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al-Shishani captured?

  • US special forces have captured Abu Omar al- Shishani , one of the leaders of IS, and two other commanders, in a special operation in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk, according to a report by EIN news (which I was not able to locate), re-broadcasted by TASS (Rus.), Dec 27, 2015. Also on Almasdar News: Despite Tass News being fairly credible, Abu Omar (al Shishani) has admittedly been reported dead countless times in the past years; latest in May, June and October of 2015.
and by Kadyrov in November...Reported killed 5 times since 2013...
  • FARS claims that some Arabic-language media reported that Al-Shishani was arrested in a joint military operation with the US special force, but Pentagon rejected that its forces had any role in al-Shishani's capture. . Bild also say that this is not confirmed by Pentagon.
  • Sputnik: The US commandos have captured two field commanders and Abu Omar Al-Shishani," ministry's spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan said, adding that the captives had been transported to the city of Sulaymaniyah. A Pentagon spokesman, however, denied the report by the Iraqi authorities. "Not true," the official replied to a question posed by RIA Novosti. Baghdad’s reports of the capture of Islamic State leader Abu Omar Al-Shishani are rumors, a Pentagon spokesperson told Sputnik on Monday.“These are rumors only,” the spokesperson said, when asked to confirm or deny the reports by the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

(Russia has a stake here, because of the connection with Chechen /Caucuses militant extremism. Early report by TASS may be for the purpose of not having him disappeared, attempting forming the events perhaps?).

TASS now (28.12) publishes another article, quoting Pentagon describing this as 'rumors'. --Resup (talk) 22:12, 28 December 2015 (UTC)