September 14, 2019 strike on Aramco facilities

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Smokes billows from the Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia after drone strikes
Damage at Saudi Aramco’s oil processing facility
Detail of damage to NGL tanks

Yemeni sources

Here are the new details about the operation:First: The operation carried out a number of types of drones, including planes will be revealed today for the first time. These planes are powered by regular and jet engines from three main points according to range and route and from different destinations depending on the target location. The first point was launched from the aircraft of the type of bombers of the third generation, which reach long ranges we disclose for the first time has been used by the second point from which launched the aircraft Samad 3, which has a range between 1500 - 1700 kilometers. The third point from which aircraft with jet engines have been used and will be revealed later these aircraft have fissionable heads carrying four precision bombs in the injury can hide and maneuver and can hit the target from several angles preceded the process of planning and processing at the highest levels and advanced operational methods So that the planes with normal and medium-range jet engines were balanced to reach their targets simultaneously. Other planes were used to camouflage and jam the enemy so that the main planes could reach the target. The hostile air defenses and their perception that they are the second objective : the armed forces retain the full details of the operation and will reveal all the details in time.
The Houthis renewed on Wednesday their offer of a truce with Saudi Arabia stating that should the Kingdom agree to halt all strikes against Yemen, they would refrain from further escalating their targeting of Saudi Arabia’s key infrastructures. Parties close to the Houthis confirmed that Saudi Arabia was not the only target on the Resistance’s list – the UAE also could face retaliatory attacks by Yemen, as a mean to pressure Saudi Arabia-led coalition into returning to the negotiating table.
Hisham Sharaf, the Houthis’ foreign minister, told AFP. “If they want peace, we are for peace. If they don’t want peace, they know how we can hit them hard.”


Damage assessment