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21 Jun. The Syrian foreign minister al-Moallem is visiting North Korea after he had stayed in China for a five-day visit.

Firat News Agency publishes "confessions" by captured Turkish intelligence agents that they carried out terror attacks, abductions and other crimes while posing as SDF soldiers, with the goal to fuel conflict between Arabs and Kurds in Rojava.

After 45 days of trying to conquer the hill town of Kabani from the Idlib "rebels", the SAA gives up for the moment and deploys its elite forces to a different front.

20 Jun. Iranian media reports that US and Saudi efforts to convince tribes in Rojava to separate from Syria have failed.

19 Jun. Al-Ja'afari delivers an update to the UNSC about the situation in Idlib and demands that they take their resolutions "against terrorism" seriously. He specifically points out the role of Turkey in supporting the various gangs of militants in the area.

13 Jun. According to press reports, Iraqi officials complain that the US is refusing to hand over 40 to 50 ISIS commanders of Iraqi origin they/the SDF have captured in the endgame in al-Baghouz.

9 Jun. A funeral ceremony for al-Sarout in the Turkish border town Reyhanli sparks a controversy in Turkish society over the relationship of the state to radical jihadis.

8 Jun. In fights in northern Hama the SAA kills prominent Jihadist leader al-Sarout to the great mourning of the "western" press.

7 Jun. Offensive by the rebels, Idlib-Hama, is reported (1,2).

31 May. According to Al Masdar, both US forces and the SDF attack "Syrian government ferries" carrying oil from the eastern banks across the Euphrates.

Also according to Al Masdar, a Turkish observation post came under cross-fire during fights between the SAA and "rebels" in northern Hama.

28 May. Around 50 activists disrupt the Berlin annual shareholder meeting of Germany's largest weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall and demand a stop of weapon exports to Turkey because of that country's attacks on Rojava. Among many other war machines, the company produces the Leopard II tank. Its' Italian subsidiary RWM Italia continued selling weapons to Saudi Arabia despite a German export ban to Saudi

YouTube bans the ANNA News channel for unspecified "community guidelines violations". A back-up channel is availabe.

26 May. The SAA has reversed the gains of the HTS counter-offensive, reinforced their troops and resumed the northern Hama operation.

22 May. A group of about 700 jihadists starts a counter-offensive in northern Hama and takes several places back from the SAA.

18 May. While the "European Song Contest" is going on in Tel Aviv, Israel attacks Syrian territory with drones and missiles for the second consecutive day.

16 May. Russian reconciliation center said that militants plan to stage a provocation in Idlib to accuse Russian forces of using chemical weapons (Eng.), (Rus).

10 May. Ziad Fadel summarizes the first couple of days of the SAA offensive in northern Hama.

7 May. 'A powerful strike' by the Russian aerospace forces and Syrian government forces on Idlib-based militants is reported, countering their reported preparations for an attack. north of Hama. From May 6, SAA conducts a military operation in north Hama; the settlements of Janabar, Al-Bana and Tel-Osman came under government forces control.

6 May. Russian airbase in Kmeimim was attacked twice with unguided rockets salvos from the area near Zavia settlement in Idlib, with fire correction by drones. It is reported that attacks were repelled with no casualties or damage, and that attackers positions were destroyed. There has been 12 earlier repelled attacks since early April, 8 of those with improvised drone munitions, other attacks with MLRS.

28 Apr. publishes the second, concluding part of their detailed interview with Sharmine Narwani.

26 Apr. In recent days militants in the south-western part of the Idlib pocket have fired Grad missiles at targets in Latakia province including the Russian Hmeimin base but also civilian suburbs. Today the Russian Airforce replies with massive bombardments of where the missiles were coming from.

25 Apr. The 12th round of the so-called Astana Meetings takes place in the Kazakh capital - now renamed Nursultan after the currently resigned long-time president's first name - with delegations from Turkey, Russia, Iran, Syria and the UN.

On Chinese invitation, Syria attents the global summit of the Belt and Road Initiative in Beijing.

22 Apr. SANA reports that in the last month, Russian and Syrian forces have evacuated around 4,000 civilians from Al Rukhban camp, which is around 10% of those entrapped there due to lacking US cooperation.

21 Apr. The old bridge in Raqqa city is opened after the sustained damage to it has been repaired. publishes part one of a wide-ranging, essential interview with Syria expert and war reporter Sharmine Narwani.

20 Apr. Firat News Agency publishes an interview with a Rojava official about the future of the 11,000 male ISIS fighters and 72,000 family members that are in prison resp. camps after the defeat of the terror cult.

Elijah Magnier reports that Hezbollah leader Nasrallah has told his top commanders that he expects an Israeli surprise war on Lebanon this summer, in which the whole leadership including himself would be targeted for assassination.

19 Apr. A high-level Russian delegation visits Saudi Arabia to discuss Syria with Crown Prince Bin Salman. After that, the delegation heads to Damascus to meet Assad.

17 Apr. After Iranian foreign minster Zarif had a "long" meeting with Assad the day before, he is now in Ankara to brief Erdogan on the results.

16 Apr. Brazil and India reopen their Syrian embassies.

15 Apr. Jenan Moussa publishes an investigative report based on the leaked contents of the smart phone of Tunisian-born German citizen Omaima Abdi, who went to Syria in 2015 to join ISIS, married the most famous German ISIS fighter Denis Cuspert AKA Deso Dogg and is now back in Germany living as if nothing had happened. (in the evening the story is making top news in Germany)

12 Apr. It is reported that differences between "Assad and armed opposition" over composition and nature of the constitutional committee have been narrowed down. The 150-member body would be split equally between representatives chosen by the Syrian government, the Syrian opposition and Syrian civil society, with 50-members each. The Syrian government was not allowed to object to the names of the representatives of the opposition; with the rest of the body, it is said that "Assad's regime has given its consent to all names but four".

7 Apr. The German capital Berlin's district of Kreuzberg - known for its multi-cultural and leftist milieu - starts the first city partnership between a German and a North-Syrian city partnering with the city of Derik, where the Rojava parliament is located. Several other city partnerships are in the planning stages.

4 Apr. The Venezuelan foreign minister visits Assad and Moallem in Damascus.

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