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This is a talk page for discussing Pavel Sheremet. For sources, claims and narratives see the main page. (To see what is hot, see recent changes)

News, Discussion

11 May, 2017. Ukrainian documentary investigation (Rus.) of Sheremet murder (20 July '16 news) appeared , claiming that an SBU man was seen near his home on the night of the murder; SBU spokeswoman Elena Gitlianskaya after movie release stated that this person was fired or left SBU on 29 Apr. 2014. Documentary deals with what is (or is made to look) as a longer version of security camera video (20 July '16 news) which appears to show IED installation. This guy, on a Shkoda, with licence plate given to Bellingcats & co to read, with somebody else is at the scene at 23:30; there is also a Mercedes arriving there at about the same time. Some Azov fighters whom Pavel was meeting (6 or 7 guys) were there too, and their lead security person was to observe anything suspicious; he noted one casually dressed guy doing external security observation, hiding under a dark archway (apparently from Mercedes or Shkoda group, but not entirely clear). There was also somebody sitting inside dark Shkoda. Azov guys are walking as a group up the street, on the right side, at about 23: 30 (and, gone away?) Closer to 2:30 am, Shkoda is moved out of camera view, and we see walking scene familiar from earlier known security camera vid of 'IED installation'. There is some (walking, etc) resemblance with our guy, but hard to be sure. He is interviewed later in the film, admitting that it was his/partner car and that he was there. He tells he was performing some delicate task having to do with some youngster (like behavior/discipline), while avoiding giving any explicit details. He is asked why he was there for, they say, almost 4 hours, and about the woman, but he does not commit to anything definite. Some other guy will be back in 2 weeks, and they will explain, etc. Somebody is inside Shkoda during interview, but is not filmed and does not want to talk. --Resup (talk) 21:04, 11 May 2017 (UTC)

I do not recall seeing license plate scene before. C'mon, police could not do that in all that time and BC was needed? If they would release it earlier, internet folks will figure it out, why to make it into BC propaganda? Why to make a crime into a soap opera, with some SBU guy interviewed, certainly from Odessa (alas, no Putinograd), just to be left alone? It does not make a lot of practical sense. If perpetrators are found and punished--very good. With all that (now) in place, why it's not done already? --Resup (talk) 21:11, 11 May 2017 (UTC)
Maybe it's an honest investigation, just involving BC was not really necessary and was getting me on the wrong foot; undecided. Once it gets into journos finding witness/suspect and him talking to them on camera, with so many fakes around (+SBU; +BC)-- at this point how do we know what's really going on? --Resup (talk) 23:56, 11 May 2017 (UTC)

Security camera clock times

See also: main page-Investigation (intervew details, claims, etc)

  • after 23:00 (reconstruction', not on camera) we are told by Kostya, Azov watchman, and Biletskii, that 6 Azov guys came to talk to Sheremet, met him casually dressed and half asleep, and talked for 'some 10-15 minutes', and left
  • 23:30:23 Mercedes arrives
  • 23:32:30 Shkoda arrives
  • (exact time unknown) Azov watchman noticed somebody standing in the dark archway, doing external security observation or duty (reconstruction, not on security video)
  • 23: 40: 04 Azov group walks up the street, (same). We are told by Azov guy that a man was sitting in dark Skoda, and that they told the police about it
  • 23:40: xx another guy was crossing a road (upper left corner), noticed by Azov watchman. The man followed Azov.
  • 23: 41: 13 We are told tha men from Skoda and Mercedes communicate (first, some 8 minutes after arrival, and more throughout the night). We see a man on the right of Skoda.
  • 0:58 men 'walk down the street in the direction of Pavel home'. We are told, first, from Mercedes, then (01:09 on camera) from Skoda.
  • 01:27:43 (man, Shkoda); jumping to 01:09:27 (Shkoda, man to the right)
  • 01:59:22 We are told that perpetrators were recorded on other cameras, 'most interesting' in color a kilometer or so away, and see that footage. ( their overall known path is shown on a map).
  • 02: 21 a man runs towards Shkoda. We are told, 'they stayed put in the same place, and left only when the man and woman (perpetrators) passed them, and installed an IED'
  • 02:21:20 A man runs towards Shkoda. In the meantime, the pair, man and woman, are approaching Pavel house from backstreets--illustrated by drawing, center and left
  • 02:22: 26 Shkoda is re-parked further up and is no longer in camera view.
  • 2:33, as we are told the man and woman likely passed Shkoda , and continue towards red Subaru of Pavel.
  • 02:40 We are given available earlier camera recording where IED appears to be installed, perpetrator/pair doing it then leave on foot (in earlier release, we got an impression that a woman installed the IED)
  • 02:42 After IED was installed (we are told), a car (a taxi, we are told) appears on the scene. The woman 'freezes and makes two steps forward". The man "crosses the road in front of taxi, and possibly was seen by the cabman".
  • 02:43:00 Taxi departs, a group of musicians pass by, the woman is still near Subaru (we are told)
  • 02:4x:xx The perpetrators cross the road, while a man with a black backpack walks past, up the street, in their direction. He was named a key witness by the police. It is not known whether he was found. Face seen here (Khatia Dekanoidze could not tell whether such footage exists).
  • 03:23:13 Mercedes leaves;
  • 03:23:41 Shkoda leaves-- we are told and partially see.
  • 07:00 (we are told), 05:51:23 on 'Camera 02', a woman in dark sunglasses is well seen. We are told that recordings from (two other) cameras were made available and (apparently since she is not on those), she must be waiting by a deserted house in the middle, from where both Pavel's car and the intersection where explosion occurred can be seen.
  • 07:44:11 We are told that this is a security camera recording where Pavel drives off in his car, while a man with a logo resembling our earlier color recording is seen crossing the street; both are circled (before and after the security camera footage, --dated and timed --- we clearly have reconstructed scenes).
  • 07:45:xx We are told that at about this time, the car exploded, and we see some other security camera footage showing that, some distance away.
--Resup (talk) 22:58, 11 May 2017 (UTC)