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Geographic Scope

It seems like the southern end of this region is well defined, where the mountains stop and Damascus begins - I'm inclined to run it up to al-Tal and Wadi al-Barada, near Qudssaya. To the north, the slopes sort of peter out and spread out into desert. I'd take an arbitrary line a way out into the desert. This makes Mount Shumeriyeh (and the Maskar al_Husan Massacre) best fitted to this list. It also would be the best home for Palmyra incidents, Khashabiyah (middle of the country) the handy cut-off at about that depth. Beyond: Deir Ezzor and Raqqah - maybe a combined Euphrates zone could cover that. --Caustic Logic (talk) 06:25, 6 January 2014 (UTC)



(until then...)

Covered Incidents

(not neseccarily massacres) 2013

Specific Incidents


  • Feb. 7: Suspicious shelling, Quryatyn (by Mahin): All 13 martyrs Feb. 7 from Qareaten [1] These were killed by "warplane shelling," notes: "More than 20 persons were killed due to aerial bombardment by regime's army." That would mean 7 are missing. Breakdown of the 13: 10 men, 1 woman, 2 boys. one man "is IDP's people to the village" (is helper for?) and another is an FSA fighter, intact from the shoulders up anyway. Names of note: Kharoufeih/Kharoufa x 4: father and adult son, adult wife or daughter (unclear), and another man). Dahdah x2 (both boys) , al-Kaddour x2 (two men). Two other men have the note "Previously unidentified body." One of those adds "he was killed with his wife: Amal al-Haj." She must be one of the missing 7, but a possible relative appears in Walid al-Haj Hasan. --Caustic Logic (talk) 06:25, 6 January 2014 (UTC)


  1. All 13 martyrs Feb. 7 from Qareaten Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria, martyrs database query, January 5, 2014