Syria refugee crisis

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UN data

  • Registered Syrian Refugees 4,290,332 (as of 3.11.2015), mostly in neighboring countries. Half of those are males, and 22% of those are in the 18 to 59 year old range.
  • Asylum applications in Europe: 512,909 as of September 2015 (recent media reports put the number as 750 thousands)

Internally displaced

7.6 million according to as of July 2015

Total population

About 23 million by wikipedia and estimated to be about the same elsewhere 1 2.

This makes roughly about half of population in either refugee or internally displaced status...

(PS. Before the war, there were many refugees from Iraq in Syria)


Provokateure mit Presseausweis sprengen Pegida-Demonstration in Köln: Polizei misshandelt Deutsche!, RT video, Jan. 9, 2016