Sadad Massacre

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Raneem and Fadi Drouj, killed and dumped into a well

The Sadad Massacre occurred in the Syrian Christian village of Sadad in late October, 2013. Islamist rebels - both FSA and al-Qaeda affiliated - overran the town on October 21, and were driven out by the army a week later. Government loyalist and church sources say at least 45 civilians were killed there, including 9 women and at least three children, with one family found dumped in a well (see inset for two victims).

This civilian death toll is besides the hundreds of combatants killed on both sides, at least ten civilians abducted, thousands displaced, homes burned and vehicles and property stolen, and churches desecrated. It's considered to be the largest massacre of Christians in Syria to date, but only slightly surpassing the death toll of the nearby al-Duvair massacre five months earlier.

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