with houthis in the west allows southern seperatist UAE proxies to regroup against muslim brotherhood and Hadi aligned authorities in the south.
But just to be clear, the UAE and the rest of coalition are not leaving Yemen. While we will operate differently, our military presence will remain. In accordance with international law, we will continue to advise and assist local Yemeni forces. We will respond to attacks against the coalition and against neighboring states. With international partners, we will stay vigilant in securing access to critical waterways.

Fighting around Aden

August 29 UAE airstrike on Al Islah forces

De-escalation ?

December 2019


Nasser Arrabyee...UAE-backed forces took over Aden today announcing "self-rule", and this is the second time they did so! April 26, 2020
South Yemen is currently divided into two parts; an Emirati and a Saudi, in the governorates of Aden, Lahj and Abyan, the STC and in fact the Emirates assume the upper hand. Saudi Arabia also plays the dominant role in Hadramaut, Shabwa and Mahra.
Maher Farrukh - Fair to say STC doesn't have universal support in the south, but using governors appointed by the Hadi gov (who are routinely replaced when they don't fall in line) is an inaccurate way to measure the level of STC support...
Earlier this month, Brigadier Ahmed Saeed Bin Braik, head of the STC, instructed all public and private institutions in Aden to deposit tax and customs revenues in the council’s accounts at Al-Ahli Bank, also know as the National Commercial Bank, in the port city.

September 14: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister meets with representatives of the STC. They had previously met before in December 2019


UAE and Turkey reconciliation