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New York Times say Spygate is a conspiracy theory


Operation Crossfire Hurricane

CIA Director John Brennan warned both Comey and Stzork about HC's plan to distract from her basement server by framing Trump as a Russian spy.

Stephan Halper

Papadopoulos - Downer meeting

See also Joseph Mifsud
  • What happened when Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos sat down with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer - ABC News (Australia), September 23, 2018
    Erika Thompson, a career diplomat working as a political counsellor at the commission, had a boyfriend called Christian Cantor, the head of the political branch in the Israeli embassy. Papadopoulos also knew Cantor, describing him as someone "who just hated Trump, he hated his guts". Australian sources describe Cantor, who is now engaged to Thompson, as a "liberal internationalist" who'd be no Trump fan. "All of a sudden, [Cantor] decides one day to introduce me to his so-called girlfriend, who just happened to be an Australian intelligence officer and the assistant to Alexander Downer," Papadopoulos said. Australian sources emphatically deny Thompson is an ASIS agent, but a "mainstream DFAT officer". She asked Downer if he'd like to meet Papadopoulos, explaining he was known to Cantor and was part of the Donald Trump campaign.
  • The drink that started the Mueller investigation: George Papadopoulos and Alexander Downer tell us everything - ABC News (Australia), May 24, 2019
    "This sort of idea that there is a kind of a ASIS-ASIO-MI6-MI5-FBI-CIA-Ukrainian Government conspiracy to bring down the Trump administration, that this is treason, that I should be in Guantanamo Bay... I mean it's a little bit sad that people take that kind of thought seriously," he (Alexander Downer) said.

FISA application

He did it!
April Lorenzen used the pseudonym Tea Leaves to distribute alleged DNS logs pointing to communication between Alfa Bank of Russia and a Trump spam mail server. Louise Mensch claims this data was the basis of the FISA application.

FISA abuse memo (Nunes memo)

The memo: PDF, text, Scribd

DoJ Inspector General report

Durham investigation

Did GCHQ spy on Trump Tower?

Leaked document claiming Susan Rice asked GCHQ to spy on Trump Tower
Trump hears about GCHQ spying on him: WOW!


  • Volker and Sondland Testimony Released – And Elise Stefanik, Once Again, On the Right Trail - The Conservative Treehouse, November 5, 2019
  • Curiouser and Curiouser - The Conservative Treehouse, November 6, 2019
    By now people are familiar with the construct of CIA operations involving Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor now generally admitted/identified as a western intelligence operative who was tasked by the CIA (John Brennan) to run an operation against Trump campaign official George Papadopoulos in both Italy (Rome) and London. {Go Deep}
    In a similar fashion the CIA tasked U.S. intelligence asset Stefan Halper to target another Trump campaign official, Carter Page. Under the auspices of being a Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper also targeted General Michael Flynn. Additionally, using assistance from a female FBI agent under the false name Azra Turk, Halper also targeted Papadopoulos.
    The initial operations to target Flynn, Papadopoulos and Page were all based overseas. This seemingly makes the CIA exploitation of the assets and the targets much easier.