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Facebook post by Nikita Mendkovich

Russia can be accused of nuclear aggression! - Nikita Mendkovich (Никита Мендкович] on Facebook, October 4, 2022 (mirrior, 2)

Please pay attention to this post and perhaps share it. Especially for journalists and big bloggers.

I just learned from my colleague (a military expert, a citizen of one of NATO countries, who served in international troops) that in the coming days a nuclear provocation may occur in South Ukraine. I believe in this message, for the reasons I'll outline below.

Briefly facts: during the talks of the National Security Council of Ukraine with the NATO command in late August, the issue of the use of tactical nuclear weapons (TIAO) or radioactive ("dirty") in the south, followed by an accusation against Moscow. This should ensure a really deep breakthrough of the front and facilitate the migration of disloyal Kiev to the population of the region. For the United States, this is a reason to escalate the situation and force EU countries to unite within NATO.

This might happen October 5-10th. Malka or Peony installations, which must be in Ukraine's disposal, can be used to fire ammunition. (This option was worked on by military specialists). Ukrainian Armed Forces insisted on providing TIAO, but "partners" feared the ammunition would be stolen and insisted on creating several "dirty" ammunition led by NATO advisers using radioactive material available Kyiv , possible oh, from Chernobyl.

My colleague insists that the issue of the strike is solved, he only does not know what the TIAO ammunition will be like or "dirty". He personally fears that NATO will play a "stakes up" and the incident could lead to a real confrontation using nuclear arsenal. That's why he writes all about me to me maybe someone else.

Why I still find information credible:

  • my colleague is a very serious person, given his experience and career, he can know a lot and participate in the preparation of solutions in the military field;
  • several of my contacts in the EU independently told me that everything is preparing for some event that will finally "win" relations with Russia. One person wrote to me that it could be related to a nuclear threat;
  • from open sources I know about persistent attacks on the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant using UAVs and long-range NATO weapons (probably with NATO calculations), that is, the West and Kyiv undoubtedly have been pursuing a nuclear incident in the South for several months ;
  • in the West, hysteria around Moscow's "nuclear preparations" is observed and the White House even talked about its possible reaction. Overall, this may be a preparation for this kind of provocation.
  • I would very much like the information to be inaccurate or the wild nuclear provocation plan was discussed, but canceled. But I see only one way to prevent this - writing.

Anticipating: I not only publish this text, but also send it to familiar Russian diplomats. Not sure if this will help. Alas, I have no evidence and details, I can't name a colleague - he gave the word and he obviously faces prison for trying to prevent the tragedy.

Therefore, I can only report on this threat. I kindly ask bloggers and journalists to share this information. Those of the readers who have connections abroad - try to convey this information to their public and the press.

This is our world, we are responsible for it. Only we can prevent this kind of nuclear or radioactive attacks.

Ukrainian allegations

(Pro/) Ukrainian sources (General SVR, parroted by Glavred, etc) has been building the notion of Russian use of tactical nucs for a long time. Posting many reports alleging top leadership meetings on the matter (which is not in public domain, and unlikely for them to have access to such information, so it's likely psy-op + infotaiment). Recently, they started publishing reports of delayed, and then unsuccessful/only partially successful Russian nuc tests. But such tests would be detected by seismic signature (and maybe trace radioactivity), but there have been no such (credible) reports. So this seems to be building the notion of malfunction of Russian tactical charge, to masquerade Ukrainian provocation. Plus, creating notion of weak, stupid, insane Russians and brave Ukrainians facing them but needing Western help. And may be 'correct' voting in Western elections and governing bodies. (Noted, Russian claims do not provide much verifiable info too; but on general grounds, their benefit/cost is pretty negative, plus, you do not do it in what you see as your greater homeland) --Resup (talk) 11:55, 25 October 2022 (UTC)

There are no confirmed post-Soviet nuc tests by Russia; the far-most claim seems to be this; some noise with little substance also around Oct 4, Belgorod here, train there, etc.

US sniffer planes, apparently not deployed, as of present --Resup (talk) 15:44, 26 October 2022 (UTC)

On 20, 21 Oct four seismic events were recordedIn the Gulf of Finland, in the area of "North Stream" (in Russian waters, with yield estimated at 50-100 kg of explosives). This seems to be the only event with a potential to match fake Ukrainian claims. But the yield is too low, no radiation reports, and insane location to do testing. Ru sources explanation/theory is that (WW2 era) mines were disposed of, as is said to happen on a regular basis --Resup (talk) 19:22, 26 October 2022 (UTC)