Alleged massacre in Schastye, June 2014

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From Wikipedia: In 2014 Shchastya was controlled by the separatist Lugansk People's Republic from late April 2014 till the Ukrainian army retook the city on 14 June 2014.


Ukrainian military arrived in the city of Schastye today, June 14. According to the source, at the moment the city has been completely taken under the control of the Ukrainian security forces.
During the fighting, 5 people were injured from the security forces. We know of at least 9 dead terrorists.
"It was possible to take a large number of prisoners. Among them, a man nicknamed "Dad" who supposedly is one of the leaders of the militants that drew in."
At the headquarters of Self-Defense Forces of Donbass partially confirmed the information of the Ukrainian military, saying that they were forced to retreat to the city.
The Aidar Battalion that fights on the side of the Ukrainian military, posted a message on its page on the social networking site Facebook that the city of Schastye in the Luhansk region came under the control of security forces. The military reported that they also managed to capture two strategic bridge across the Northern Donets.
"As a result of ground operations conducted by the battalion city of Schastye was relieved" - said in a statement. "As a result of significantly more than 58 terrorists killed (counting time), more than 100 were wounded, and the rest scattered. The battalion had no losses. Four wounded. Two heavily and two lightly - reported in the battalion Aidar."
The headquarters of Self-Defense Forces of Donbass partially confirmed to LifeNews the information of the Ukrainian military, but reported that they were only forced to abandon a roadblock and retreated to the bridge over the river Seversky Donets.
"The terrorists have dragged to Besel Mountain near the town of Schastye a Grad MRLS (firing range of 20 to 40 km) and are going to start firing at Lugansk, then blame it Ukrainian army" - he wrote, after noting that about 23: 00 shelling began.
Head of the People's Republic of Lugansk said eyewitnesses who escaped from Schastye, told of ongoing atrocities, executions that involve the National Guard
Militias in Schastye opposing National Guard units participating in the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the south-east of Ukraine, was the strength of three dozen people, not 300-400 as reported by official sources in Kiev claims militia fighter in an interview which appeared on the portal YouTube.
"They [the guards] went to our empty positions and found no one. We were just a platoon - 30 people. They say that there were 300-400 people – that's not true. It was civilians that they were shot with anger, when they did not find us. They destroyed the "amphibious" (PTS-4?), which stood on the bridge, also of anger. They destroyed the recreation center "Lear" – it was razed by tanks, mortars ... "- says the militiaman.
"They killed civilians and everyone who helped us fight fascism," - he says.
According to militiamen, National Guard soldiers first fired on their first positions from helicopters, then subjected them to mortar fire. The fire was on the outskirts of the city and suburban arrays. After that, people dressed in black arrived, who shot everyone.
  • South Front on Facebook: Typical strategy of junta - blame the opponents:
Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office opened a criminal case in connection with the death of Russian journalists and placed the blame for what happened on the militia, according to RIA Novosti. That militia "used firearms, mortars, of which made the firing Integrated Unit soldiers," which killed journalists, said the Prosecutor General's Office.
Earlier, representatives of LPR reported that officers RSTRBC died because of mortar shelling Natsgvardii. At the same time Ukrainian side more than a day is not the voice of his version of events.
Volunteer Army of the Republic of Lugansk tells the terrible truth about the genocide of the Russian-speaking population, who make death squads junta captured city. Murder, rape, disappearances - all this has become commonplace in the occupied settlements.
Also spoke about the militia sniper war, sabotage detachments right sectors in Lugansk and operational-search activity and Army counterintelligence LPR.
Witness speaks on telephone.


The Aidar Battalion was completely wiped out in an ambush between Schastye and Lugansk on June 18. Of the original 100-300 solders eight were taken prisoner.

On the video the Militia accuse the captured Battalion members of executing their captives. If this is mere propaganda, then at least the fighters on the ground believe it. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 07:17, 20 June 2014 (UTC)