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Evacuation of wounded?

One of the arguments against the high KIA numbers has been that there should have been at least double the number of wounded in action, yet they seems to be missing. In Cauldron 1.0 some 6,000 men were originally trapped in. Some 1,500 are known to have come out alive. (At least 500 of these fled to Russia.) This would mean a loss of 4500 men. Using a normal KIA to WIA ratio of 1/2 the number of killed should be 1,500 with some 3,000 wounded. How did these wounded get out of the Cauldron? Were they airlifted by helicopters or airplanes. This seems unlikely, as during the last weeks even supplying food by airdrops proved to be impossible. One answer may come from this video of the interrogation of a conscript in the 72nd Brigade:

Q: How did you attend the wounded? What did you do to them?
A: I don't know. The wounded were transported to the 1st Battalion.
Q: Based where?
A: I don't know. Somewhere in the rear lines behind us. Maybe near Pantschenkovo Setlement. Maybe not. I only know one night, in the middle of the night one dead and two wounded were loaded on trucks and driven away.
Q: You mentioned before this recording that wounded soldiers were buried alive. Where did this occur?
A: That was near Krasny Terrikon. They hired an old man, a local, who used an excavator to diq a dump. Afterwards the wounded were dropped in there.
Q: And they were buried, right?
A: Yes. The dump was filled up and a tank circled over it afterwards. Maybe to make sure that they were buried deep. The real losses of the 72nd Brigade were never announced. They spoke about 100 men, but in reality the whole brigade was exterminated. Besides those who surrendered.

-- Petri Krohn (talk) 01:46, 20 August 2014 (UTC)

Semen Sementchenko gives up

Семен Семенченко on Facebook
Прибыли в точку. Ситуация следующая: три котла окружения. Новокатериновка, Старобешево и Червонопильське. В последнем селе- Донбасс и остатки тех частей, которые не сдались. Подбадриваем ребят по телефону. Списки удалось начать составлять только сейчас, всю ночь не было связи. Где командующий группировкой и все комбаты, пока неизвестно.
Возникла проблема, которую надеемся быстро решить. Воинская часть, окружившая хлопцев под Червонопильске, ничего не знает про договорённости и дала еще два часа на сдачу. Надеюсь, что это просто медленные шестеренки военной бюрократической машины. Проинформировал Президента, командующего Нацгвардией. Вынуждены вступить в контакт с разведротой ВДВ РФ с целью оттянуть срок ультиматума, чтобы могла успеть пройти команда. Буду держать в курсе событий.
Arrived at the checkpoint. The situation is as follows: three cauldrons are surrounded. Novokaterinovka, Starobeshevo and Chervonopilske. The last part of Donbass and the remnants of units that did not give up. Cheered the boys on the phone. Lists only be able to start now, all night there was no connection. Where the group commander and all the battalion commanders are is still unknown.
There is a problem, which we hope to quickly resolve. Military unit, which is surrounded near Chervonopilske with the lads, knows nothing about the arrangement and gave another two hours to surrender. Hopefully, it's just slow gears of military bureaucracy. Informed the President, the National Guard commander. Forced to come into contact with Russian airborne reconnaissance with a view to delay the deadline of the ultimatum that could have time to go team. I'll keep up to date.

Battle of Ilovaisk

Ukrainian accounts

In general, the text below - an attempt to give the Ukrainian version of the first large-scale disaster AFU in the war in the Donbas. As a result, the complex reasons for the junta's version is as follows: 1. Illiterate command. 2. Russian intervention 3. Bezler's disruption to timing of the attack. 4. Strelkov's exit from encirclement.