Sanamayn Massacre

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This reported massacre of around 60 occurred in Sanamayn, in southern Syria between Damascus and Dara'a, on April 11, 2013.

General notes on first assessment: this is another of those shocking massacres with a large-seeming death toll that appears to roll together a number of civilians massacred (variously 24, [1] 29, [2] or 60 [3]), along with casualties of a military clash (nine soldiers, 16-25 militants), giving a total of around 60, or 90, if the New York Times' sources are right. Details of the fighting are not entirely clear, but the location is significant; the largest city on the highway linking Damascus and Dara'a. The civilians were reportedly stabbed and burnt by a force that “slaughters civilians in retaliation for its defeats.” [3] Just who was defeated that day and who punished those people for what remain unclear as well.

Otherwise, this page is a stub for the moment. See the discussion page for emerging details.


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