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Roman Zabolotnyi, Grigory Tsurkanov

Around October 2, 2017 some rumors appeared in media that Russian volunteers were captured and burned alive in IS counter-offensive 1, 2. The source of that was not made clear; some references to militant sources was made but not to a specific release or a video.

On October 3, an IS-made video appeared showing 2 captured Russians, subsequently identified, both volunteer veterans, one a Cossack, more details in Oct. 3 , 2027 news. (Some reports linked them with Wagner private military company, rightly or wrongly).

Some offers to pay ransom to have them released, or else, appeared in social media.

On October 5, Rostov-on-Don city Duma member Anatoly Kotliarov appeared on a liberal/pro Western/independent/anti-war TV Rain broadcast, to tell that according to his sources 'in volunteer movement', Roman Zabolotnyi was executed. He did not have information about Grigory Tsurkanov, as the latter is not from his region. He did not provide any real details, and said at one point that he will not publicly discuss details, presumably of negotiations with militants (about either men or bodies). While Duma MP and Cossack ataman Victor Vodolatskii, who was one of the first to acknowledge knowing Zabolotnyi, later said that both were killed after refusing to join IS (basis of that claim is not known).

At this point, as there was no 'official' IS release confirming execution(s) there has been some dim hope that hostages may be alive. There are more doubts, yet no full clarity, after Kotliarov and Vodolatskiy statements. --Resup (talk) 13:00, 5 October 2017 (UTC)

Oct. 9, 2017, IS published new footage showing the two men right after capture. (There is a third man of Caucasian appearance, no details on him available). -Rusvesna; youtube

I think the fat man lying down is an Alawite - When they zoom in on him the ruffian says 'Alawi' and then 'Russ' while indicating the other men. --Charles Wood (talk 22:58, 9 October 2017 (UTC)
Yes, possibly; the guy sitting to the left could be Tsurkanov, and the heavier-built man lying down could be somebody else. (Some take lying man to be Tsurkanov, who is quite heavy built too but not that much perhaps; and some resemblance with leftmost guy)--Resup (talk) 18:06, 10 October 2017 (UTC)

10 Oct. 2017. Sergey Naryshkin, SVR chief, says 'working on it', has no details to offer at this stage. --Resup (talk) 18:06, 10 October 2017 (UTC)