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Just a coincidence?

In February 2021. The Salvation government arrested and began trials against informants recruited by UK and US agents, working to gain on the ground intelligence. See also
The head of the 'Criminal Investigation Department' is sanctioned by the UN and accused of torturing women. [1]

--Diagonal (talk) 21:06, 1 March 2021 (UTC)

Video of confessions with translation is released. March 2

..this report documents the situation with voice and video of a group of agents recruited by British Secret intelligence Service (SIS) as field agents to monitor civilian names and locations by reporting coordinates for striking Yemen's capabilities...
The confessions describe the informants being trained at Al Ghaydah airbase in the east of Yemen. They were subsequently sent coordinates of locations to attend, observe and report back to their British handlers on the sites. On the face of it demonstrating that Britain and the US are actively involved in gathering intelligence on potential targets for the coalition.