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Concerning the range of the attacks with some doubting the Yemeni's capability to strike at that range. They previously struck Abu Dhabi 26 July, 2018 airpot at an approx range of 1250km with a Samad drone. --Diagonal (talk) 08:55, 17 September 2019 (UTC)

Full text provided here AramCo Fire | Yemen Brigadier General Yahya reveals Details | News Update

Spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces , Brigadier General Yahya fast reported that " the Yemeni armed forces have reached a high Alymistoy efficiency and capacity at all levels.

Quick words came during a press conference where he unveiled details of the balance of the second deterrence operation targeting Abqaiq plants and Khurais subsidiary of Saudi Aramco.

In the following The text of the conference:

"With the help of God Almighty our forces have reached a high level of efficiency and ability at all levels.

Today our forces can manufacture and produce many drones in record time.

The armed forces have already confirmed their ability to produce every day a drone.

The Military Industries Exhibition assured everyone the level of manufacturing capabilities of our forces in the field of air force as well as rocket power in addition to various military industries.

Today, we will talk about the second deterrent balance operation that targeted Saudi oil installations

This process is a perfect example of the capabilities reached by our forces in the level of planning and implementation


Now we show you pictures of Abqaiq and Khurais plants according to aerial photographs before targeting.

These pictures were taken by our reconnaissance planes before the operation.

The operation was preceded by careful intelligence monitoring and we obtained images from within the target locations.

The American tried to dwarf the process…

We assure you today that the destruction of the targeted facilities is much greater than was recognized by the

American tried to publish fabricated images of the post-operation in the framework of his attempts to minimize

This image confirms the size of the American underestimation of the process while the damage is much greater than these pictures show.

The fire lasted for several hours and the competent authorities in the state of aggression could not control it. Is it reasonable to have the damage as the American tries to photograph it.

Here are the new details about the operation:

First: The operation carried out a number of types of drones, including planes will be revealed today for the first time.

These planes are powered by regular and jet engines from three main points according to range and route and from different destinations depending on the target location.

The first point was launched from the aircraft of the type of bombers of the third generation, which reach long ranges we disclose for the first time has been used by

the second point from which launched the aircraft Samad 3, which has a range between 1500 - 1700 kilometers.

The third point from which aircraft with jet engines have been used and will be revealed later these aircraft have fissionable heads carrying four precision bombs in the injury can hide and maneuver and can hit the target from several angles preceded the process of planning and processing at the highest levels and advanced operational methods So that the planes with normal and medium-range jet engines were balanced to reach their targets simultaneously. Other planes were used to camouflage and jam the enemy so that the main planes could reach the target. The hostile air defenses and their perception that they are the second objective : the armed forces retain the full details of the operation and will reveal all the details in time. The enemy tried to underestimate the process, its consequences and its consequences, but day after day it recognizes the continuing damage to its economy and its place in the region and the world. Saudi Arabia 's enemy is trying to American with him to escape from the obvious fact of all in the framework of Asthenth capabilities of Yemen and the possibilities of Yemen so as not to be in front of merits of the new Yemeni situation Yemen 's new capable to respond fight back .. and slaps the enemy in depth .. this enemy who mocks the blood of the Yemenis and their lives This brutal, oppressive and brutal enemy who bombed, destroyed and burned Yemeni villages and cities today burns its oil installations and will burn more vital installations and targets if it continues its aggression.

The Yemeni armed forces today stand firmly in front of the coalition of aggression and the forces of evil .. Stresses that it will not hesitate in the urgent and extraordinary response to the countries of aggression, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE .. If this aggression does not stop For the UAE system .. we say .. only one operation will cost you a lot… stand m… yes you will regret…. If the leadership decides to instruct the armed forces to carry out any response in the coming days or… weeks.