Taras Shevchenko

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Тарас Шевченко,

Taras Shevchenko (foundational Ukrainian writer)
  • «Полякам» "To Poles"

Performed by Bezler (Ukrainian) at the request of 1+1 journalist (Ukraine).

Rough translation, adapted from Saker blog

Ще як були ми козаками, Remember days when we were Cossacks
А унії не чуть було, And there was not a word about Unia
Отам-то весело жилось! What a joyous life we had!
Братались з вольними ляхами, We were brothers with free Lyakhs (poles)
Пишались вольними степами, We were proud by our free steppes
В садах кохалися, цвіли, In the gardens, loved, flourished,
Неначе лілії, дівчата. Like lilies, were the girls
Пишалася синами мати, A mother was proud by her sons
Синами вольними... Росли, Sons had freedom... grew up
Росли сини і веселили Sons grew up and gave joy
Старії скорбнії літа.. ... To the old folks in their old age

(Saker blog continues):

Until in the name of Christ
The ксьондзи (Latin Priests) came and set afire
To our quiet paradise. And spilled
A huge sea of tears and blood,
And killed and crucified orphans
In the Name of Christ
The heads of Cossacks then dropped
Like trampled grass,
The Ukraine cried, and moaned!
And the head after head
Fell to the ground. As if enraged,
A priest furious tongue
Screamed: «Te Deum! Hallelujah! .. "
And this is how my Polish friend and brother!

Отак-то, ляше, друже, брате! This is how it was, my friend, my brother lyakh!
Неситії ксьондзи, магнати Evil Ksiądz and Magnates
Нас поризнилы, развели, Divided, separated us.
А ми б і досі так жили. When we could have lived together happily.
Подай же руку козакові Offer your hand to a Cossack,
І серце чистеє подай! And open your clear heart!
І знову іменем Христовим And than together, under God,
Ми оновим наш тихий рай. We will renew our quiet paradise.