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Opposition/Western Narrative

A report in the Guardian filed by Damien Pearse explained "Residents said Syrian forces began shelling the Khaldiya neighbourhood at around 8pm on Friday using artillery and mortars. They said at least 36 houses with families inside were destroyed. "We were sitting inside our house when we started hearing the shelling. We felt shells were falling on our heads," said Waleed, a resident of Khaldiya.
 [1] Activists provided Pearse various possible reasons for the stragely deadly onslaught; perhaps it was anger over "a wave of army defections in Homs, or to set an example for other rebel neighbourhoods. But one was sure the plan would backfire: "It does not seem that they get it. Even if they kill 10 million of us, the people will not stop until we topple him." [1]

A February 4 statement at the Local Coordinating Committees website, Syria Under Fire 4-2-2012

Relayed via al-Khaldieh resident: More than 200 martyrs have fallen and the toll is rising due to the constant bombardment of the town. The LCC are working on verifying these numbers.
Security forces and shabiha stormed al-Amal Hospital where more than 50 martyers and 100 wounded civilians lie. People are afraid that everyone will be killed or kidnapped.
The regime’s army continues to shell Khaldiyeh neighborhood by tanks and heavy machine-guns. Military reinforcements also arrived to the neighborhood--Caustic Logic (talk) 13:22, 7 December 2013 (UTC)

Syrian/Government Narrative

Syrian News Agency SANA denied Saturday media reports that the army bombarded spontaneous targets in Homs killing hundreds of innocent civilians. The news agency clarified that these claims were part of the “ongoing distortion, falsification and instigation media campaigns by some satellites” in order to “cover the crimes and aggressions of the armed terrorist groups in Syria”.
Media had published Saturday reports and images of corpses, indicating that the Syrian army has committed a “massacre” among “protestors” in the city of Homs. Noting that these images where actually for “innocent citizens kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered by the armed terrorist groups,” SANA pointed out that “the corpses, in fetters, bear signs of torture and organized killing with no signs of artillery or mortar shells.” Some Syrian citizens also contacted state channels such as the Syrian TV reassuring that “the corpses images aired by Satellites were in fact for their relatives who were kidnapped earlier by armed terrorist groups.” Speaking to the Syrian television, one citizen said that “over 300 gunmen with their weapons were operating last night in the area, as RPG missiles poured on the quarter causing 5 houses to burn completely.”
...Some satellite channels earlier Saturday aired footage for a group of corpses with hands in chains claiming them to be killed by Army bombardment, while they in fact are the corpses of the innocent citizens kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered by the armed terrorist groups.
...Some Syrian citizens made calls to the Syrian TV asserting that they have seen in the footage of the corpses aired by Satellites of lies some of their relatives who were kidnapped earlier by armed terrorist groups. Mrs. Thana al-Mohamad, a resident of Homs, said that she recognized two corpses of her relatives among those shown by fabrications satellites, who were kidnapped since 17 days in Homs Governorate.
Khalid al-Shalabi, another resident of Homs, said to Syrian TV, that some members of the armed terrorist groups are disguised in military uniforms shooting randolmly at the citizens of Homs.
...had the killed were hit by mortars, as they claim, their bodies would have been turned into tiny pieces.
”The TV Satellites of instigation, partners with the armed terrorist groups and so-called the Istanbul council, have been launching a hysterical campaign of provocation and incitement to the shedding of the more of Syrian blood as to influence the stances of some countries at the UN Security Council,” added the source.
Having witnessed and experienced firsthand the crimes these provocative TV channels have contributed to committing though inciting the terrorists, citizens of Homs city considered that these channels are fabricating a pseudo- massacre in Homs to accuse the Syrian army to influence the UNSC resolutions against Syria.
They stressed that what happened last night was an order given to the armed terrorist groups by the so-called Istanbul Council and its head “the criminal Ghalioun” to kill the citizens in Homs and other areas and use their innocent blood in the Security Council’s lobbies.
In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Jihad Da’boul, a citizen from Karm Shamsham quarter, close to al-Khaledieyh neighborhood, said that over 300 gunmen with their weapons were operating last night in the area, as RPG missiles poured on the quarter causing 5 houses to burn completely. “The people were in a state of panic, particularly women and children.”
“It was like hell,” said a number of citizens from the neighborhoods Ikremah, al-Zahra and al-Muhajrin, still feeling the terror caused by last night, explaining how they were exposed to heavy gunfire, bombs and RPG and mortar attacks by armed terrorist groups.

There are pro-rebel reports of a rebel offensive that corresponds with this anti-rebel narrative. Wikipedia's Siege of Homs article notes "Following the killing of 10 Syrian Army soldiers at a checkpoint and the capture of 19 by the Free Syrian Army, during the night hours of 3 February and into the early hours of the following day, on the 30th anniversary of the Hama massacre, government forces began an artillery bombardment of Homs, particularly the Khaldiyeh neighborhood, with opposition activists claiming that it led to over 200 deaths." [2] cited: Al-Jazeera: 1 and 2. In retaliation for a rebel attack overnight and into the next day, rebels allege, the military responded with shelling of the same duration as that attack: real-time retaliation/replacement of whose blasts or tools of torture caused these hundreds of ruptured bodies.--Caustic Logic (talk) 11:10, 7 December 2013 (UTC)


February 1's LCC daily report includes this note:

On the 02nd of February, 1982 the Syrian regime led by "Hafez Al-Assad" along with his younger brother Rifaat Al-Assad have carried out a massacre in the city of Hama which last 27 days. Syria has lost almost 40,000 souls while more than 100,000 people either displaced, imprisoned or missing.... [3]

So one might expect big things about then. The same's day's report noted "Hama: Activists dyed many streets in the city red in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Hama massacre. This led fire trucks to come to the area to wash off the streets." Someone would soon be painting messages in blood, but apparently not on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd until late.

It seems the breakthrough echo of the Hama massacre would come a bit offset from 30 years, more fitted to the political timeline that it was hoped could lead to military support for the rebel cause. As Pearse's report noted, "It was not immediately clear what had prompted Syrian forces to launch," or, rather, what would prompt them to launch "such an intense bombardment, just as diplomats at the security council were discussing the draft resolution supporting the Arab League demand for Assad to step aside." [1]

The clues suggest the deaths occurred and were first reported late on the 3rd, Friday night: Pearse heard the shelling began "at around 8pm on Friday," and the LCC's daily reports show what seem to be the first, unexplained, videos of martyrs in numbers like seen on the 4th, described here as "slaughtered." The day's top image is one of those, an adult male with legs torn off at mid-thigh, horribly swollen and deformed, no coating of plaster dust from a collapsing home. [4] The broad tally and reports were public early on the 4th (on my end, U.S. Pacific time, Quinn's Guardian report is dated Feb. 3), just in time to color the meetings as they commenced, or perhaps a bit too late for that, depending on just when the meeting happened. Apparently France's foreign minister had time in advance to decide the new massacre was a crime against humanity and to announce "those who block the adoption of such a resolution," to force Assad's resignation over it, "are taking a grave historical responsibility". [1] --Caustic Logic (talk) 08:39, 2 December 2013 (UTC)


Khalidiya district - here on Wikimapia - is a good-sized one just north of the center of Homs, and stretching a bit north nearly to the outskirts. As for where within it this shelling happened, that's not yet clear. Even as for where the bodies were collected and displayed (after removal from the rubble?) all I can really say at the moment is a place, or places, with buildings. --Caustic Logic (talk) 12:36, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

Death Toll

Guardian, Pearse: "Death tolls cited by activists and opposition groups ranged from 217 to 260, making the Homs attack the deadliest so far in Assad's crackdown on protests..." "The death toll is now at least 217 people killed in Homs, 138 of them killed in the Khaldiya district," Rami Abdulrahman, head of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told Reuters, citing witnesses. ... The opposition Syrian National Council said 260 civilians were killed, describing it as "one of the most horrific massacres since the beginning of the uprising in Syria". It said it believed Assad's forces were preparing for similar attacks around Damascus and in the northern town of Jisr al-Shughour. [1]

To that reported 138, the VDC database lists Just Khalidiya = 137 martyrs from there on Feb. 4, all by "shelling." The one missing entry is Hazim Al-Faisal from Khaldieh, university student, "martyred in Khaldieh massacre" but the day before, also by shelling. Considering it reportedly started at 8 PM on the 3rd, one would think the first four hours of shelling killed more than one person. Why he alone was listed earlier than the rest isn't clear to me. So 138 is a solid allegation, backed with alleged names and some details, for this bulk of the day's dead. --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:52, 7 December 2013 (UTC)

United for a Free Syria reported "While armed forces targeted regions across Syria, according to Al Arabiya News, the death toll in Homs alone is over 370 killed and 1,300 wounded..." They also crow therein "Damascus Denies Responsibility for Deaths of More than 400 Civilians ahead of U.N. Vote," linking to the Pearse report cited above as citing 217-260, including a subset of 138. [5] It's not clear what 370 or over 400 might refer to other than a mid-point between 217-260 plus 138. --Caustic Logic (talk) 08:39, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

A Wikipedia article "Siege of Homs" says for this incident "The opposition Syrian National Council claimed the death toll was at 416 residents of the city" That cited claim this "All Voices" report, not the SNC, saying "In a barrage of mortar shells, Syrian forces killed at least 416 civilians . Over 1300 were wounded." That cites an al-Arabiya article that won't load here, but which seems to be reflected here, for example, crediting "Alarabiya with Agencies." This, however, fails to mention the SNC at all, and says that "at least 416 civilians were killed by the Syrian forces across the country while the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) vowed to fight back ... But Al Arabiya correspondent said that the death toll in Homs alone included 337 people killed and 1,300 others injured. (death tolls include the injured now?) 337 is neither the 416 not the 370+ attributed to the SNC or al-Arabiya. It's also higher than the toll likely was - it's roughly the full 200 (rounded up, including 138 from Khalidiya) rounded back down to 199 and re-adding the 138 Khalidiya victims. --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:52, 7 December 2013 (UTC)

The Local Coordination Committees provide daily summaries with, usually, a by-province death toll. Feb. 1: "The number of martyrs today has risen to 70 so far including 14 martyrs from the Free Syrian Army, 2 ladies and 2 children. 36 martyrs in Wady Barada (Damascus suburbs), 14 in Homs..." [3] Feb. 2: no daily summary - widespread shooting and shelling and numerous martyrs, but apparently nothing major yet. [6] Feb. 3: No summary in the usual spot. Further down, what sounds like an intermediary tally from early in a normal day: " The number of martyrs has risen to 31 thus far, including, 3 children and 3 defected soldiers, 7 in Idlib, 9 in Darya (Damascus Suburbs), 5 in Aleppo,6 in Hama, 2 in Homs, 1 in Daraa, 1 in Rankous (Damascus Suburbs)." The first videos of what seems to be our massacre, large numbers of mostly adult male shelled people, laid out in a morgue, at night it seems, are posted with this entry but with no explanation or reflection in the text report. [4] Feb. 4: "The final number of martyrs fell on Saturday is 206, including 181 in Homs, 16 in Damascus Suburbs, 5 in Idlib, 3 in Daraa and one in Hama." And there's the text explanation for people who died, apparently, overnight. Feb. 5: "The number of martyrs thus far today has risen to 36, among them 5 children and 2 women. 22 martyrs in Homs, 6 in Idlib, 5 in the Damascus Suburbs, 2 in Daraa, and 1 in Aleppo"


Strictly Male Victims?

The opposition Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria (VDC) martyrs database, reportedly informed by the LCC's reports, helps solidify this picture of a dramatic one day spike in fatalities.Each entry has a name, and some might have valuable little clues beyond that.

That's interesting. Only eight of these people are listed as the broad category women and children. To 129 men killed by this random shelling, on homes, with families inside ... meaning perhaps mostly childless homosexual couples? No ... I didn't save the links, but further searches break it down yet again: Male children = 8 (I'll check ages later), with zero slots left for females, child or adult. Only allowed to adopt male children but in small numbers? No ...

Ages - I might re-gather the links, but they tend to be 14, 16, 17, one aged 9, and a few not specified ("0") --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:52, 7 December 2013 (UTC)

U.S. president Barack Obama declared on the 4th "yesterday the Syrian government murdered hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women and children, in Homs through shelling and other indiscriminate violence." (White House transcript) But according to this, the core bulk of the dead that proves "the Syrian government’s unspeakable assault" is 94% adult, 100% male. And that is a clue with implications threatening the whole moral basis for this rhetoric...

Later note: I re-visited this, and while the gender-imbalance pattern still holds it's not quite that clear. I should have checked different spellings. "Khaldiya" adds 17 names w/7 men, 8 women and 2 girls = 155 total. Why did the 138 line up with the verified 138? Maybe this was the first batch, verified with 100% male victims, and the few women and girls plus a few men took longer to document. So revised we have - by this database - 137 men (88%), 8 women (5%) 8 boys (5%), 2 girls (1%) --Caustic Logic (talk) 01:04, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
But one listed man Baraa Yousef has a girl's name and in the Zaman alwasl list seems to be a child as well, so that's not quite right either, but probably pretty close. ...

So, continuing with the previous thoughts based on all-male records, for a point that still holds across the bulk of the record - when the record might be of victims from destroyed rebel hostage facilities, some managed differently or on a different scale from others, or might well include blended-in side massacres of a couple local families, etc.: --Caustic Logic (talk) 03:24, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Two of the adult male victims seen on opposition video

Gender-segregated or gender-exclusive captives would explain this little-noted feature perfectly. Adding some male filghter victims, perhaps a majority of the dead in fact, and some extra peripheral victims of mixed gender and age in other areas of Homs. But in Khalidiya only the males and almost totally adult ones were pre-sorted for this overwhelming end. By the same token, the activist story does not explain the breakdown. Pearse heard "Residents said ... at least 36 houses with families inside were destroyed. ""We were sitting inside our house ..." said Waleed, a resident of Khaldiya." [1] If people were in their homes and attacked that way, where did their women and girls go? Did they all survive somehow, or were their deaths completely unreported? Some might have been sent away to safer locales as things got more violent, but this is, apparently, a 100% absence, with no small sampling pool as an excuse. It should be noted VDC entries often have the males reported first and the females added months and thousands of martyrs later. But in this case, the slot you'd expect was never filled in, even when going for huge numbers was clearly the main point. Either men alone were "living" in the hit places, or the women and girls living their were chosen for some other fate. And I don't think even "smart bomb" shells can manage that. --Caustic Logic (talk) 09:31, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

It would be odd, if all victims were male, that SANA and other loyalist sources didn't point that out as a clear proof that the victims were hostages. While the alleged chains seen biding some in videos is a strong point if it holds up, this is too and it wasn't noted anywhere I've seen. For both claims, I'll need to check the bideo record better than I have. In my first scan, I noticed the male-ness of the few body pools shown, but I thought I had seen one woman at least. Even if so, that there were female victims the VDC missed, it seems there can hardly be many more victims than the 137/8 males they list, and the imbalance remains - if not total than striking and clearly a clue to add to the others.

One thing to note about the VDC entries: while the one Dec. 3 entry is at least one exception, the general rule in all entries I've checked is no notes or explanations, and very few details. They provide a name, adult male classification, location Khaldieh, killed Feb. 4 by shelling, no more. Ages are given rarely, videos provided sometimes. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:01, 8 December 2013 (UTC)

The boys: All 8 child-male victims. Three teenagers (age 17, 16, 14), four no data, one no data but a photo suggesting younger, like 7 or 8.

Correlating Lists

As noted above, the VDC had a total of 138 Khalidiya victims, but now one (not sure which) was retracted. And there are the 17 Khaldiya victims, for 154 (unless there are still others I'm missing) currently listed as being from that district,(meaning dying there) martyed in the shelling massacre the night of Feb. 3/4.

Later, another list was found, 176 names (numbers to 178 but two entries - 37 and 73 - missing) This is in Arabic, published at the time by Zaman Al-Wasl (Lebanon, fiercely pro-rebel). Auto-translated: "What the trust of the names of the martyrs of the massacre of Al-khalidiya neighborhood of Homs, until the moment 04/02/2012..." Favorite auto-translate name: #89 came out "unambitious igloo." 18 entries (144-161) are of people explicitly from elsewhere, meaning at most 158 are from the core massacre under study here. By female form of Shahid لشهيدة this has 12 female entries (61, 65, 68, 69, 71, 72, 113, 170, 171 175, 176, 177 female entries - 7 in the Khalidiya core, 5 from other areas - one entry #176 suggests a VDC adult male entry was wrong - Baraa seems to be a female name. Baraa also has the extra word الطفلة apparently meaning girl; only 4 entries: 171, 175, 176, 177 (from the above leaves 8 adult females). The term used for a boy martyr seems to be الشهيدالطفل also used four times on: 85 86 101 102 --Caustic Logic (talk) 07:31, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

So those without these special additions, labeled just shaheed (martyr) are what the list-makers consider adult males. These seem to include at least one 14-year-old boy and what might be his even younger brother. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:46, 7 January 2015 (UTC)

Now, comparing the sources: alphabetical by family name (skipping to first letter after "al-"), as transliterated. Zaman entry may contain Arabic, Romanization, auto-translation, or just the number. VDC will often have links, and/or martyr number (note highr numbers = added later - most are in the 7,300 range, several around 14,000 and 16,000 and the latest adds include victims #72,014 and 74,866 "documented in 13/04/2013") All unless noted "from Khalidiya" and killed by "shelling" --Caustic Logic (talk) 09:14, 4 January 2015 (UTC) and Caustic Logic (talk) 04:43, 11 January 2015 (UTC)

Listed victims of Khalidiya massacre
name Zaman VDC other
Mohammed Fadi Louay Abbara 41 Fadi Louay Abbara Mohammed Fadi Loay Abbara 7332, photo, maybe dated
Abdul Ghani Al Abed 135 Abdul Ghani Al Abed 7265
Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Kader al-Abed 136 'ebd almhymn 'ebd alqadr al'eabd Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Kader al-Abed 7279
Ahmed Al Abdullah 52 Ahmed Al Abdullah
Amer Al-Abdullah 53 Amer Al-Abdullah
Abdul Ilah al-Abrash 81 Abdul Ilah al-Abrash
Abdel Hafiz Abu Salah 13 Abdel Hafiz Abu Salah
Abdul Basit Adnan Abu Salah 11 Adnan Abdul Basit Ibouselah Abdul Basit Adnan Abu Salah video
Raja Mohammed Abu Salah 68 Raja Mohammed Abu Salah AF Rajaa Mohamad Abu Salah AF 14974
Ziad Abdul Kader Abu Salah 12 Ziad Abdul Qadir Ibouselah AM age 17 Ziad Abdul Kader Abu Salah CM age 16 Red Cross volunteer - one pic says he made it to the hospital alive
Abdul Samih Khaled Abdel Mawla 62 Abdul Samih Khaled Abdel Mawla
Khalid Mohammed Abdel Mawla 63 Khalid Mohammed Abdel Mawla
Abdul Nasser Khaled Abdel Mawla 64 Abdul Nasser Khaled Abdel Mawla
Iman Khaled Abdel Mawla 65 Iman Khaled Abdel Mawla AF Iman Khaled Abdul Mawlah 14976 AF
Samer Akary 103 Samer Akkari Samer Akary
Shaker Mohammed Akkash 119 Shaker Mohammed Akkash
Osama Nader Akkash 120 Osama Nader Akkash
Abdul-Kafi Menla Ali 172 Abdul-Kafi Menla Ali
Jaber Al-Ali 173 Jaber Al-Ali
Moataz Mamdouh Al-Ali 174 Moataz Mamdouh Al-Ali
Louay Alloush 102 Louay Alloush, CM Loay Alloush CM
Tariq Alloush 101 Tariq Alloush CM
Ahmad al-Ansari 4 Ahmed Ansari Ahmad al-Ansary 74866
Samya Al-Ansari 113 samyh alansary AF Samya Al-Ansari AF 14973
Hani al-Antar 32 Hani Antar [

Hani Ziad Antar] Non-Civilian, "conscript," age 20, from Rastan. Martyrdom location Khalidiya, shelling. ID # 4170066809

video (in Rastan)
Mohammed al-Antar 31 Muhannad Antar Muhannad Hussein Antar conscript, age 20, from Jeb Jarrah, Martyrdom location: Khaldia. ID 401010571 Notes (same for cousin above) "one dissident who died in the bombing of Al Khalidiya district"
Abdul Matin Arnaout 115 Abdul Matin Arnaout
Mohamed Khaled Al-Asaad 5 Mohamed Khaled Al-Asaad
Saad Al-Assam 86 s'ed alasm CM Saad Al-Assam AM
Jihad Attfeh 38 Jihad 'eqlh Jihad Attfeh video
Moataz Attiya 88 Moataz Attiya
Nayef Awwad 169 Nayef Awwad
Abdul Ilah al-Badri 107 Abdul Ilah al-Badri
Mumtaz Baliqeh 99 mmtaz balyqh Mumtaz Baliqeh
Sahar Barakeh 170 shr brkh AF Sahar Barakeh AF 14972
Ayman Bayrakdar 39 Ayman Birqadr
Saleem Ammar Bayrakdar 111 Saleem Ammar Bayrakdar
Mukhtar Mohammed Behlaq 6 Mukhtar Mohammed Behlaq 7341
Abdul Wahid Al-Bitar 70 Abdul Wahid Al-Bitar 7283
Amal al-Bitar 71 AF Amal Al-Bitar 14978
Ammar Khalid Chuirtani 117 Ammar Khalid Chuirtani Ammar Khalid Shwertani 16549
Hassan Mohammed Chuirtani 116 Hassan Mohammed Chuirtani Hassan Mohammed Chuirtani 72014
Muhannad Abdel Dayem 141 Muhannad Abdel Dayem
Abdul Malik Diab 93 abd owner Diab Abdul Malik Diab
Mahmoud Mohammed Diab 92 Mahmoud Mohammed Diab
Abdul Hadi Droubi not listed? (or see below) Abdul Hadi Droubi
Abdamutain Dumaini 2 Abdamutain Dumaini not listed? (or see above)
Faraj Ayoub al-Ezzo 140 Faraj Ayoub al'ezw Faraj Ayoub al-Ezzo
Hossam Al-Ezzo 97 Hossam al'ezw Hossam Al-Ezzo
Asaad Ezron 105 Asaad Ezron
Omar al-Fahad 10 Amra fahad Omar al-Fahad
Hazim Al-Faisal 22 Hazim Al-Faisal, 16028, listed Feb. 3 - photo, videos, etc. video
Abdul Momin Hamoud al-Faouri 27 Abdalmamn Hamoud Abdul Momin Hamoud al-Faouri video 'ebd alm'emn alhmwd
Abdul Aziz Hamid al-Farra 90 Abdul Aziz Hamid El-Farra Abdul Aziz Hamid al-Farra
Hazem Fashoul 48 Hazem fshwl Hazem Fashoul 16543 funeral videos
Abdul Rahim Ghali 98 Abdul Rahim Ghali
Abdul Rahman Guenbazo 125 Abdul Rahman Guenbazo 7257

Hassan Guenbazo 15 Hassan Qanbazo 16031 "...martyred in what is now known as the Khalidiya Massacre..." video (younger man, w/Salem)
Khalid Guenbazo 124 Khalid Guenbazo 7212
Rabeh Guenbazo not listed Rabeh Guenbazo 7216, cites video at right video rabh qnbazw
Salem Guenbazo 20 not listed video (older man, w/Hassan, diff. elder from above) solo video
Ayman Al-Haea 139 Ayman alqa'ey Ayman Al-Haea
Azzam Abdul Haq Al-Hafiz 112 'ezam 'ebd alhq alhafz (missing "martyr" label) Azzam Abdul Haq Al-Hafiz 7290
Nayef al-Hafian 8 Nayef alhfyan not listed?
Sadiq Al-Hafian 45 A friend (sdyq) alhfyan Sadeeq Al-Hafian

Kinan al-Halabi 3 كنان الحلبي Kinan Mohammed Samir Al-Halabi 7308, photo, from Waar, Homs. "It came from another source that he is from Khalidiya" video
Mohammed al-Halabi 42 Muhammad al-Halabi

Samir Al-Halabi not listed Samir Al-Halabi
Ahmed Abdel-Rahman al-Hamad 91 Ahmed Abdel-Rahman al-Hamad
Ziad Marwan Hamad 163 Ziad Marwan Hamad
Abdul Rahman Hammadi 80 Abdul Rahman Hammadi
Abdul Ilah Abdul Razak Hamama 43 Abdul Ilah Abdul Razak hmamh Abdul Ilah Abdul Razak Hamama
Amer Hamra 84. amr hmrh Amer Hamra
Hazem Hamra 83 Hazem Hamra
Khaled Hassoun 51 Khaled Hassoun
Maher Ghassan Hennawi 44 Maher Ghassan Hennawi video
Samer Al-Hissni 76 Samer Alhsna Samer Al-Hissni
Mohammed al-Homsi 95 Mohammed al-Homsi
Wael al-Husami 96 Wael al-Husami

Mahmoud Husariya 33-Mahmoud hsryh Mahmoud Husariya video
Abdul Muhaimin Husariya 165. 'ebd almhymn hsryh Abdul Muhaimin Hasriah
Nedal Imad Hourani 178-struggle Imad Hourani Nedal Imad Hourani
Ammar Jandali 109 Ammar Jandali Amar Jandali
Abdelmalek Jokhdar 164 Abdelmalek Joukdar Abdelmalek Joukadar
Kanou Kabbani 89 qnw'e alqbany Kanou Kabbani
Abdel Muti Kamhiyah 133 Abdel Muti Kamhiyah
Ali Kamhiyah 26 Ali Kamhiyah
Daoud Kamhiyah 134 Daoud Kamhiyah
Mohiuddin Kamhiyah not listed? Mohiuddin Kamhiyah
Sibayee Kamhiyah 25 Sibayee Qamhiya
Yahya Kamhiyah not listed? yahia Qamhia "shooting" photo 13329
Ayyash Al-Khalaf 168 Ayyash Al-Khalaf
Ayman Munther al-Khalidi 143 Ayman Munther al-Khalidi
Ismail Al-Khalidi not listed? Ismail Al-Khalidi

Saadallah al-Khaldi 142 Saad al-Khaldi Saadallah al-Khaldi
Marwan Sttayf Khaldoun 162 Marwan Sttayf Khaldoun
Mohammed al-Kayali 78 Mohammed al-Kayali

Mohammed Salem Al-Khatib 129 Mohammed Salem Al-Khatib
Montaha Kheir Allah 175 mntha khyr allh CF Montaha Kheir Allah CF 14715
Abdul Aziz Samer al-Kurdi 87 Abdul Aziz Samer al-Kurdi
Abdul Salam al-Madani 106 Abdul Salam Al-Madani
Obeida Nasser al-Mahbani 128 Obeida Nasser Almahbani
Salah Abdul Karim al-Mahbani 127 Salah Abdul Karim Almahbani 7241
Yasser al-Mahbani 126 Yasser Almahbani 7368
Abdul Kafi Mallouk 132-Abdul Kafi Mlwk Abdul Kafi Malluk
Khalid Mallouk 131- Khaled Mlwk Khalid Mallouk
Abdul Aziz Taher al-M'arpl 58. Abdulaziz Tahir alm'erbl Abdul Aziz Taher Mgerbil
Abdul Salam al-M'arpl 57. Abdul Salam المعربل (alm'erbl) Abdul Salam Mgerbi
Khalid al-M'arpl 56. Khaled alm'erbl (المعربل) Khalid Mgaizel
Masood Tahir al-M'arpl 60. Masood Tahir alm'erbl Masood Tahir Mgerbil
Taha Taher al-M'arpl 59. Taha Tahir alm'erbl Taha Taher Mgarbil
Umaima Taher al-M'arpl 61 Umaimah Tahir alm'erbl AF Umaima Taher Al-Mugharbil 14977 AF
Nader Nabih Mando 118 Nader Nabih Mando
Omar al-Masri 35-amyr almsry not listed.
Mohammed Rateb Dib al-Masri 47-Mamedratb almsry Mohammed Rateb Dib al-masri 7326 photo (alive and dead) video
Amir Mohammad Mehrat 122 Amir Mohammad Mehrat
Samer Mohammed Mehrat 121 Samer Mohammed Mehrat
Abdul Mohsen Murad 166 Abdul Mohsen Murad
Muntassir Mourad 167-victor Murad Muntassir Mourad
Nawara Munzer 171 nwarh mndr CF Nawara Munzer CF 14711
Anaas Al-Nakadli 18 Anas Alinkdla AM Anaa Al-Nakadli 7175 CM age 14 video
Ghazi Al-Nakadli 17 Ghazi Al-Nakadli video with son Mustafa
Ghazwan al-Nakadli 16 Ghazwan Alinkdla not listed?
Mustafa Al-Nakadli 19 AM Mustafa Al-Nakadli CM video
Tamam Al-Nashawati 110 tmam Ahmed Alncioati Tamam Ahmad Al-Nachawati
Mohammed Walid al-Omar 67 Mohammed Walid al-Omar
Radwan Waleed al-Omar 66 Radwan Waleed al-Omar
Bilal Oroub 29 Bilal Oroub Bilal Arob video
Abdul Baqi Al-Qureia 114 Abdul Baqi Alqureia
Mohammed Ahmed Rahal 104 Mohammed Ahmed Rahal
Mustafa Fayez Rahmeh not listed? Mustafa Fayez Rahmeh 13648, 23, Qseir, FSA, photo Martyrdom location: Khaldieh Cause of Death Shelling Notes Khaldieh massacre, he is the brother of martyr Abdullah Rahmeh. [
Abdullah Ahmad Rahmeh not listed? Abdullah Ahmad Rahmeh 13650 Qseir, 35, plastic vendor, married with 4 children, photo. video for both
Samir Al-Rajab 82 Samir Al-Rajab
Yahya al-Rasheed 50 Yahya al-Rasheed
Amer Rhaima 100 Amr rhymh Amr Rhaima 7298
Said Rifai 77 Saeed Rifai
Zia Al-Saj 79-Zia alsaj Diaa Al-Saj
... 30-Mohammad Sami Barre not listed?
... 14-Mohammad Sami Barre dwamy Mohamad Salem Beri Dawamah
... 94 Abdul Baqi alsh'ear Abdul Baqi al-Saar
... 54. Abdul Salam Youssef Chahine Abdel Salam Youssef Shahine
... 55. Abdullah Abdul Salam Shahin Abdullah Abdul Salam Shaheen
Farzat Sharabi 7 Farzat Sharabi Farzat Sharabi 7305 photo video
... 137 Ibrahim Alchreibati Ibrahim Al-Shreibati

... 138 Muhannad Alchreibati Muhannad Alshreibati
... 74 Mohammad al-Sibai
... 85- ms'eb 'eywn alswd, CM Mustafa Oyoon es-Sood CM
... 1 Nader Tahan Nader al-Tahan
... 69 Suad Tahan AF Suaad al-Tahhan AF
... 177 brkat mhmd altalb CF Barakat Mohammed Al-Taleb AM
... 46 Ammar al-Tash Amer Fayez Tish
... 34 Firas Mahmoud Turkawi
... 108 Mohammed Mahmoud Turkawi
... not listed. Badie Turkmani

Muthar Mohamad Omar Tayarah 49 mzhr tyarh Muthar Mohamad Omar Tayarah 13708
Abdel Qader Al-Yaseen 40 Abdel Qader Al-Yaseen not listed?
Yaseen al-Yaseen 28 Yassin Eliasssin Yaseen al-Yaseen (Abu-Jamal)
Anwar Al-Yasser 75 Anwar Al-Yasser
Baraa Yousef 176 bra'h ywsf, CF Baraa Yoseph 7192 AM
Amira Zaarour 72-Amira Zaarour AF Amira Zaarour 14975
Hussein Zaarour 24 Hussein Zaarour Hussein Abdelbaree Zaarour 17, 16544, photo. Notes: He was martyred in what is now known as the Khalidiya Massacre... video
Omar Zaarour 23 Omar Zaarour 7297 video video
Abdelmalek Yasser Zantah 123 Abdelmalek Yasser Zantah

Table final count: 164 (maybe wrong, open to review) Maximizing entry collapse(Dum-Droubi, Halabi, Kamiya, Ghazi/Ghazwan, etc.) might only be 157 entries with versions. As always, some entries could be fake, or have fake identities attached. 160-163 seems the best range.

AF 8 = 4.9%

CF 4 = 2.5%

CM 7 = 4.3%

AM 145 = 89.6%


Group Scenes, mostly hosted by Homs activist Abdul Basset al-Saroot
  • - هاااام جدا 4 2 2012حمص مجزرة حي الخالدية من كميرا البث المباشر تكذيب للأعلام السوري وتصوير عدد من شهداء المجزرة من مشفى ميداني واحد مع توثيق ب (haaaam very 4 2 2012 Homs the massacre in Al-khalidia neighborhood of كميرا the live broadcast of the Covenant in the flags of the Syrian and filming the number of the martyrs of the massacre of a field hospital, one with document B) Uploaded Feb. 5, 2012 by the coordination of Al-khalidiya neighborhood of Homs, 6:14 [7] Ten dead men (or 9 and a boy) laid out in their underwear, hands bound in front (for body handling, not a clue of execution). These victims are identified by the body handlers, with ID cards shown. Some cards are damaged (Farzat Sharabi 2:14 + Yassin Yassin 3:12) making it a bit less shady; otherwise one might suspect the rebels had removed their cards before anyone shot most of them through the thighs and groin, apparently the main thing this shelling did to them. 1:01 destroyed-head victim (covered with a bag) has his ID shown: spoken Maher Ghassan Henawi, listed. other IDs shown, less clear who - one Guenbazo - Mokhtar Mohammed Behlaq at least. Back row, named right to left: 4:28 pass? (seems like "this is?" "mumble, next guy")- 4:34 Omar Zaarour, huge deep hole in chest, right of center, and huge, deep groin wound, various guts coming out his underwear. 4:38 Mahmoud Husariya, little hole in neck, right shoulder/back split open, shot in right thigh and groin - 4:50 Anaas al-Nakdali - the worst: right thigh from hip to knee and left arm completely in tatters, right hand blown off, maybe head disrupted too (covered with a bag). The tail from a mortar shell (?) is laid across his belly. He looks like a boy, they say al-foatl, which I just learned is the word used for child martyr. next 5:00 pass (stabbed in the heart, hole in right shoulder - Nakdali dad?) - Salem Guenbazo (older guy, large hole in right shoulder) - Hazzem Guenbazo (small hole in right shoulder, maybe stabbed in chest). Front row, left to right: Jihad Attfeh 5:42 - Maher Hennawi - pass? (earlier in the video they say his name like Geenan Hassan Halabi, which must be listed victim Kinan Halabi. --Caustic Logic (talk) 09:06, 5 January 2015 (UTC)

Individual Victims (better res and closer-up, so very graphic, so be 18+, maybe 36+)
  • Hazim Al-Faisal Feb. 3 University Student. mass blood from back of head, otherwise intact
  • Rabeh Guenbazo - older man, lean. Looks like someone simply busted his teeth out and then shot him in the belly. A refreshing change from all this mutilation.
  • [1] yhya qmhyh Yahya Kamiyah - totally destroyed legs
  • blal 'erwb Bilal Oroub: single, small, neat hole in the right side of his throat, face untouched, right arm destroyed from elbow down, small hole, possible shot in left thigh, but about a hundred holes of all sizes up and down his backside, ankle torn up, left buttock shot, 4 holes an inch or more wide into his upper back.

Anaas al-Nakadli

Khalidiya Anaas Nakdali 1.png

Here we have another serious clue of sick Islamist false-flaggers running this show - I have the two relevant videos saved. Above, noted the most mangled victim in the victim ID video [7] was a boy, Anaa or Anaa (or Anaas?) al-Nakdali, age 14, torn up at the arms, legs, and maybe head by Assad's artillery - that's per his VDC page which shares a video contradicting that: His head is intact here, as can be seen. Most of it is strangely wrapped in cloth and plastic, but his face is not distorted like often happens with head ruptures. Not that it was even clearly ruptured later (I made a composite image, but maybe we don't need to share that here...). His face is young, looking about 14, maybe with faint facial hair. But that's only visible from the smoke particles that built up under and around his nose as he was made to breathe smoke for some time - something that seems to come with being a captive in rebel hands. His legs are covered, so it's unclear if they're already destroyed like later (and somewhat likely they are, or maybe they're hiding something else, like that he'd been castrated). --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:04, 5 January 2015 (UTC)

So head and legs are unclear, but his arms definitely aren't in the same shape they were seen in later. The bandaging here does suggest left-chest/armpit injury (heart surgery?) bandaged prior to death, and maybe a left shoulder injury, while the horrible disruption seen later in on the underside - if put together carefully, even this might be consistent with later. But even more maybe, it seems different, totally intact, just scratched up. Note scratches on left abdomen as well, and a dark spot just hidden by a well-tucked left arm - a birth mark or death mark (bullet hole)? His right arm and hand are the smoking gun here, clearly not torn up like later. Note the rope tying his hands here: fresh, white, clean. Later it's a blood-soaked mess, visibly in place around his right wrist, but that's been mangled so his hand seems half-severed, and the rope that went through that has been supplanted with a new white tie higher up his forearm. So yes, here's at least one victim the rebels just couldn't save from those shells, but they did manage to mutilate his body at least a bit - and maybe a lot - and in a manner like what the "shells" did to the others - after he was dead and in their hands, apparently just to get a more horrible effect for the child martyr in their video begging for intervention. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:04, 5 January 2015 (UTC)

Or the other possibility is a name mix-up. In fact, that seems so. I couldn't match these kids, and the blasted one does seem more pale and perhaps smaller/younger. Digging through more videos, I found some agreeing the intact kid is Anaas, and I found another showing and naming the adult next to the kid: Martyr Ghazi alnkdly and his son Omar beheaded There's no Omar listed, but his head is shown better here, indeed destroyed and flattened. Another video shows his body alone on the floor after the rest were removed. Here it says "Martyr child Mustafa al-Nakindli." There is a Mustafa listed, like Anaas called a child (no age given) per the VDC, and listed as adult by the Zaman al-Wasl list. He must be, what, 12? It seems Islamists count adult from 12 or 13 usually. --Caustic Logic (talk) 11:41, 6 January 2015 (UTC)

Family Names

After some correlation between the two big lists, there seem to be app. 90 different family names just among the dead in these 36 destroyed homes.--Caustic Logic (talk) 03:04, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Homs Massacre Names

Further names of interest among these men, that ring a bell from prior research, mainly losing family members to other recent random massacres (links and notes later, and/or scan Talk:Homs Massacres): Hassan Mohammed Chuirtani, Nader Nabih Mando, Shaker Mohammed Akkash, Osama Nader Akkash, Tariq Alloush, Loay Alloush, Mohammed al-Homsi (AM shelling), Khalid Guenbazo, Abdul Rahman Guenbazo, Abdul Ghani al-Abed, Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Kader al-Abed, Faraj Ayoub al-Ezzo, Hossam Al-Ezzo Qutaiba Ahmed al-Ezzo, Faraj Ayoub al-Ezzo, Mohamed Khaled Al-Asaad, Mohammed Rateb Dib al-masri ... --Caustic Logic (talk) 09:31, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

Note: Like anywhere in the world and more so than usual, the same only-so-many names are widely represented in an area the size of Homs, by families unrelated or effectively so, and on branches and individuals of vastly different views. So no name-to-name match between two people can prove a darn thing. However, in some cases it might mean something, and for that reason, it's worth noting matches that emerge. The close time and space matches here raise the likelihood of a connection between each event, illuminating the motives of the guilty ones. I note that so far, rebels make little mention of reasons or relations. A man being a doctor is the only note you need - the regime must hate doctors, and their sons, and so those must have supported the rebels, or just been Sunni, or whatever. It's open-ended. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:32, 8 December 2013 (UTC)

That remains so, but somehow I cited the wrong video. The below describes Anaas al-Nakadli, since reviewed a second time - maybe should move it. Jihad's video shows larger bullet-type holes in both legs, especially left, with a huge hole in the right thigh, the backs of both calves torn away. and there's a possible bullet hole in his chest. Needs a closer look. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:41, 7 January 2015 (UTC)
(snip) he's generally intact but his arms are roughed up, worst at the finger of the right hand (unclear). And his head is heavily bandaged, arguably consistent with someone who took it worst to the head, but didn't die from it right away. However, his face is smoke-stained around the nose and mouth, which we've seen around with people held captive by rebels (see Aqrab Massacre for a clear example). That might take more than the couple of hours at most in a shelled house that these victims allegedly had - a week or so of captivity, with deliberate smoke exposure, might explain this better (the bandages appear to be later and un-stained). Otherwise, the signs are not clear. He may have a small hole in his lower right belly, scratches on the left side, both almost covered by his crossed arms. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:01, 8 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Mando Nader Nabih Mando: No videos to study, no age or details. Five members of a family of Dr. Mohammed Mando would be killed a few weeks later on Feb. 29, in an unspecified area of Homs (perhaps Sebil) A mother, and three sons are listed as killed, with no names given but for the father, a doctor. See Homs Massacres section. Then on April 5, five Mando men, as old as 90, would be killed in the a massacre of April 5. Rebels say four men, aged as high as 90, were imprisoned by regime thugs at their own farm near Baba Amr, tortured to death, and robbed of wealth including gold and prime leather. Same day, a boy of the Mando family was also killed over in al-Houla by random regime shelling.--Caustic Logic (talk) 10:05, 8 December 2013 (UTC) and --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:13, 25 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Bahlaq/Bahlak Mukhtar Mohammed Behlaq. This seldom-reported name is listed by the VDC for this massacre, but not for another one on February 29. Same as Dr. Mando's family (see above), it seems to be in Sabil where the LCC (but not VDC) reported another massacre of five members of a family al-Bahlak. Again, see February 29, Sebil?. So both families Mando and Bahlaq have the distinction of being targeted together in both of these massacres a month apart. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:13, 25 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Chuirtani This name popped up prior to Feb. 3 and less so afterwards. In the Early December, 2011 Sectarian Killings in Homs with its accusations of Shabiha-affiliated taxi drivers helping abduct people... there was, on December 5/6 a taxi driver Samer Mohammad Showertani, along with seven adult male relatives, [[were abducted, slaughtered, and documented by rebels. It's said the men were all "originally from the nearby village of Zafarana," but had moved/fled to "the Abbasid near Az-Zahraa," and were killed in Zahraa, the Alawite majority district. This is the biggest massacre scene shared on video, and thus proven to exist, for an episode said to claim over 60 lives. The video is titled "Eight Martyrs of family Chuirati massacre in Al Zahra neighborhood." It's dated 12-5 in the text. Sunni rebels have the bodies already (in Zahraa?), one with a sliced throat, and with prepared name cards for each. A ninth, died in Khalidiya massacre 2 months later. Hassan Mohammed Chuirtani. Rare name, otherwise. --Caustic Logic (talk) 12:34, 18 January 2015 (UTC)


(promoted to sub-section) --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:45, 27 December 2013 (UTC)

  • Khalidiya massacre victim: Mohammed al-Homsi: No age, images, or details. Note that Homsi means one from Homs, and can be bother a real name and a good pseudonym. In and around that same day, a few al-Homsis, or the same ones repeated, were also killed around Homs. It's a bit strange, and of course horrible. LCC Feb. 2 reports "Veterinarian Ahmad Al-Homsi was martyred, his dead body was found in an area near Al-Mahfoora in the city of Al-Hawla." There is no city of al-Hawla/Houla, but this narrows it down to one of three or so towns, several kilometers northwest of Homs city, then racked by ambiguous violence accompanying a growing rebel presence. Then Feb. 3 notes, a day late, "The dead body of young Ahmad Al-Homsi (15 years old) was found. He was killed along with his father who was a veterinarian." Then Feb. 5 notes "Amhad Al-Homsi and his son, Mohamad, were martyred in the Jouret Shayah district by security forces' gunfire." So ... that's four al-Homsis, two father son sets, both with fathers named Ahmed, but the son variously Ahmed or Mohammed. One set killed in Houla Feb. 2, the other in Jouret Shayeh Feb. 5. And in between, another Mohammed al-Homsi was killed by this alleged shelling, for five total. Hmmm... might all be some kind of victims recycling, a targeted killing spree, or a total coincidence. --Caustic Logic (talk) 15:24, 8 December 2013 (UTC)
Note, that Ahmed and Mohammed have the same root. Then again, Ahmed is a very common name; could just mean "Joe from Homs." -- Petri Krohn (talk) 05:14, 26 December 2013 (UTC)
Video settles that: For the last two in Homs itself, videos are provided (extremely upsetting): The first one's subtitles say they were "slaughtered," not shot, and both seem to have throat injuries. The father's neck is clearly sliced across, cloth stuffed in one corner (and he was previously beaten, and seemingly died in extreme sadness). He's called Dr. Ahmed al-Homsi, raising the coincidences too high - it's got to be re-branding, they died twice. Or three times maybe. The son's throat, almost as clearly, looks torn out, a wide patch of missing flesh under the chin. I'll say he died more stoically. He looks about 15. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:32, 8 December 2013 (UTC)
The cameraman on the video states the date as February 5. The bodies do not look too degenerated. Were they kept in a cold morgue for three days? Or was the Uruknet story updated? -- Petri Krohn (talk) 05:28, 26 December 2013 (UTC)
Cool, a thought and signature that's not mine! Looks like December 5 it is. I didn't catch the date given, thanks. You're right, they don't look any three days dead. The Dec. 2 report must be a suspicious preview, as I mentioned. No body was found that day, it was just expected by then (they were held) and announced too early, and in the wrong place. --Caustic Logic (talk) 06:47, 26 December 2013 (UTC)
I could not find the Uruknet page on Wayback Machine, but I found two mirrors of the page from February 3rd. The origin of the Houla news item may be this Facebook post by alkesweh. The alkesweh Facebook account is now deleted, but it seems to be related to @Alkesweh شبكة الكسوةالاخبارية (alkesweh) on Twitter and abod.alkesweh on Facebook.
The original Facebook post is in English and Arabic. This is what I can find from the Google cache:
‫حمص: الحولة: استشهاد الطبيب البيطري أحمد الحمصي،حيث وجدت جثته في منطقة قرب المحفورة بالمدينة
Homs: Al-Hawla: Veterinarian Ahmad Al-Homsi was martyred, his dead body was found in an area near Al-Mahfoora in the city of Al-Hawla.
Here is another version in Arabic from February 2, 2012! -- Petri Krohn (talk) 11:19, 26 December 2013 (UTC)
سوا:::حمص: الحولة: استشهاد الطبيب البيطري أحمد الحمصي،حيث وجدت جثته في منطقة قرب المحفورة بالمدينة
Martyrdom veterinarian Ahmed al-Homsi, where his body was found in an area near the city excavated.
The al-Homsi victims are included in this circular from February 3rd.
The stanza for Houla also exist here, (maybe with some typographic changes.)
الحولة :
استشهد اليوم الطبيب البيطري أحمد الحمصي الذي وجد في منطقة بالقرب من المحفورة وهو من مواليد حلب حيث قامت شبيحة الاسد بقتله ذبحاوسرقة سيارته والتشبيح بها و
After correcting some spelling I get this translation:
Today martyred veterinarian Ahmed al-Homsi, who was found in an area near the excavated. He was born in Aleppo, where the shabiha Assad to kill him and steal his car slaughtered by Alchbih.
The most detail can be found in this Facebook post by the Association of Liberal Syrian Doctors.
استشهد اليوم الطبيب البيطري .. أحمد الحمصي .. الذي وجد في منطقة بالقرب من المحفورة بمنطقة الحولة ...
وهو من مواليد حلب درس الطب البيطري في حماه وعاش حياته المهنية في منطقة الحولة كـ طبيب معالج واستمر على هذه الحالة ما يقارب ال 20 عاما ... حيث قامت شبيحة الاسد بقتله ذبحا ... وسرقة سيارته والتشبيح بها ....
Translation with the help of Google and Bing:
Today martyred veterinarian Ahmed al-Homsi. He was found in an area near the excavation in Houla.
Born in Aleppo he studied veterinary medicine in Hama and lived his professional life in the Houla region as a therapist for nearly 20 years. Assad's Shabiha killed him by slitting his throat. The thugs also stole his car.
-- Petri Krohn (talk) 07:54, 27 December 2013 (UTC)
Thanks, Petri, for all that. EACH of these marked spots has depths like this to plumb, glad you were inspired to dig into one. Dr. al-Homsi, raised in Aleppo (from an ancestral Homs family named al-Homsi), trained in Hama, practicing in al-Houla, reported killed Feb. 2 in al-Houla but not really ... I'm guessing he and his son were abducted there with the plan to shoot him and release his son for ransom. He was declared dead, perhaps to pressure the ransom. They can say when called by pleading family "No, we didn't really kill him, but all we have to do is make the statement true. And there's a 20% fee for being proven wrong if we release him now. 120% what we agreed, get it all here by sundown." Perhaps too he and his son escaped. Then it was decided to announce the son's death too and find them, hiding with relatives in Jouret al-Shayeh, on the 5th. Now they're dead, not shot but throats opened, son first in front of his dad. --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:45, 27 December 2013 (UTC)
There is too much detal in the Liberal Syrian Doctors' post for it to be fiction: throat slit, body found! We do not get a good view of his body on the video. Maybe the body is three days old. The son was killed two days later. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 20:05, 27 December 2013 (UTC)
I could not find weather data for Homs for February 2012, but the medium temperature in Hama at the time was around 10 degrees Celsius. It would have been possible to store the body for three days. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 14:05, 29 December 2013 (UTC)
Good thinking. Video from March 1 shows snow falling, so, sure. And there are also possible ways both stories could be true, the bodies found twice. But otherwise, one of the two stories at least has to be untrue, so maybe Feb. 2 was the real deal and the later one was re-done for some unknown reason. I don't know. --Caustic Logic (talk) 15:30, 29 December 2013 (UTC)
Being dead in Houla on February 2nd is definite proof that the story of the father being killed in an "Assad massacre" in Homs on February 4th or 5th is a hoax. (The son could have been killed later.) -- Petri Krohn (talk) 15:48, 29 December 2013 (UTC)
Again checking the CDV proved worthwhile - they're going with the later death in Homs version, and the names given then: All Homsi martyrs from Homs, all time = 14 (not as many as you'd think). The bottom (oldest) three are the ones - The father Ahmad Mohammad and son, Mohammad Ahmad (making both the son's reported names correct!) died Feb. 5 only, it says, in (or were from? or were catalogued in?) Joret Al-Shiyah. Cause: "shooting." Dad's notes: "He was martyred with his son Mohammad Ahmad Al-Homsi when the regime forces opened gunfire randomly in the neighborhood." Bullets grazed both their throats? They don't list any such pair killed in the 2nd, so that must've been ... the same people? What happened to them in Houla, then, three days before they died in Homs? The initial kidnapping prematurely reported as their deaths? Or was that even earlier? Is "Homsi" a false name meaning "not from al-Houla?" --Caustic Logic (talk) 15:24, 8 December 2013 (UTC)
(See above conversation) --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:45, 27 December 2013 (UTC)


I did not want to say this before, but the VDC data is so bad that I am starting to suspect Razan Zaitouneh is somehow related to the known Douma massacre managers. Anyway, here we have Zaitouneh on video. Does she sound like the female propagandist identified by Urs? -- Petri Krohn (talk) 19:34, 29 December 2013 (UTC)
Sorry, I missed this comment, but caught it now. Clearly, this will belong at the VDC page - I for one have heard nothing since, but wasn't digging deep, just watching news searches. Ah - Al-Monitor broke the silence to say there's been silence and it continues. I'll watch the video later, not now, and I never did listen close to Urs' perp. Might be worth pulling up, especially any visuals, more so than voice. Cool stuff. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:59, 4 January 2014 (UTC)
All the videos I found of Zaitouneh had her speaking English. Difficult to compare, but she does not sound like the same voice. Still, I wonder if these two women could coexist in Douma without at least knowing each other. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 14:46, 4 January 2014 (UTC)

Located Mahfoura, as marked below - now I can make this graphic version of the story. --Caustic Logic (talk) 11:39, 26 December 2014 (UTC)

Homs Feb5 Homsi Map.png

More Odball Alleged Victims

First three: all were always helping people

  • Faher Sba'ay Shlar- says he dies in hospital on Feb. 6, two days after he "received the injuries, the massacre of Al khalidiyah." The rebel "hospital" had no good equipment and they were unable to save him. Someone got ahold of him at 2:30 (am?) and "he told me he will be going to go to aid the people of karm al-zeitoun and he told me after half an hour I will go back the creation of God." shows him in a pink shirt, single at age 33, from Bab Sbaa, died Feb. 8, not 6 ... Notes: "he was martyred by castle checkpoint snipers shot." --Caustic Logic (talk) 00:54, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
Martyr Mohammad Amir Jamal Egyptian (al-Masri)- Mount Abu 04/02/2012 | Homs | palaces neighborhood - Student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Khalid ibn al-Walid -He used to go every day from his home to the Khalidiya neighborhood to participate Bmazahradtha inadvertent shot by snipers deployed on surfaces, in addition to his role in the delivery of aid to the people of Baba Amr neighborhood during the siege.

The sniper shot must be unrelated, because:

He died in the massacre committed by Assad Khalidiya Army forces blew up the fourth of February...

- - Shells cause abdominal injuries, then after that was bandaged up, a hole in his throat. VDC does not seem to list him. However, it has a strangely close entry: Abdul Khader Mohammed Jamal, non-civilian, military conscript (not specified as "defected"), from Bab, Aleppo - died Feb. 7 somewhere in Homs by Field Execution. Notes "He was executed by the regime's forces for refusing to shoot at protesters." Well that doesn't sound true. More likely, as usual, he was executed for failing to shoot enough "protesters" quickly enough that they managed to get him first. --Caustic Logic (talk) 00:54, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Child Martyr Ziad Abdel Qader Abu Salah - Smaller Syrian Red Crescent volunteers in Homs - 16 years

01/01/1996 - 04/02/2012 - Massacre in Khalidiya a result of the bombing - Born in Bani Sevenfold (??? ??????? - Bani Sabai - Bab Sbaa?) neighborhood in Homs. Won the junior certificate in 2011. then volunteered in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Was initially Connects food rations to the people. Then he started training in ambulatory tasks after great insistence that he is still Bamravh ten. In the early hours of dawn on Saturday, 12 rabi al-awal 1433 migration corresponding 04/02, 2012, began the bombardment on the Al-khalidiya neighborhood, where he spends the night, accompanied by his family, in the house of his grandfather, the pilgrim Adnan (Romanized: abwslah) Turned into a lot of homes to the ground over the heads of their respective owners. He went to his humanitarian ?????? injuries of the people of the neighborhood into one of the projectiles from his body ????. One photo there suggests he didn't die right away but was alive in the hospital, with breathing tubes. Probably another rebel-run field clinic, with lesser facilities than the regular hospitals they shun, balancing the ethical value of saving a (hostage enemy?) life against the propaganda value of yet another martyr blamed on Assad and more reason to beg for support...--Caustic Logic (talk) 10:53, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Rebel Offensive

SANA report of the following day featured local citizens telling a story way different from the "activist" Syrians. With no mention of a government artillery barrage, they complained of a massive rebel assault in multiple districts in central Homs.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Jihad Da’boul, a citizen from Karm Shamsham quarter, close to al-Khaledieyh neighborhood, said that over 300 gunmen with their weapons were operating last night in the area, as RPG missiles poured on the quarter causing 5 houses to burn completely. “The people were in a state of panic, particularly women and children.”
A number of citizens from the neighborhoods Ikremah, al-Zahra and al-Muhajrin, still feeling the terror caused by last night, explaining how they were exposed to heavy gunfire, bombs and RPG and mortar attacks by armed terrorist groups.

Khalid al-Shalabi was cited by SANA to say "some members of the armed terrorist groups are disguised in military uniforms shooting randolmly at the citizens of Homs," or are just FSA defectors, perhaps. [8]

There are pro-rebel sources, even without digging, that mention some support a substantial rebel offensive at about this time. Rebels didn't deny attacking something somewhere in Homs on the 3rd, but it was before the massacre, which was punishment and way out of proportion. Al Jazeera's initial article on "hundreds of casualties" said:

Al Jazeera's Mysa Khalaf, reporting from Beirut in neighbouring Lebanon, said sources in Syria told her bombardment of the area started after the opposition Free Syrian Army attacked Syrian army checkpoints and killed about 10 soldiers. "Since then, it seems that Khaldiyeh has been under constant bombardment," she said."Several buildings have been destroyed. [9]

In fact, the VDC also reflects this in its database for regime casualties. These are quite numerous in Homs on Feb. 3 and 4, in different areas and groupings. There's no search for the right details, but these can all be found on this display-all search for Feb. 2-4 deaths, 56 nationwide. They killed way more than ten anyway. I'll add those with the right info (mainly martyrdom location) in order of relevance:--Caustic Logic (talk) 11:34, 4 January 2014 (UTC)

for all, cause of death is "shooting," ML=martyrdom location, from=area (noted sporadically here),

  • February 4: Personnel of Political Security Branch/Department in Homs (apparently located in Bab Tadmor)
    • Monief Suleiman al-Issa - Age 46, from Homs: Talashna. ML: Tadmor. Rank: Warrant Officer First Class
    • Bassam Hawash al-Ibraheem - Age 34, from: al-Shoaayrat. ML: Homs - Tadmor. Rank: Policeman
    • Aksam Muhammad Basit Policeman Tartous Age 26. ML: Homs - Tadmor. Rank: Policeman
    • Walied Anees Hamoud from Tartous, age: 29. ML: Homs - Tadmor. Rank: Policeman
    • Firas Hajim Ibraheem - ML: Homs - Tadmor. Notes: Personnel of Political Security Branch in Hama
    • Muhammad Saied al-Khashaan: ML: Homs - Tadmor. Notes: Personnel of Political Security Branch in Hama
    • Rawad Ahmad al-Ali Tadmor - Age 30. From Homs: Aakakier. ML: Tadmor. Rank: Policeman
    • Shadi Nabieh Jaafar - Age: 27. From Tartous. ML: Homs - Tadmor. Rank: Policeman. Notes: Personnel of Criminal Security Department in Homs
  • Possibly:
    • Ali Shawkat Kanaan - Age: 48, married, 2 kids, from Tartous. ML: Homs. Rank: Warrant Officer First Class
  • Possibly: ""Personnel of al-Hassan Police Station in Homs" killed Feb. 4
    • Hasaan Khaliefah Rostom - Age 29, from Hama. ML: Homs. Rank: Sergeant Major.
      • Side-note: An Alaa Mahmoud Roustem, age 31, Warrant Officer Third Class, was listed killed the day before in Hama: Khattab village.
    • Orwah Abdul-Rahman Hassan: Age 23, from Latakia. ML: Homs. Rank: Policeman
  • "Personnel of Patrol Stations Branch, Damascus," but ML: Homs.
    • Policemen Abdul-Mo'ien Hussein Ayash and
    • Policeman Osamah Muhammad Salamah (from Latakia)
  • Killed in (ML) Homs: other, Feb. 3
    • Ayman Mohammed Al-Ali - from Tartous. ML: Homs / Al-Dar Al-Kabeera. Rank: Colonel
    • Aksam Shaban Shaban - ML: Homs : Makhram : Jeb surgeon
    • Khadir Youssef Omran - ML: Homs : Makhram :Jib Jirah -
    • Nawaf Ahmad Darwish - ML: Homs: Mokharam: Jeb al-Jarrah
    • Mahmoud Mohammad al-Oqdeih - ML: (blank). From: Homs: Mokharam

Total = 24 in Homs, 17 on the 4th (after capture, likely), some likely still not listed. At least 8 killed in the Bab Tadmor security branch, and at least two at the police station, and at least 1-3 other security men. It seemed like way more than 10. February 2 was pretty quiet. I might check the 5th for follow-on executions) --Caustic Logic (talk) 12:31, 4 January 2014 (UTC)

Please note the original claim was that rebels had killed ten soldiers, presumably in a fair fight, which inherently disproved the government claim its soldiers had left. But the VDC has a category for soldiers that's simply not called on here. You'll see "personnel," warrant officers, with computer keyboards I should think, rather than guns. Civilians, in effect. (or am I wrong there?) guarding them, a larger number of civl police officers. Any backup force would come from the police station, not the army base.

Homs Districts all labels.png

And a police station, perhaps the one they'd call (locale not specified, but perhaps the Al-Hasan station could be tracked down...), was also attacked to deadly effect. From this, we cannot say whether the attacks came before or after the time of alleged shelling (8pm and then all night). But it would involve guns, RPG, perhaps mortars, etc. to overrun these places and neutralize local security (perhaps allowing "regime snipers" to suddenly run rampant on some of the other victims of the day).

The inset map (new window for readable view) shows Bab Tadmor ("Bab Tad"), a small district just west of center. The locals SANA cited described Allahu Akbar explosions that night in the areas labeled here Akrama, al-Muhajireen, and al-Zahra. The first is south-central, some distance - that might be other violence they heard in the army-free city (what better place to almost prove by definition it was rebels?). The latter two districts are right by Bab Tadmor, to the west. They say it happened at night, while rebels say must have been well before, as the punishment shells only started falling at that same time.

Unless... and it should be little surprise if so ... the "regime shelling" and the rebel attack were the same thing, as with the later Houla Massacre. They already misrepresented the civili servants they'd executed, who was causing explosions that night, and the 138 strictly male prisoners they slaughtered and mauled that night, blamed on said explosions .... so why not fudge the timeline too? --Caustic Logic (talk) 13:34, 4 January 2014 (UTC)



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