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- I'm including perhaps too many subjective thoughts, so this new one should go here if anywhere. (it might even be seen someday) I've been thinking about that slur Georgina is said to have issued. It does sound about like what they say, and about like her voice, when she was screaming at the safe house. It's the only such scream issued here, after leaving the rebel truck and the video screen. As I noted, I think it sounds too loud considering she was a ways behind the camera and its microphone, and the energy of it seems off. She's drained here, after screaming at the safe house and everything else.

So - I have a theory maybe she did scream 'up your mother's pussy, Bashar.' I'm guessing if the audio could be well-enough analyzed (not by me, I think) it'd show the same room reverb of her other cries at the safe house. If so, it's edited. Why? They had her begging to be allowed to save her son. They said "we'll let you go if you say 'up your mother's pussy Bashar." She didn't just say it but wail it, like everything else she was saying. She later forgot about this stupid episode, but might remember if she was shown this video where they spliced it in. If so, I'd say the rebel media center deserves its name. --Caustic Logic 08:49, 12 July 2012 (EST)