Shahed 136

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The 'Wa'id' or 'Waeed' drone displayed by Ansarallah on 11 March, 2021


As far as is known, media discussion of Shahed 136 drones began in January 2021 with reports in Israeli media of Iran supplying them to "the Houthis". They were subsequently pointed to by western sources as being used in the July 2021 attack on the Mercer Street, Israeli owner tanker.

Technical details

Ansarallah military display Sept 15, 2022 Source
Shahed-136 suicide drone specifications:
Length: 3.5 m Wingspan: 2.5 m Range: 1800 – 2500 km Weight: ~ 200 kg Speed: + 185 km/h Engine: MD 550 or 3W motors


The Shahed 136 uses a MD550 engine while the smaller Shahed 131 uses a MDR208 Wankel engine.

Iranian multi-laucher

Thought to be Shahed-136 drones
  • Video Twitter @UkrainianNews24 - also @mjbrodka -This video is from Iran’s NOBLE PROPHET 17 exercise in early ‘22. It shows a combined ballistic missile and one way attack UAV strike using a #shahed136 multi launcher. These Iranian drones are used by the Houthis and now operated by Russia in Ukraine.

The footage is from Great Phophet 17 exercises (ISWNews) December, 2021

The report quoted Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, who claimed the drill included the simultaneous launch of 16 ballistic missiles as well as 10 Shahed-136 loitering munitions or "suicide drones."

Yemeni 'Waeed'

Russian 'Geran drones'

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