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Massacres: Government forces and affiliated militia

The List

There are seven entries, but only five massacres with conclusions listed below. (paragraphs 44-52). Four more investigations were not able to be concluded in time for this urgent report. Where available, our pages concerning that massacre are linked.

  1. Jdeidat Artouz: stub page
  2. Daraya,late August, 2012: A Detailed page!
  3. Harak, 18-26 August, 2012: stub page
  4. Deir Baalbeh, December - suggested page
  5. Al-Mastomah, January, 2013 - suggested page
  6. "The investigations into massacres that are alleged to have taken place in Al Muhassan, Dayr az-Zawr in July, Sad Street in Dara’a city in August, and in Duma outside Damascus in October, are ongoing." Douma stub page
  7. "From the range of incidents identified, Government forces are responsible for war crimes and may be responsible for crimes against humanity."

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